1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton’s Cryptic Relationship Status Update Includes Pride Flag


  • Tammy Slaton’s recent TikTok bio update suggests she has joined the LGBTQIA+ community and is currently in a new relationship.
  • Tammy’s actions on TikTok, including duets with a non-binary TikToker named Justice Faith, imply that she may be dating them.
  • It is commendable to see Tammy embracing new experiences and confidently expressing her new identity, as she proudly displays the pride and trans flags on her social media.

1000-Lb Sisters cast member Tammy Slaton updated her TikTok bio, implying that she has become a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. The 37-year-old Dixon resident has been a straight woman for most of her life. A few months ago, she joined rehab and got into a relationship with a fellow male patient, Caleb Willingham. Tammy’s new relationship started on a great note, and things moved on quite swiftly. She fell in love with Caleb and married him shortly after. The couple celebrated various milestones in the early phase but eventually parted ways after Tammy successfully completed her rehab. Unfortunately, Caleb passed away on June 30, 2023, due to health complications.

Tammy has been single since Caleb’s unexpected death. However, she recently sparked relationship rumors by posting a cryptic update. In January 2024, Tammy changed her TikTok bio to include the pride flag. Not only that, but she used two green hearts and a rainbow emoji and confidently shared that she is “happily taken.” The 1000-Lb Sisters star also posted a few interesting TikTok clips of lip-syncing some romantic songs. She captioned those videos with pride flag emojis. A few of her latest posts also have the Trans flag in them, which implies that she may have decided to make a big change in her life.


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Tammy Slaton & Justice Faith Appear In TikTok Videos Together

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Tammy’s latest relationship update and bio change don’t reveal a lot. However, she may have started dating a non-binary TikToker, Justice Faith. Over the last few weeks, Tammy has shared several duets with Justice on her TikTok. One of her videos shows her singing the song “Young Dumb & Broke” by Khalid. She sings the chorus, “you’re still thinking of me just like I know you should I can not give you everything, you know I wish I could.” Tammy herself hasn’t revealed if she’s dating the non-binary TikToker. However, her actions have suggested that she’s likely with them. Justice also claimed to be “taken” in their bio.

It’s great to see that Tammy has moved on from her loss. The reality TV star was very much in love with Caleb and really cared for him. When she moved out of the rehab, she was worried about Caleb’s health and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, her worst fear came true when Caleb passed away unexpectedly. Now, Tammy has claimed she’s with someone else. She has moved on to find a new partner, which is great for her mental health. Tammy needs someone supportive who can help her in her journey of getting fit. She can use someone like Justice, who has lost over 400 pounds over the years.

It’s also nice to see Tammy allegedly experimenting with her sexuality. While she hasn’t specifically claimed to have joined the LGBT community, her posts and bio update show that she has indeed decided to try some new experiences and live her truth. Tammy was straight when she was with Caleb. Therefore, it’s praiseworthy that she has confidently embraced her new side. She didn’t try to hide anything from her followers. Instead, she proudly flaunts the pride flag on her social media profile and has revealed she was taken. Hopefully, the 1000-Lb Sisters cast member’s new relationship will play out better than her last one.

1000-Lb Sisters airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: Tammy Slaton/TikTok, Justice Faith/TikTok

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1000-LB Sisters

1000-lb Sisters follows sisters Amy Salton-Halterman and Tammy Slaton in their home in Dixon, Kentucky, covering their daily lives, weight loss attempts, and subsequent weight loss surgery. The show covers such moments as attempts to have children, medical visits, and dramatic emergency room visitations. The family wrestles with supporting their daughters and their weight loss efforts while struggling with their own life troubles.

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