10 Things We Want To See Happen


  • That ’90s Show should address Leia and Nate’s sudden feelings for each other in season 2.
  • The show’s sophomore season should add more depth to its characters, exploring the Runck family, showing Kitty’s new job, and having Ozzie come out to his parents.
  • The original That ’70s Show cast should make longer appearances and fill viewers in on their lives more.

That ’90s Show brings That ’70s Show fans back to Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) and Red Forman’s (Kurtwood Smith) basement with a new generation of teens — some of whom are the children of the original cast of characters. Set during summer vacation, That ’90s Show sees Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna’s (Laura Prepon) daughter, Leia (Callie Haverda), staying with her grandparents over the school break. She befriends the neighbors, as well as Michael Kelso’s (Ashton Kutcher) son and a few other misfits.

Leia’s something of a sheltered outcast, so her adventures with her new group of friends push her out of her comfort zone and into some hilarious situations. That ’90s Show is confirmed for season 2, so Leia will return to her grandparents’ house for her next break and keep viewers updated on the gang’s lives. That ’90s Show season 1 raises plenty of questions about what’s next, and there are things that need to happen when the That ’70s Show spinoff returns.

That ’90s Show season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

10 Leia & Nate Examining Their Feelings

They Need To Address What Happened In The Finale

Callie Haverda and Maxwell Acee Donovan as Leia and Nate almost kissing in That '90s Show

Leia spends most of That ’90s Show season 1 courting Jay Kelso, but their relationship is hot and cold. Although they eventually embrace their feelings for one another, Jay decides long distance isn’t what he wants. This leads Leia and Nate (Maxwell Acee Donovan) to realize they’re more on the same page when it comes to love. This is a surprise, as Nate is Jay’s best friend and has a girlfriend. However, it seems like Nikki (Sam Morelos) isn’t committed to a future with Nate either. As such, That ’90s Show opens the door for Leia and Max to start something. Hopefully, they’ll examine their feelings further in season 2.

9 Leia & Jay Figuring Out Where They Stand

That ’90s Show Season 2 Must Define The Relationship

Leia Forman and Jay Kelso embracing each other in That 90s Show Season 1

Although Leia and Jay break up at the end of That ’90s Show, their relationship remains complicated. As soon as Leia realizes Jay isn’t the only person she has feelings for, Jay decides that a long-distance relationship might be worthwhile after all. When he tries to tell Leia this, she shuts him down. They conclude the season going separate ways, but they’ll need to figure out what their relationship is when Leia returns to Point Place. They’re part of the same friend group, so seeing each other is inevitable. Season 2 needs to determine whether they’re really just friends now or something more.

8 Ozzie Coming Out To His Parents

He Should Reach The Final Step Of His Plan

That ’90s Show attempts to be more inclusive than its predecessor, and exploring Ozzie’s sexuality is one way the series manages this. In season 1, Ozzie outlines his 16-step coming-out plan to Leia — but he only gets to step seven. The final step is coming out as gay to his own parents, a big undertaking. It’d be great to see Ozzie reach this point in That ’90s Show season 2, especially if his parents’ support grants him more confidence. Ozzie’s one of the series’ best new characters, so a more emotional arc for him would engage audiences. Perhaps the show can even confirm that his Canadian beau is indeed real.

7 More Bonding Between Leia & Gwen

Their Friendship Is That ’90s Show’s Best Relationship

Callie Haverda and Ashley Aufderheide as Leia and Gwen in That '90s Show

Gwen (Ashley Aufderheide) is a standout of That ’90s Show season 1, and her blossoming friendship with Leia is more compelling than any of the series’ romantic pairings. The two vow to stay in each other’s lives during the season 1 finale, and it’s clear that it’s in their best interests. Gwen brings out Leia’s more rebellious and adventurous side, while Leia’s balances Gwen’s harder edges. The two misfits have a great thing going, and That ’90s Show season 2 needs to see them deepening that best friend bond even more.

6 More Adventures Between Gwen & Nikki

This Duo Is A Fun One To Explore

Ashley Aufderheide and Sam Morelos as Gwen and Nikki taking glamor shots in That '90s Show

While Leia and Gwen have the best friendship in That ’90s Show, season 1 teases the possibility of more adventures from Gwen and Nikki. When the two are left alone, they end up getting high and doing a photo shoot together — an outing they promptly vow to forget. However, despite their reluctance to actually enjoy one another’s company, it’s clear there’s a friendship between them. And with Nikki and Nate potentially breaking up in That ’90s Show season 2, Gwen may be the key to keeping her around. Perhaps the show will include more girls’ outings, a welcome addition.

5 Runck Family Drama

Sherri & Her Kids Have A Fascinating History

Andrea Anders as Sherri Runck riding a bike in That '90s Show

Gwen and Nate’s mom, Sherri (Andrea Anders) becomes a regular at the Forman household, and Kitty and Red’s eccentric neighbor has quite the personality. She’s clearly got an interesting history, and it’d be fascinating for That ’90s Show to dig into it. The Runck family in general deserves further exploration, and the fact that Nate and Gwen resentfully discuss their fathers toward the end of season 1 suggests the show will explore their family dynamic further. This could be a great way to flesh out these characters in That ’90s Show season 2 and add some non-romantic drama.

4 Longer Cameos From The That ’70s Show Cast

That ’90s Show Must Fill In The Blanks

The cast of That ’70s Show appears several times throughout That ’90s Show season 1, but none of their cameos last very long. This could be due to scheduling, as well as the fact that the series doesn’t want to overshadow its new cast of teens. Still, it’d be nice to see more of the original actors, especially since viewers don’t know much about their adult lives. Donna and Eric are clearly thriving as parents, but the series doesn’t delve too deeply into their own relationship. Likewise, it’d be interesting to see Kelso in his paternal element, perhaps giving romantic advice to Jay — something that would surely lead to hilarity.

3 A Happy Ending For Fez

Fez Deserves The Commitment He’s Looking For

Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) is probably the original character who gets the most screen time in That ’90s Show outside of Kitty and Red, but the series paints a disheartening picture of his life. Although Fez has money and a successful salon, he doesn’t have the one thing he wants the most: a loving partnership. The ending of That ’90s Show season 1 reveals that he and Sherri are getting back together, but it’s clear their relationship isn’t the deepest or healthiest out there. With any luck, That ’90s Show season 2 will give Fez the sort of commitment he’s looking for, cementing his happy ending once and for all.

2 Kitty Killing It At Her New Job

This Storyline Could Add Hilarity To Season 2

Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty in the kitchen smiling in That 90s show

Throughout That ’90s Show season 1, it’s clear that Kitty is looking for more excitement. Leia’s presence fills her empty nest for a little while, but as Leia is leaving, Kitty decides to interview for a school nurse job. Since Kitty deserves to feel happy and fulfilled, That ’90s Show season 2 should show her killing it in this new role. Including scenes of her dealing with students is also a great way to insert some comedy into the sophomore season, especially if her day-to-day interactions are anything like she imagines in season 1.

1 Leia Becoming More Confident In Herself

That ’90s Show’s Lead Is Still Growing

Leia starts That ’90s Show as an awkward teen who’s worried that her new friends won’t like her if she doesn’t provide the right kind of cereal. Thanks to Gwen and the others, Leia begins to come out of her shell and feel more stable in her relationships. However, she’s still a far cry from confident and secure when the first outing concludes, and That ’90s Show season 2 should show her coming into her own more. That’s clearly the journey Leia is on in this series, and having her be more confident and independent will make her a more compelling lead — and make her relationships far more interesting.

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