10 Funniest Pals In Palworld


  • Pals in Palworld have unique stats and skills, but some are loved for their quirky and funny characteristics.
  • From explosive monkeys to regal fluff commanders, Palworld offers a variety of funny and lovable Pals.
  • Players can enjoy the comical antics of Pals like Dumud, Lovander, Depresso, and more in Palworld.

Monster collecting in Palworld can focus on many factors, from which Pals are good at combat or make fast mounts, to those that are most helpful around the base. A few Pals, however, have wiggled their way into the hearts of players based solely on their quirky, lovable, and funny characteristics. Of course, they may still be great at becoming a flamethrower or mining, but these Pals offer that extra little touch of personality.

In Palworld, monster-like creatures, known as Pals, are befriended and used in a large variety of ways to help players in their overall goal of survival and exploration. Each type of Pal has unique stats that can pinpoint where they would be of most use, and there are some things that certain Pals simply cannot do, so it’s important to check their information to see what skills they have. Like Pokémon games, it can be fun to try to collect all the Pals and see what they are like, and, naturally, every player will be drawn to certain ones as their favorite.


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10 Hoocrates (Paldeck #015)

Dark Element Pal

Palworld Hoocrates

Besides having a philosophical tie-in through its name, Hoocrates is known as the Purveyor of Wisdom according to Palworld‘s in-game Paldeck. According to the Paldeck, Hoocrates is “often lost in thought, [and] it sometimes finds it difficult to sleep. ‘I think, therefore I am’“. Hoocrates has other references in its design, as well, with its head maintaining the appearance of a wizard hat and its Harry Potter-esque lightning bolt across its belly. Hoocrates was originally named Smug Owl, which is befitting of this funny, yet intellectual, bird.

9 Tocotoco (Paldeck #027)

Neutral Element Pal

Palworld player using Tocotoco as an exploding egg launcher

Everything about Tocotoco is comical, from its vibrant appearance and vacant eyes to its habit of exploding itself and its eggs. In the wild, Tocotocos will chase players to explode on them as a very counter-intuitive means of defense. Their Partner Skill is even sillier, as players will hold the bird facing backward as a living grenade launcher and fire exploding eggs from the Pal’s behind.


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8 Kingpaca (Paldeck #089)

Neutral Element Pal

A Palworld avatar observes their newly captured Kingpaca pal on a sunny day next to some ruins

Dubbed the Supreme Fluff Commander, the Kingpaca is a comically regal Pal of note. Its appearance is comical, as it is a massive Pal with a trident-like crown permanently affixed to its head and a tiny little face that always has a look of doing something important, not to mention its tiny feet that appear to have red slippers on. Kingpaca’s exclusive skill, Kingly Slam, allows it to leap into the air and smash enemies with its weight, quite regally, of course. The smaller Melpaca will serve the Kingpaca, and Kingpaca will offer up the Melpacas as wagers in contests.

7 Tanzee (Paldeck #008)

Grass Element Pal

Tanzee looks like an adorable little green monkey, one that would make a charming and cheerful pet. This cheerfulness is unmistakable with its Cheery Rifle Partner Skill, where Tanzee excitedly uses an assault rifle to open fire mercilessly on all nearby enemies. When not armed with a high-powered weapon such as its preferred AK-47, its Seed Mine attack essentially allows Tanzee to throw explosive feces at enemies instead.


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6 Fuack (Paldeck #006)

Water Element Pal

Fuack in a grassy area in Palworld

Fuack is something of a cross between a duck and a platypus, with little blue pigtail-like feathers on its head and a band of feathers around its neck that look like a necklace. Being a Water Element Pal, Fuack can use its body water to create waves even on dry land. This allows Fuack to be able to body surf anywhere when it is in a hurry and needs to move fast, but unfortunately, it is not always very intelligent about when to use this particular ability. The sad, yet comical, outcome of Fuack’s body surfing can result in fatal collisions when it speedily slams itself into anything that is in its path.

5 Galeclaw (Paldeck #047)

Neutral Element Pal

Galeclaw carrying a person in Palworld

Galeclaw is a majestic bird that is one of the Palworld Pals that can be a flying mount for players. Its Partner Skill allows Galeclaw to pick up the player and be used as a glider, so players can still fire a gun while in flight. The downside, however, is that as soon as Galeclaw feels tired, it will simply let go without warning. In the in-game Paldeck entry, it is said that it is “prone to letting go when tired, which has led to the sudden demise of more than a few souls.”


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4 Dumud (Paldeck #043)

Ground Element Pal

Dumud in a bath in Palworld.

Just looking at Dumud’s lovable smile is enough to brighten one’s day. This lovably dumb blobfish Pal has a vacant expression that quickly gives away its lack of wisdom. When it is relaxed, it has a very slow reaction time, and, although good at mining, is not the most useful in combat. Certainly not the brightest of the bunch, according to Dumud’s Palworld Paldeck entry, “Even if it were sliced from head to tail, it probably wouldn’t even realize that it should be dead until the next morning.”

3 Lovander (Paldeck #069)

Neutral Element Pal

close up of Lovander in Palworld

Upon Palworld‘s launch, Lovander immediately became the source of many jokes and memes. This tall, bipedal Pal that is covered in pink and hearts is looking for love everywhere they go. Without regard to the type of Pal, Lovander will excitedly chase all creatures, including humans, in its thirst for love. Fittingly, Lovander holds the 69th slot in the Paldeck.

2 Pengullet (Paldeck #010)

Water & Ice Element Pal

Pengullet is an adorable little blue penguin with a round body and a tuft of feathers on its head. While some have said it has a similar appearance to the infamous Super Mario 64 penguin babies, this feisty little one will not be so easily thrown off a cliff. However, it can be shot off a cliff, or anywhere else that the player would like to. Using its Partner Ability known as Pengullet Cannon, players load Pengullet as ammunition in a Rocket Launcher and fire them at enemies, where Pengullet will then explode on contact and become incapacitated.

1 Depresso (Paldeck #017)

Dark Element Pal

One of the more relatable Pals, Depresso has a constant look of annoyance on its face and a tired, gloomy personality. Besides being adorable and lovable just on its own, the Partner Skill that Depresso can do is where it becomes really funny. In Palworld, Depresso can use the Caffeine Inoculation Partner Skill to drink a massive amount of energy drinks, thereby speeding it up to move and work faster for a while.

Palworld Game Poster


Palworld is an open-world crafting survival RPG developed by Pocket Pair Inc. and released in 2024. Set in a colorful, open-ended world, players will travel the land collecting creatures called “Pals” as they battle, build, travel across the world, and choose their path forward. From a ruthless creature boss to an anti-poaching activist hunter, players can tackle Palworld how they want.

January 19, 2024

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Pocket Pair Inc.

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