10 Below Deck Franchise Stews With The Worst Attitude


  • Several stews on Below Deck have had bad attitudes and caused drama.
  • Hannah Ferrier, Kate Chastain, and Natalya Scudder were among the stews with negative personalities.
  • Francesca Rubi, Ashley Marti, and Kyle Viljoen also displayed poor attitudes and behavior on the show.

Below Deck has featured many stews since 2014, some of whom have had terrible personalities. The Bravo franchise began almost a decade ago and has continued entertaining fans with drama surrounding the stews. One moment comes from Below Deck Sailing Yacht, where chief stew Daisy Kelliher had a love triangle with her friends Colin Macrae and Gary King. She caused a lot of drama on the show and during the reunion episode. However, Daisy didn’t end up dating either of them.

Daisy wasn’t the only Below Deck stew who caused drama on the show. Laura Bileskaline also caused trouble during Below Deck Down Under season 2. Laura worked as a stew on Captain Jason Chambers’ yacht for seven days and crossed many personal boundaries. She lacked respect for her co-workers, which led the captain to fire her in the seventh episode. Stew Jessika Asai also caused chaos on the yacht in Below Deck Mediterranean season 8. She began a boatmance with Luka Brunton and embarrassed herself by pursuing him when he didn’t even care. While she caused some chaos, Jessika didn’t have a bad attitude.


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10 Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier Broke Basic Yacht Rules

Montage Of Hannah Ferrier Below Deck

Over the years, many stews have surprised viewers with their bad attitude. Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean was on the franchise for nearly five seasons. She was the chief steward and was responsible for handling multiple people on the interior team. Unfortunately, Hannah didn’t have the personality of a good manager. She wasn’t the nicest to her fellow cast members and had many arguments with Captain Sandy Yawn. Hannah let her tumultuous work relationship with Sandy interfere with her job and didn’t seem to have respect for the rules.

9 Kate Chastain

Kate Chastain Was Full Of Herself

While Kate Chastain was a fan favorite and remains the show’s MVP, she did have some attitude problems. She had dual personalities, as she behaved differently in front of the guests than she did with her crew. Kate wasn’t the best chief stew throughout her appearance on the franchise, as she would sometimes come off as a bully. Kate has been accused of lacking leadership and not being completely professional with the guests. The former Below Deck stew could’ve used an attitude adjustment.

8 Natalya Scudder

Natalya Scudder Created A Toxic Work Environment

Natalya Scudder was notorious in both Below Deck Mediterranean seasons 7 and 8. In season 7, she caused many problems with her former chief stew, Natasha Webb. The Perth resident was a drama queen with a terrible attitude towards those higher in rank. When Natalya returned for Below Deck Med season 8, viewers were hopeful she’d change her ways and become somewhat responsible. However, the former stew dropped the ball when she started a feud with her new chief stew, Tumi Mhlongo, in episode 2. Natalya kept gossiping and didn’t improve her attitude, resulting in her premature exit from the show.

7 Jessica More

Jessica More Never Got Off Her High Horsebelow deck jessica more holding cocktail shaer

Jessica More from Below Deck Med season 5 had a bad attitude after starting a boatmance with Rob Westergaard. Fans have talked about Jessica numerous times on social media, claiming she was extremely toxic. Someone even wrote (via [deleted]), “She mentioned in passing that she destroyed her ex’s home and just shrugged it off- that’s not normal and it’s criminal.”


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6 Francesca Rubi

Francesca Rubi Unnecessarily Feuded With Elizabeth

Francesca Rubi Below Deck Smiling

Francesca Rubi was the chief stew on Below Deck season 8. Unfortunately, Francesca didn’t impress anyone with her skills. Instead, she made viewers cringe with her worst attitude and didn’t improve her ways. The Aussie native didn’t have the best relationship with her co-workers and was feuding with stew Elizabeth Frankini. She ultimately fired her, becoming the first chief stew to make such a decision. Kate talked about the whole scene post-season and took Elizabeth’s side. She said, “I appreciate how Elizabeth was always apologetic and respectful,” implying that Francesca was the bad guy.

5 Ashley Marti

Ashley Marti Was The Epitome Of Jealousy

Ashley Marti was part of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3. The stew juggled a few roles on Captain Glenn Shephard’s yacht, starting from being the third stew and getting promoted to lead stew in episode 17. While Ashley rose professionally, she didn’t grow emotionally. The former stew continued to harbor a bad attitude throughout her time on the series. Fans disliked Ashley because she never maintained a good relationship with some of her co-workers. People also detested Ashley because she showcased extremely toxic and jealous behavior toward fellow stew, Gabriela Barragan. Someone even tweeted (via @aDoseOfReality8), “Ashley is such a snake.”

4 Kyle Viljoen

Kyle Viljoen Was The Worst Friend To Everyone

Kyle Viljoen from Below Deck Med had one of the worst attitudes in the franchise. While he was good at his job as the second stew, he wasn’t a respected co-worker due to his toxic habits. Kyle was at his worst during Below Deck Med season 8 when he started influencing Chief Stew Tumi against Natalya, his supposed friend. He then began instigating the problems and pushing Natalya to despise Tumi. Kyle sat on the sidelines and pitted the two ladies against each other, which may have been for amusement or personal gain. He proved he wasn’t just a bad stew but a terrible friend as well.

3 Jenna MacGillivray

Jenna MacGillivray’s PDA & Unapologetic Behavior Was Too Much

Jenna Macgillivray from Below Deck Sailing Yacht wearing uniform smiling

Jenna MacGillivray was the chief stew in Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 1. The Canadian native seemed like a good fit for the role, but she showed she was a terrible chief stew by making some lousy choices. Jenna fell for Chef Adam Glick and wanted a romance to work with him. From her PDA with Adam to her mean personality toward her junior stews, there was plenty wrong with Jenna’s attitude on Captain Glenn’s yacht. She treated Madison Stalker horribly and didn’t even apologize later.


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2 Camille Lamb

Camille Lamb Was A Lazy Stew

Camille Lamb from Below Deck smiling in uniform in front of flag.

One of the worst in the Below Deck franchise was Camille Lamb. Camille handled the deck work and her stewardess job between episodes 1 and 9. However, she was never good at her job and was labeled “very lazy” by fellow stew Alissa Humber. Camille received hate for her bad attitude and poor work ethic throughout Below Deck season 10. She also fought with other crew members in front of the guests, which is never a good thing to do. Ultimately, Captain Lee’s replacement, Captain Sandy, had to fire Camille when she crossed the line and got drunk on the job.

1 Lexi Wilson

Lexi Wilson Had No Filter (She Was Verbally Abusive)

Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Med season 6 wearing crew member uniform at marina

Lexi Wilson was on Below Deck Med season 6. The Nassau, Bahamas resident was a shockingly terrible crew member on Captain Sandy’s yacht. She made some shocking comments and showed unredeemable bad behavior. In one of the episodes, Lexi called Mathew Shea a “r*******.” As if that wasn’t enough, she also remarked that Mathew’s mother should’ve “aborted” him when she had the chance. Lexi was deplorable throughout her run on the show. Captain Sandy had to fire her to bring some stability to her yacht.

Below Deck season 11 premieres on February 5, 2024, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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