10 Actors Who’d Be Perfect For A Percy Jackson Sequel

Warning: This list contains some spoilers for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus book series.


  • Disney may expand the Percy Jackson TV show universe to include Rick Riordan’s other book series based on Egyptian and Norse mythology.
  • The Percy Jackson sequel series, The Heroes of Olympus, will introduce new demigods and a new threat from Greek and Roman mythology.
  • The casting team has a range of experienced and newer young actors to consider for the roles, and some veterans for the gods and mentors.

Disney’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV show is still in its early days, but that does not mean that Disney is not considering expanding the show into a broader Rick Riordan universe. Riordan’s two additional book series based around Egyptian and Norse mythology could come into play at some point. However, before Disney executives get around to these series, they will likely turn their attention to the Percy Jackson sequel series, The Heroes of Olympus. Taking place shortly after the original series, Heroes of Olympus introduces a new batch of demigods and a new threat from Greek mythology, with Percy and Annabeth still playing major roles in the story.

The story of Heroes of Olympus incorporates the mythology surrounding the Roman counterparts of the Greek gods. The existence of another camp for Roman demigods is revealed, bringing with it many new characters. Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter were previously kept unaware of the other’s existence to prevent conflicts between the two groups of demigods. The general age range of the characters is older than the Percy Jackson cast, averaging 14 to 16 years old. The Disney casting team has a variety of experienced and newer young actors to consider playing the demigods, as well as some veterans for the gods, mentors, and parents.


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10 Jack Dylan Grazer As Jason Grace

Best known for playing Eddie in It (2017) and Freddy in Shazam! (2019).

Jack Dylan Grazer walking through a high school hallway in Shazam Fury of the Gods

While Heroes of Olympus is a multi-perspective series and narrative significance is more equally distributed among the characters, Jason Grace may be considered Percy’s Roman counterpart. Jason is the son of Jupiter, the Roman version of Zeus. Like Percy, Jason is named after a famous demigod from Greek mythology. Jason has no memory of his past when he arrives at Camp Half-Blood in The Lost Hero, the first Heroes of Olympus book. However, his tendency to use the gods’ Roman names is noted.

Jason is a leader and champion of the Roman demigods, as Percy is for the Greek demigods. Jack Dylan Grazer has experience starring in fantasy and action movies, with major roles in It and Shazam! and their sequels. It’s Eddie is timid, while Shazam’s Freddy is outgoing, demonstrating Grazer’s versatility as an actor and suggesting that he would be comfortable playing another character archetype in Heroes of Olympus. Jason is arguably one of the more classically heroic characters in the Percy Jackson books’ universe.

9 Devery Jacobs As Piper McLean

Best known for playing Elora in Reservation Dogs (2021-2023) and Bonnie in Echo (2023-2024).

Devery Jacobs as Elora Danan Postoak in Reservation Dogs Season 3

Piper McLean comes to Camp Half-Blood with Jason and Leo, where she discovers that she is the daughter of Aphrodite. While Jason’s memory was erased, Piper’s was altered to believe that she and Jason are in a relationship. They begin a real relationship later on. When Jason wakes up on a bus and meets Piper and Leo, he notes that “She wore no makeup like she was trying not to draw attention to herself, but it didn’t work. She was seriously pretty.” This effectively sums up Piper’s distaste for conventional beauty and other things stereotypically associated with Aphrodite.

Piper is tough, intelligent, and somewhat unintentionally uses her ability to manipulate people’s actions to get attention from her father, a famous movie star. Devery Jacobs previously played Bonnie, Maya Lopez’s “resilient and strong-willed” (via Deadline) cousin in Echo, and Elora Danan Postoak, the heart of the central group of characters in Reservation Dogs. Both Bonnie and Elora demonstrate shades of Piper’s tough but caring personality, making Jacobs the perfect actress to play her.

8 Iñaki Godoy As Leo Valdez

Best known for playing Luffy in One Piece (2023-Present).

Emily Rudd, Inaki Godoy, and Mackenyu as Nami, Luffy D. Monkey, and Zoro in Netflix's live-action One Piece

Iñaki Godoy recently achieved widespread fame for playing Luffy, the energetic and ambitious pirate captain protagonist of One Piece, the live-action TV show based on the anime of the same name. Luffy’s personality is somewhat similar to that of Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus. Leo is also with Jason and Piper when Jason wakes up with no memory. Jason describes Leo as having “a mischievous smile that told you right away this guy should not be trusted around matches or sharp objects.” Anyone familiar with Godoy’s goofy performance in One Piece can see why he would be an excellent choice to play Leo.


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7 Jadah Marie As Hazel Levesque

Best known for playing Ashley in Blue Bloods (2016) Celia in Descendants 3 (2019).

Jadah Marie in Descendants 3 promotional image

After Jason’s adventures in the first book, the second Heroes of Olympus book focuses on Percy arriving with his memory also gone at the Roman demigod training camp, Camp Jupiter. There he meets many new characters, including Hazel Levesque, the daughter of Hades’ Roman counterpart Pluto. Hazel has a dark past and carries a sense of mystery and tragedy with her. Jadah Marie has had small roles in popular movies such as Ready Player One and Descendants 3, but shows with young casts like Percy Jackson notably foster new talent. The Heroes of Olympus series could be Marie’s chance to shine.

6 Jackson Geach As Frank Zhang

Best known for playing Hennessy in Fresh Off the Boat (2015-2016) and Billy in Baywatch (2017).

Jackson Geach as Raymond in Just Beyond

Frank Zhang, son of Ares’ Roman counterpart Mars, is another demigod Percy meets upon arriving at Camp Jupiter. Frank is awkward and unsure of himself at the beginning of Son of Neptune, the second Heroes of Olympus book. However, Frank comes into his own as a skilled warrior and leader. A popular choice to play Frank is Jackson Geach, known for his brief appearance as a child in Fresh Off the Boat. Since his hilarious performance in Fresh Off the Boat, Geach has taken on some small roles in other movies and TV shows. He is another actor who could achieve his breakthrough starring in a major Disney+ show.

5 Xochitl Gomez As Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano

Best known for playing America in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022).

Xochitl Gomez gave a commendable performance as America Chavez in the second Doctor Strange movie, and it would be fascinating to see what else she can do as an actress. A character very different from America is Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, the sober praetor (leader) of Camp Jupiter. Reyna is the daughter of Bellona, the younger sister of the Queen of the Amazons.

Reyna was in love with Jason, who was Camp Jupiter’s other praetor. However, any romantic relationship they may have had was disrupted when Jason vanished from Camp Jupiter and started dating Piper. Reyna is a weighty role that could be challenging for Gomez, but her performance would certainly be worth watching.

4 Sarah Snook As Gaia

Best known for playing Shiv in Succession (2018-2023).

Two-time Golden Globe winner Sarah Snook would be a force of nature as Gaia, the Earth goddess and mother of Kronos in Greek mythology and the main villain of Heroes of Olympus. Snook is best known for playing Siobhan “Shiv” Roy, the only daughter of the media titan Roy family, in Succession. Shiv is intelligent and as Machiavellian as the rest of the Roy family. After playing an immensely complex character like Shiv, playing a straightforward villain like Gaia seems like it would even be easy for Snook.

3 Danielle Rose Russell As Calypso

Best known for playing Hope in The Originals (2013-2018) and Legacies (2018-2022).

Danielle Rose Russell as Hope in Legacies

After playing Klaus Mikaelson’s headstrong daughter Hope, Danielle Rose Russell is a fan-favorite choice for multiple upcoming fantasy series. Disney might consider her to play Calypso in Heroes of Olympus and potentially Percy Jackson before that. Calypso is famous in Greek mythology for being one of Odysseus’ lovers. She was cursed to remain on her island and fall in love with any man who arrived there. Riordan occasionally sends demigods her way, including Percy and Leo. While Percy ends up with Annabeth, Calypso and Leo end up together. It would be interesting to see what kind of on-screen chemistry Russell and Godoy would have.


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2 Angela Bassett As Lupa

Best known for playing Ramonda in the Black Panther movies (2018 & 2022) and Mace in Strange Days (1995).

In Roman mythology, Lupa is the she-wolf who raises the twins Romulus and Remus. She also cares for and trains Jason for some time before he goes to Camp Jupiter to continue his training. Lupa occasionally appears in the form of a wolf to offer the demigods advice during their quests, so the actress playing her would be voice acting. Oscar-nominated actress Angela Bassett has done some voice acting, playing Dorothea in Pixar’s Soul. Bassett would certainly be able to convey the sense of power and wisdom Lupa carries, having already done this as Queen Ramonda in the Black Panther movies.

1 Sofía Vergara As Hera

Best known for playing Gloria (2009-2020) in Modern Family and Griselda in Griselda (2024).

Sofia Vergara as Griselda Blanco in Netflix series header

Hera historically does not have the best relationship with the demigods, especially the children of her husband Zeus. However, Jason was named after Hera’s preferred hero in ancient mythology, and she takes an interest in him. In The Lost Hero, the characters discover that Hera swapped the leading heroes of both camps (Percy and Jason) as a diplomatic strategy so the Greek and Roman demigods could face the oncoming threat of Gaia together.

The actress playing Hera must convey gravitas, wisdom, and a bit of condescension when interacting with the demigods. Sofía Vergara can doubtlessly achieve all three, having acted out various scenarios of familial competition in Modern Family and played the dominating lead in the crime drama miniseries Griselda. Percy meets Hera during the original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. However, she plays a larger role in The Heroes of Olympus. Vergara is just one of the actors who could make the series truly brilliant if Disney decides to adapt it.

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