10 Fastest Ways To Earn XP In The Finals

The action-packed matches of The Finals give you plenty of XP for your efforts, but the fastest ways to earn experience will net you better rewards as you progress to higher Seasonal Levels. Like many other FPS titles, there are certain objectives you can follow to climb ranks quickly. Several effective strategies for XP farming will help you get better cosmetic equipment for extra customization.

Several classes contribute toward your total Season Level, which is tied to the Battle Pass system in The Finals. For example, if you were to use the best Heavy class build in your arsenal, your progress from XP would not reset if you switched to the Light archetype. 25 Levels are free with different rewards at the start, but an additional 96 are available if you purchase the Premium Battle Pass.


10 Things The Finals Does Better Than Other FPS Games

The Finals is a brand-new F2P first-person shooter holding its open beta and has a ton of things that other FPS games seem to seriously lack.

5 Complete Matches Quickly

Defeat Rivals Without Mercy

One of the most straightforward ways to earn XP is to finish matches, which consistently reward you with a set amount of experience whether you win or lose. This method takes more time than others, but playing The Finals will always reward you in the long run. Your placement in a match determines how much XP you receive once a victory between two teams has been determined.

One quick trick to gaining XP fast is to follow the objectives of different match types, which can be seen in action in the above video by YouTube creator Direct Gaming.

The best builds for beginners can help you rise to the top of the leaderboards early in The Finals as you play matches against players without as much experience. This period can help win matches since everyone theoretically starts at an even skill level. Winning matches fast will help you gain the most experience before you queue into another game soon after.

4 Take On Daily Contracts

Simple Goals to Meet

As you check the Battle Pass rewards in The Finals, you can also check what Contracts are available to reward you with extra XP bonuses. Many goals are easy to complete, including getting your first win of the day or playing three matches in any game mode. Daily Contracts rotate fairly quickly, and there are at least five you can try to accomplish each day as you play.

Many Daily Contracts repeat from one day to the next and are relatively easy to predict from a short list of rotating goals. Keep in mind which ones are the most likely to show up as you boot up the game for the first time each day.

The boosts to XP provided by Daily Contracts are usually about 1,000 experience points or more and are fairly consistent across the board. Once you complete all five Daily missions, you cannot try to do them a second time or unlock more until enough time has passed. Those who log into The Finals for the first time in a day should tackle these Daily Contracts after checking to see which are available.


9 Best Abilities To Get First in The Finals

Regardless of the Contestant you main, you’ll want to know which of the three abilities for each class is the most effective in securing cashouts.

3 Progress Your Weekly Quests

Some Focused Grinding Required

The Finals Multiplayer Map Wide Angle Shot with Multiple Yellow Spots to Mark Important Places on Map

Alongside Daily Contracts are Weekly Quests, or contracts that stay up in your list of available goals for much longer. Unlike Daily missions, these tasks may take a bit longer to complete in The Finals and have a set of guidelines centered around specific situations. For example, one might say to eliminate 20 opponents using melee weapons, which could take more than one match.

There are eight Weekly Quests you will have at a time, which reset over several days. The XP bonuses earned from these missions do not rotate, and you cannot complete them more than once. Similarly to Daily Contracts, those who finish all their Weekly Quests will simply have to wait before new ones become available as they continue to participate in matches of The Finals.​​​​​​​

2 Participate in Tournament Mode

To the Victor Goes the Spoils

Tournament Mode offers the highest XP rewards for the best teams out of the different game modes you or your friends could participate in throughout The Finals. This playlist type has three rounds of the Cashout game type that sees multiple groups in a bracket of 16 different teams. Each round consists of four teams competing against each other in Knockout rounds to progress further.

The Cashout games are timed with nine-minute rounds for the first two matches and are quite different from the standard Quick Play games you might be used to. You have a limited time to earn as much cash as possible while other teams try to get that money for themselves. Only the teams with the best communication and coordination will have the best chances to advance in the tournament.

The teams with the lowest scores in Cashout match qualifiers are knocked out, but those who get the most cash can move on to the next stage. The Final Round sees the four best groups try to reach $20,000 first to win not only a ton of Fame Points (FP) toward ranked league progression but also some of the highest amounts of XP you can receive in The Finals.

Getting a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond rank for different placements in the Final Round rewards your team with a lot of XP just for reaching the last match.

1 Meet Different Milestone “Bonus” Contracts

Recognize the Pattern

A person dressed in a panda bear costume with people fighting in the background.

An overlooked feature within Daily Contracts and Weekly Quests is how each has Milestone Contracts that provide an extra XP bonus if you complete a certain number of goals. Tackling more than one mission in a single session of The Finals is a great way to farm experience without difficulty. Try to pick out which tasks you can pursue simultaneously during a match to finish multiple goals when a game ends.

These strategies combine to give you somewhere between 3,000 – 4,000 XP for playing a single match, but this can only be done a few times. Since Contracts and Quests don’t reset, it’s hard to farm a ton of experience without waiting for new goals to refresh. The fastest ways to earn XP in The Finals are limited but barely prevent continuous matches from becoming tedious.

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