10 Easter Eggs & DC Movie References

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Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom


  • Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom references the original DC comics, past DCEU movies, and even Marvel.
  • The opening scene features Aquaman riding his seahorse named Storm, a nod to the comics and the Super Friends cartoon.
  • The film confirms that Aquaman and Mera have a son named Arthur Jr., who is also known as Aquababy in the comics.

Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom brings the DCEU to a close, featuring a collection of fun Easter eggs and movie references along the way. Starring Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, the King of Atlantis finds himself in a new adventure after dark powers rise against both the world of the surface and the sea. As such, Aquaman has no choice but to enlist the help of his brother Orm (Patrick Wilson), the former Ocean Master.

By the end of Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom, several ties to the original DC Comics, past DCEU movies, and more are made as Arthur and Orm attempt to stop Black Manta from triggering a total global meltdown. This includes some remixes of ideas from the comics, and even some ties to Marvel as well. Here are all the Easter eggs and movie references in Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom.


Aquaman & the Lost Kingdom Cast & DC Character Guide

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to feature a large cast of both new and returning characters, the final film ahead of the imminent DCU reboot.

10 Aquaman’s Seahorse Storm

Aquaman riding Storm the Seahorse

Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom’s opening scene features Aquaman taking down a group of pirates upon dismounting a giant seahorse. Likewise, Aquaman confirms that this seahorse is named Storm, the same underwater steed Arthur Curry rides in the comics as well as in the original Super Friends animated cartoon. That said, Storm is much more impressive in live-action thanks to this final DCEU movie.

9 Batman’s Fish Joke

Batman talking to Aquaman in Justice League.

Aquaman’s opening narration takes note that some people find his ability to communicate with sea life humorous. This is more than likely a reference to Batman’s recruitment of Aquaman in 2017’s Justice League and his line about how he heard Curry could “talk to fish”.

8 Arthur Jr. (The Aquababy)

Aquaman's Baby Arthur Curry Jr in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

The opening scenes of Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom also confirm that Aquaman and Mera have a son named Arthur Jr. Just like in the comics, Arthur and Mera had a son named Arthur Jr. who was also known as Aquababy. However, Arthur Jr. was ultimately murdered by Black Manta on the page, a horrific event that the live-action Manta similarly attempts to do (and fails) in the new DC movie.

7 The Lost Kingdom- Necrus aka The Black City

Jason Momoa Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer header

Black Manta’s powerful new trident and corruption comes from Necrus aka the Black City. While the Necrus in the original DC comics was an unstable city that continually appeared and disappeared, the DCEU’s Black City was the lost Seventh Kingdom which had been corrupted and cursed, shortly before Atlantis’ fall beneath the waves in the ancient past.

6 Black Manta’s Black Trident And Orichalcum

Black Manta Wields the Black Trident in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

The majority of Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom sees Black Manta going after an ancient Atlantean fuel source known as Orichalcum. Using the fuel to superheat the world and trigger a global meltdown via increased greenhouse gasses, Manta’s use of orichalcum also led to the thawing of the Black City and its ruler who’d corrupted Manta via the Black Trident. However, the comics’ orichalcum was more of a mineral that could be forged into a metal and was used by Black Manta to forge his own trident on the page (sans this new connection to the Black City).

5 Aquaman’s Man of Steel Reference- Galaxy Broadcast Communications

Superman and Zod Fly By GBS

As the world plummets into all kinds of freak weather patterns and natural disasters thanks to Black Manta, multiple television news stories are featured covering the various crises on the surface. The predominant channel is Galaxy Broadcast Communications, a major news network from the comics based out of Metropolis. To that end, a GBS building was briefly featured in 2013’s Man of Steel as Superman battles General Zod throughout the city, so it’s a fun tie between the DCEU’s first and final movies.

4 Atlantean Council and Surface World Politics

Jason Momoa's Aquaman on Atlantis' throne in Aquaman 2

While Arthur Curry may be the King of Atlantis, Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom confirms that Aquaman’s rule is not without oversight. He still has to answer and get approval from a council, much like in the comics. Likewise, the final DCEU movie also confirms that while half of the kingdoms are interested in coexistence with the surface, the other half would prefer war. This is a strong mirror to Aquaman’s constant struggle in the comics where he’s often in the middle as the only one preventing all-out war.

3 Aquaman’s Mentor Vulko

Willem Dafoe's Nuidis Vulko and Jason Momoa's Aquaman in the DCEU

Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom does explain the notable absence of Willem Dafoe’s Vulko, Arthur’s mentor from the first Aquaman movie who was revealed to have died before the events of the sequel. Unfortunately, it was referenced that Vulko died from a plague, one caused by humanity’s pollution on the surface infecting the oceans below.

2 New Black Manta Suit Is Classic DC Comics

Black Manta In Full Costume With Black Trident In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Thanks to Black Manta’s new powers through the Black Trident, he no longer needed his all-black power suit from the first Aquaman movie. Instead, he only needed his helmet which he remade in all-silver, along with the iconic red eyes capable of firing optic blasts. As such, Black Manta’s new costume is far more accurate and in line with the original DC Comics compared to his appearance from the first movie.

1 Topo The Octopus Is An Atlantean Spy (And Musician)

Topo in Aquaman

A classic sidekick to Aquaman from the original comics, Topo is a cephalopod who was featured playing the drums in the first Aquaman movie. However, Topo is revealed to be a covert operative in service to the Atlantean throne in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, putting him much more in line with his classic comics origins on the page as he joins Arthur on his mission to free Orm from his desert prison.

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