10 Fakes That Completely Devastated Pawn Star Sellers


  • Pawn Stars has dealt with disappointed sellers who brought in fake items, including knives, paintings, newspaper articles, autographed footballs, belt buckles, baseball cards, prints, stock certificates, amber rocks, and John Lennon drawings.
  • The core cast members of Pawn Stars, including the late Richard “Old Man” Harrison, have been responsible for running the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and breaking the news to sellers about the authenticity of their items.
  • The show also focuses on the interpersonal relationships among the cast members and features outside experts who authenticate items and provide historical context.

Powerhouse History Channel show Pawn Stars has showcased some let-down sellers after their items proved to be fakes. Pawn Stars has been on air since 2009 and has 21 seasons to its credit. The series takes place at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Pawn Stars follows the staff as they engage with customers through interactions involving purchasing, selling, and pawning artifacts. This involves negotiating prices and delving into discussions about the historical backgrounds of the items. A variety of outside experts are also called upon during the show to authenticate items and provide background and context to some of the trickier pawns.

Pawn Stars also highlights the interpersonal relationships among the Pawn Stars cast. Late Richard “Old Man” Harrison opened Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in 1988. He passed away in 2018. Other core cast members include Rick “The Spotter” Harrison, Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, and Austin “Chumlee” Russell. These core cast members have been responsible for running the Pawn Shop and, in some cases, breaking bad news to sellers about the authenticity of their beloved items.


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10 Pawn Stars Turned Away Scottish Knives

During an episode, a man came in and proudly showcased a set of knives he said hailed from Scotland. The seller remarked that the blades had been passed down to him from his father and his father’s father before that. The seller boasted about the legacy of his inheritance. However, Rick took a pass over the knives and pointed out that the metal was turning green, a sign of oxidation that would not be present in a genuine blade of that kind. Rick identified it as a reproduction, which devastated the seller who thought his family heirloom was valuable.

9 Pawn Stars Wouldn’t Take An Alleged Claude Monet Painting

Pawn stars cast talking with customer about an item

A man came into the Pawn Shop claiming to have an original Claude Monet painting, hoping to get 1 million dollars. He had a document authenticating that the painting had been shown at a Las Vegas art exhibit in 1997 and was accepted as a Monet original. Rick called in an expert to look over the painting, and that expert called for a second opinion. The second expert said that if the painting were real it would have old oil paint on it that sweat through to the back of the canvas. The seller was very let down and let out an audible sigh and hung his head as the news was broken.

8 A Pawn Star Seller’s Titanic Sinking Newspaper Article Was Deemed Fake

A motivated seller arrived at the Pawn Shop with a newspaper he claimed was an authentic Boston Globe print highlighting the sinking of the Titanic the day after it happened. It didn’t take Rick long before he assessed that there was no yellowing of the pages and no wear and tear, which is extremely odd for a newspaper more than 100 years old. Rick deemed it a fake and the seller was heartbroken. He stated he was going to “go home and sulk in my own misery.”

Pawn Stars' Rick wih customer

A man brought in what he thought was a 1967 autographed Chicago Bears football, and he was enthusiastic about his reported treasure. Rick called in an expert for authentication. The expert analyzed the autographs and determined that the autographs were forged. The seller was visibly shattered by the revelation and stated, “I feel pretty let down.”

6 Pawn Stars Called Out Wells Fargo Tiffany Belt Buckles

An excited seller arrived at the Pawn Shop with belt buckles he claimed were Tiffany Wells Fargo belt buckles. The seller said he bought the items at a flea market from someone who said they bought them from a museum in Montana in 1969. There was even an alleged letter from Tiffany’s authenticating the belt buckles as something they produced. The seller paid $100 for the belt buckles at the flea market. Rick looked over the belt buckles and assessed that Tiffany wouldn’t make anything that wasn’t perfect and that their logo was not perfect on the buckles. The seller was out $100 on his fake items.

5 Pete Rose Tops Baseball Cards Faked Out The Pawn Shop Seller

One seller came into the Pawn Shop saying his whole baseball card collection was on the line, stating he would need to “reevaluate my collection” were the cards deemed fake. The seller showcased Pete Rose Topps baseball cards. Rick immediately called them out as being fake as relayed all the details that were off. Rick remarked about the color and overexposure the cards presented, and the seller left the Pawn Shop questioning what was real.

4 Pawn Stars Upset An Abraham Lincoln Print Seller

Pawn stars cast looking at items

A young seller came in hot with what he called an “Abraham Lincoln etching” that turned out to be a deep fake. Rick quickly corrected him on what his item was, saying it was a print. Rick remarked that there was no oxidation present on the print, nor was the ink faded into orange as old print documents do. Next, Rick explained that a famous forger, Joseph Cosey, would do Abraham Lincoln’s signature with the A lined up with the L.

The real Abe Lincoln would always have his A lower than the L. Moreover, Rick said from his knowledge and experience, the print was merely a copy of a forgery. The seller was not only bummed that his item was a forgery but that his forgery, which could have also been worth money, was only a copy, rendering it worthless.

3 A Mark Twain Stock Certificate Was Turned Down On Pawn Stars

A motivated woman showed up at the Pawn Shop with what she said was a stock certificate made out to Mark Twain. Rick was very knowledgeable on the topic of Mark Twain, and gave a lot of background on the American writer. After his information drop, Rick questioned why the stock certificate was made out to a Mark Twain, a pen name, when his real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Rick also stated the printing was too simple and sent the woman packing. The seller had wanted to go on a shopping spree with the money she hoped to get for the item but left disappointed.

2 A Fake Amber Rock With Tarantula Cost A Pawn Stars Seller Money

Pawn Stars' Rick and Chumlee talking over an item

A man came in claiming he had a piece of Baltic amber with a perfectly preserved tarantula inside that’s 50 million years old. He even had authentication papers from a professional entomologist. He then paid $200 to have the rock evaluated by the Gemological Institute of America. The ancient amber rock turned out to be fake, as did the authentication papers. The piece was actually made of plastic, crushing the seller’s hopes of making $50,000.

1 John Lennon Drawing Devastated The Pawn Stars Seller

Pawn Stars Corey talking with a customer

A music fan came into the Pawn Shop with alleged drawings done by the late Beatles sensation John Lennon. John Lennon was a trained artist, who made artwork in his time. This seller claimed to have “very rare signed John Lennon artwork.” The drawings consisted of six miniature pen-drawn self-portraits which the buyer bought for $10 at a charity shop. The drawings, which the seller wanted $20,000 for, ended up being too good to be true and were called out as fakes. It was deemed fake because the Pawn Stars staff noticed the paper the drawing were on was Kodak printer paper, which didn’t exist back in John Lennon’s time.

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