6 Biggest Super Mario Movie 2 Theories


  • The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 may explore Princess Peach’s origins and where she came from before the Mushroom Kingdom, providing answers to her mysterious past.
  • The film could suggest that Peach is from Earth, as hinted in the first movie, aligning her with Mario and other human characters from New York.
  • The sequel could introduce new worlds, such as Metro Kingdom or Sarasaland, to connect with Peach’s origin story or even create a completely new world to expand the Mario franchise.

A sequel to The Super Mario Bros Movie will have the opportunity to explain where Princess Peach came from before the Mushroom Kingdom, and there are a few ways the film could go about this. Peach’s story was set up in the 2023 Illumination movie, where she told Mario that she arrived in the Toads’ kingdom through a warp pipe when she was only a baby. This was her first memory, so Peach had no idea where she lived before. Still, some hints in Super Mario lore, as well as The Super Mario Bros Movie, provide enough foundation off of which to build some theories.

Super Mario Bros‘ continuity has always been relatively flexible, so Illumination had a good deal of wiggle room when constructing a story for The Super Mario Bros Movie. The video games’ lore was altered slightly to explain how Mario and Luigi came to live in the Mushroom Kingdom after growing up in Brooklyn, and it was also explained how a human like Princess Peach became the royal leader of the Toads. However, as of the first movie, Peach has no idea where she came from, and the fact that this is mentioned implies that answers could come in The Super Mario Bros Movie 2.


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6 Princess Peach May Be From ‘Our’ World In The Mario Movie

Mario suggested in The Super Mario Bros Movie that Peach could be from Earth too.


So far, Earth is the only world established in The Super Mario Bros Movie where humans live, which means it’s possible that Princess Peach was born here. As far as Mario canon, Brooklyn has long been the place of origin for Mario and Luigi, and the Italian accents of Wario and Waluigi have implied that they also come from Earth. Therefore, it’s perfectly possible that all the human characters of Mario are meant to be from New York. Still, the lack of information regarding Peach’s home makes it difficult to prove where she really comes from.

Mario suggested in The Super Mario Bros Movie that Peach might have come from Earth, but her only reply was that there were countless worlds out there and that she could have come from any of them. It’s certainly possible that The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 will come up with a story about an Earth family for Peach. Still, it’s odd that the first film would have Peach answer Mario’s question this way if Illumination weren’t planning to introduce a new world to serve as her birthplace.

5 Peach May Have Been Born In Metro Kingdom

Peach could have come to the Mushroom Kingdom when Cranky Kong kidnapped Pauline.

Metro City, the world containing New Donk City, is a fully human world introduced in Super Mario Odyssey. This alone means that Peach could potentially have come from here, but there is far more compelling evidence for this theory, especially considering what is already established by The Super Mario Bros Movie. As indicated by the name, New Donk City has several implied connections to Kong Kingdom. Many streets and buildings are named after Donkey Kong characters, and the mayor, Pauline, is canonically the princess Mario saved in the original Donkey Kong arcade game.

According to Donkey Kong canon, the villain of the original game isn’t the current version of the character. This version of Donkey Kong is actually a younger Cranky Kong. Since The Super Mario Bros Movie already introduced Cranky Kong and made him Donkey Kong’s father (rather than his grandfather as he is in canon), the sequel may introduce Pauline and Metro Kingdom as part of Kong Kingdom’s past. Perhaps when Cranky kidnapped Pauline and escaped through a warp pipe years before the start of the Super Mario Bros Movie‘s start, little Peach accidentally got swept up in the mess and ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Donkey Kong being Cranky Kong’s son could set up a reveal that Peach is Pauline’s daughter, but this could create quite a problem for Peachauline shippers.

4 Peach Could Be From Wario’s Diamond City

Making Diamond City Peach’s original home could bring Wario into the Mario Movie sequel.

Wario juxtaposed with Bowser from The Super Mario Bros. Movie

According to Mario canon, the villain Wario is from Diamond City, which he claims belongs to him. The only residents ever seen are, like Wario, humans, which means that Peach could feasibly have come from here. However, it’s typically implied that Diamond City exists somewhere on Earth, so if Peach truly were born there, she and Mario would be from the same world after all. However, The Super Mario Bros Movie has already changed so many aspects of canon that it wouldn’t be much of a twist to make Diamond City its own world like the Mushroom Kingdom and Kong Kingdom.

Peach has never had any real connection to Wario in the Mario games, so it would take quite a stretch of Illumination’s imagination to create an origin story for the princess that relates back to Diamond City. Still, doing so would provide an opportunity for The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 to bring Wario (and maybe Waluigi, too) into the mix.

3 Peach May Be From Sarasaland, Like Princess Daisy

Peach could meet Princess Daisy in an effort to find her homeland.

Peach and Daisy from Super Mario Bros. Wonder in front of Fluff-Puff Peaks.

The primary setting of Super Mario Land, Sasaraland, is another world with human inhabitants, most notably Princess Daisy. The world itself comprises four regions, each of which seems to be based on a location from Earth (Egypt, Bermuda, Easter Island, and China). This makes bringing Sarasaland into The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 a little more complicated, but it could also be a good deal of fun. Perhaps the sequel could reveal that Peach and Daisy are long-lost relatives. Or, at the least, learning that her home world is also ruled by a princess would create an opportunity for Peach to make a friend (and bring another much-needed female character to the Mario movie).

2 Peach’s Origins Could Connect To Rosalina In The Mario Sequel

Peach and Rosalina could both have the same mother in the Super Mario Bros Movie 2.

Rosalina was introduced in Super Mario Galaxy, and since The Super Mario Bros Movie included a Luma, it’s implied that she could wind up part of future sequels. Like Peach, Rosalina’s past is something of a mystery. Throughout Super Mario Galaxy, it’s revealed that she was separated from a mysterious mother, and, in an effort to get back to her, Rosalina set up shop at her observatory as she tried to seek the woman out. When a vague image of Rosalina’s mother is finally shown, many were shocked to see that she greatly resembles Peach. This led to the theory that Peache herself is Rosalina’s mother. However, given the Super Mario Bros Movie‘s plot, the two characters seem more likely to be made into long-lost sisters—meaning their mother is one and the same.

1 The Super Mario Movie 2 May Create A New World For Peach’s Origin

Super Mario Bros Movie sequels could introduce endless new worlds to the franchise.

super mario bros movie princess peach where from

Peach telling Mario that there are countless worlds in the universe implied that she wouldn’t even know where to start in looking for her home of origin, and it also means that The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 could feasibly do anything it wants going forward. Though it would be a lot of fun to see worlds like Metro Kingdom or Sarasaland tied in with Peach’s past, there’s no reason a sequel couldn’t develop a brand-new world instead. Perhaps, as The Super Mario Bros Movie did with Mario and Luigi, the next movie will introduce an entire family for Peach, complete with siblings, aunts, uncles, and parents—all from a human world the Mario franchise has never explored before.

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Mario jumps to the big screen in The Super Mario Bros Movie, directed by Teen Titans Go! collaborators Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, and more appear in this animated comedy that pits the characters in an all-new adventure set in the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. You can buy The Super Mario Bros. Movie right now for $13, down from its usual price of $20.

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