10 Best Dog Movies On Netflix


  • Dog movies on Netflix offer heartwarming entertainment for animal lovers and owners worldwide.
  • There are various types of dog movies on Netflix, from animated adventures to funny and serious stories.
  • Each dog movie has its own unique plot and tone, catering to different age groups and preferences.

Dog movies on Netflix offer a heartwarming form of entertainment for animal lovers and dog owners alike. Many people will be instantly more interested in a movie if it features a cute dog. The fascination with dogs in movies makes sense when considering Health for Animals estimated in September 2022 that one-third of all households worldwide have a dog. This number doesn’t even account for people who may want a dog but cannot adopt one due to other circumstances. Luckily, everyone can enjoy a great dog movie on Netflix and have fun with some lovable canines.

While these dog movies on Netflix are great for all ages, they can vary quite a bit. There are live-action movies starring these animals as well as animated adventures. There are also funny and lighthearted stories about dogs as well as more serious ones that can tug at the heartstrings and even break hearts. With Netflix’s ever-growing and expanding, there will always be some top-notch movie selections for people who want to see the nice adventures of puppy dogs.


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10 Pets United (2019)

Pets Join Forces To Fight A Robot Army

Pets prepare to fight in their colorful penthouse.

In the Netflix animated movie Pets United, a dog named Roger and a cat named Belle must work together with Robo City’s pets to stop robots from taking over. Although this film holds a disappointing 11% Rotten Tomatoes score, it’s fun to watch and has an incredible voice cast which includes Natalie Dormer and Eddie Marsan.

The movie’s sci-fi plot is also interesting and unique as it’s not often that pets get to fight off robots in films. While Pets United does contain mild fight sequences, which can be scary to young children, it’s family-friendly in every other way as the humor offers up plenty of laughs (even if it is juvenile).


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9 Benji (2018)

A Reboot Of The Story Of A Heroic Dog


Release Date
March 2, 2018

Brandon Camp

Gabriel Bateman , Darby Camp , Kiele Sanchez , Gralen Bryant Banks , Will Rothhaar , Angus Sampson

87 minutes

Benji is one of the best movie animals of all time, and in a common move, Benji rebooted a beloved franchise for a new generation of viewers. This movie tells the story of the eponymous stray dog who tries to save two kidnapped kids. While the 2018 version of Benji follows the plot of the 1974 movie closely, offering plenty of nostalgia, the updated version is quite memorable as the tone is a lot more intense and fast-paced, and there are even a few emotional moments.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable movie. However, since Benji does explore topics such as kidnapping and animal abuse, some viewers may want to keep these warnings in mind if someone is intending to watch it with their children.

8 Vicky and Her Mystery (2021)

A Dog Helps A Family Deal With Their Loss

A sad Vicky hugs her sleeping dog, Mystery, in the movie Vicky and Her Mystery.

Vicky and Her Mystery (Mystère) is one of the deeper dog movies on Netflix. When Vicky’s mother passes away, she and her father must work through their grief, assisted by Vicky’s new pup Mystery. This French movie is biographical and shows how the love of an animal can help a person heal. It’s also set against a beautiful landscape.

Though Vicky and Her Mystery is beautifully made and holds an important message, it’s important to note that it includes more than one incident of gun violence against animals. It is a reminder of the intensity some of these movies can have, especially when the dogs are in danger.

7 Dog Gone (2023)

A Father And Son Search For Their Missing Dog

An image of John lying in the grass with a dog in Dog Gone

Based on the biographical book Dog Gone by Pauls Toutonghi, Dog Gone tells the story of John (Rob Lowe) and Nate (Johnny Berchtold), a troubled father and son who come together to find Nate’s disabled dog, Gonker. Throughout the film, they begin to mend the rift between them as John notices how much his son loves Gonker and does whatever he can to stop him from feeling any more pain.

This 2023 Netflix Original is a deeply heartwarming story as it shows how dogs can bring companionship and people together. Moreover, Dog Gone adds a degree of authenticity to the story by filming part of the movie in the actual Appalachian Mountains (via Distractify).


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6 Seventeen (2019)

A Troubled Young Man Goes In Search Of His Beloved Dog

Hector and his dog Sheep stare at each other in front of a park in the movie Seventeen.

In Seventeen (Diecisiete), Héctor (Biel Montoro) breaks out of his juvenile detention center to find his therapy dog, Sheep, when the dog gets adopted. While planning this adventure, Héctor enlists the help of his brother, Ismael (Nancho Sánchez). Although the Spanish Netflix movie shows the deep connection between a boy and his dog, it also has an interesting subplot as Héctor’s bond with his brother Ismael grows as they overcome several obstacles together.

While it’s not really a family-friendly movie as its themes are too mature for younger audiences, Seventeen was a critical success and holds a respectable 88% on Rotten Tomatoes.

5 Xico’s Journey (2020)

A Boy And His Dog Take On An Evil Corporation

Xico the dog smiles at butterflies in the forest.

The Mexican animated film, Xico’s Journey (El Camino de Xico), is an overlooked gem when it comes to dog movies on Netflix. This film tells the story of a girl named Copi who sets off with her dog, Xico, and her best friend, Gus, to stop a greedy corporation from ruining their home. They soon discover that Xico holds the key to saving their mountainous town. Xico’s Journey involves Mexican culture and folklore throughout the plot. The 2D animation style includes beautiful depictions of spirit creatures. Though the plot is fairly simple, it holds a strong anti-capitalism and anti-fracking message.

4 June & Kopi (2021)

Two Dogs Experience Life Inside A Loving Family

June & Kopi sit on the back porch looking through the glass door.

Many dog movies on Netflix focus on the relationship between humans and dogs. However, June & Kopi differs as it focuses on the friendship between two dogs. Aya (Acha Septriasa) and Ale (Ryan Delon), a young Indonesian couple, take in a stray dog named June. At home, their Pitbull, Kopi, helps June adapt to her new life. The two dogs become great friends.

Later, viewers also see June grow in her connection with Aya and Ale’s newborn child, Karin. This film is heartwarming and emotional. However, viewers should grab some tissues before starting this movie as June & Kopi‘s ending is sure to make a number of them cry.

3 White Fang (2018)

A Journey Of A Wolfdog Through His Time With Three Different Masters

White Fang (Croc-Blanc) tells the classic Jack London book in which the titular wolfdog goes on an adventure, encountering life with many different humans. This French-Luxembourgish film differs from the previous rendition of the story because it follows the perspective of the wolfdog, White Fang, instead of the people.

Oscar-winning animator Alexandre Espigares depicted this film in a style reminiscent of an impressionist painting. Each shot includes texture, shading, and minute details that bring the scene to life. In the English dub, viewers may recognize famous voice actors like Nick Offerman and Rashida Jones. These actors perfectly portray their characters, offering nuanced vocalizations.

2 Rescued by Ruby (2022)

A Man And His Dog Strive To Be Part Of The K-9 Unit

Grant Gustin stroking Ruby's face in Rescued by Ruby

Rescued by Ruby

Release Date
March 18, 2022

Katt Shea

camille sullivan , Eileen Pedde , Kaylah Zander , Sharon Taylor , Giacomo Baessato , Scott Wolf , Tom McBeath , Grant Gustin , Jude Culham-Keays

90 minutes

Not only is Rescued by Ruby based on a true story but it rises above others in its core messaging. In this film, Daniel O’Neil (Grant Gustin), a state trooper who dreams of working in K-9 search and rescue, adopts a shelter dog named Ruby (who becomes his work partner and best friend).

At its core, Rescued by Ruby is a heartwarming story in which underdogs defy all expectations. It highlights that dogs can save people as much as people save them. Much like its main characters, Rescued by Ruby defies the odds by holding a rare 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Anyone looking for a heartwarming movie that embraces the love of dogs will be happy with this one.


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1 Beethoven (1992)

A Saint Bernard Causes Chaos And Love Within A New Family


Release Date
April 3, 1992

Brian Levant

Charles Grodin , Bonnie Hunt , Dean Jones , Oliver Platt , Stanley Tucci , Nicholle Tom

87 minutes

While Lassie and Benji have earned iconic statuses as memorable movie dogs thanks to decades of popular movies and shows, Beethoven managed to join their ranks almost immediately with 1992’s family comedy Beethoven introducing the lovable and messy Saint Bernard. The movie follows a family who takes in this massive and destructive pup when it flees from a corrupt and evil veterinarian.

Co-written by John Hughes, the movie embraces the slapstick all-ages fun of Hughes’ later movies like Home Alone. The big dog is instantly lovable with him causing a lot of trouble but also having a keen sense of how to protect his new family. The human cast is also quite excellent with Charles Grodin as the frustrated father and Stanley Tucci and Oliver Platt as the bumbling henchmen of the villain.

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