8 Best Ways To Make Money In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy lets you buy new gear and items for your character when you spend Galleons or the money you can make throughout your adventure. Earning coins from quests may not be enough to buy the most powerful supplies to take on threats to the wizarding world. Filling up your bank doesn’t have to take forever, but only if you use a few tricks to maximize your income.

You will be unable to pursue a few missions unless you have enough Galleons to purchase a particular item. Potion ingredients, plants for Herbology, or even a basic broomstick for flying in Hogwarts Legacy all cost some money. Pay attention to which activities your character can pursue to earn Galleons in between classes or the main story.


How to Open Every Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy

Treasure Vaults are scattered across the Highlands of Hogwarts Legacy, and these are a main way by which players will gain extra gear and outfits.

8 Explore the Open-World

Leave No Stone Unturned

Hogwarts Legacy Hippogriff Flying Mount Named Highwing Traversing Players Through Map

The massive castle of Hogwarts and the surrounding areas outside the school are open for you to explore as soon as you finish the introductory chapters of the story. Using the spell, Revelio will reveal small pockets of Galleons along the ground in little bags of gold. There aren’t a lot of coins in these lost purses, but it’s a start as you unlock new regions in Hogwarts Legacy.

One of the best ways to travel quickly across the open-world map is by using a Flying Mount in Hogwarts Legacy, which can take you to sources of money in record time.

7 Sell Old Gear

Junk for Coin

Hogwarts Legacy Player Selling Gear Items To Gladrags Wizardwear For Galleons

One of the fastest ways to make money involves selling your unwanted gear in Hogwarts Legacy to any vendor you meet. You constantly get new gear from quests and story missions with better and better stats than the items you equipped for your character before. Many items become obsolete after enough time, which should encourage you to sell them as soon as they become useless.

Be careful not to upgrade gear pieces unless you are certain that you will keep them for a long time. Enhancing gear costs money and valuable resources and can be an expensive process that you shouldn’t do for every item your character wears.

Trading old items for money also clears up inventory space for new gear you will collect. Don’t worry about losing the appearance of old outfits since Hogwarts Legacy has a unique transmog system that lets you change the look of items. Once you get a piece of gear for your character, its appearance is kept forever as something you can swap to, even if it is sold off later at a vendor.

6 Complete Side Quests and Challenges

Track Down Every Goal

Hogwarts Legacy on Switch room of requirement

It can be easy to skip most of Hogwarts Legacy’s side quests or challenges, but this locks you out of great chances to put Galleons in your pocket. Talk to teachers and students to find extra content that normally would not come up during the main story. Extra challenges tied to casting spells or defeating enemies can also be a way to improve your skills in combat while earning some money.

Challenges in Hogwarts Legacy are broken down into Combat, Quest, Exploration, Field Guide Pages, and Room of Requirement trials. While the first three of these are fairly straightforward, Field Guide Pages are hidden collectibles you can track down throughout the main castle of Hogwarts. When you unlock the Room of Requirement through a main story quest, it will have its mechanics you can explore.

5 Track Down And Clear Enemy Camps

Poachers and Monsters Beware

Enemy camps harbor groups of foes you can defeat with many coin pouches that contain plenty of Galleons. These bases become much harder to challenge unless you use spells and Ancient Magic to master Hogwart Legacy‘s combat. While you won’t be directly rewarded with money for clearing camps, the loot you find from these areas can also be sold for additional cash.

4 Ask Quest Givers For Money

Rowland Oakes speaking to the player after being freed in Hogwarts Legacy.

The NPCs that give you different side quests in Hogwarts Legacy may be willing to provide you with some money, but only if you are persistent enough to ask for it. There are no consequences for alienating quest-givers by asking for a fee, so you should raise rewards for your efforts. After all, there are no extra rewards for taking the noble route other than a sense of committed role-playing.

Acting like a mercenary instead of just a helpful student will reap in Galleons that you may not have been given ordinarily for certain quests. Thankfully, no quest giver refuses to pay you, and they don’t refuse your help if you ask for payment in Hogwarts Legacy.

3 Open Eyeball Chests

Keep Its Eyes Closed

In the first few hours of the game, you will likely spot strange chests with eyeballs scattered throughout Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. An Eyeball Chest watches whoever approaches it and seals itself if it sees anyone trying to steal its contents. During the first few tutorials of Hogwarts Legacy, you may not think much of these impossible-to-open containers that your character can’t interact with.

However, you have an opportunity to crack open these chests if you manage to learn the Disillusionment Charm later in Hogwarts Legacy. This spell makes your character invisible and lets you sneak up on an Eyeball Chest to open it without struggle. There are always good items in these chests, which are paired with a healthy number of Galleons to instantly give you a rich source of money.

The best place to find Eyeball Chests is the small town of Hogsmeade, close to Hogwarts Castle. You should be able to easily find 15 chests scattered throughout the village that can give you enough Galleons to buy expensive items from local vendors.

2 Rescue Fantastic Beasts

Farm Beasts, Farm Money

The many fantastic beasts & creatures you will encounter in Hogwarts Legacy are the key to making money as you find and rescue strange animals from the clutches of poachers. These creatures give you important upgrade materials for your gear, but you can also sell them for money if you have a surplus. The Brood and Peck beast supply store owned by Ellie Peck will take in any extra beasts you might have.

Beasts are stored within special areas in the Room of Requirement called Vivariums, which you unlock more of as you continue through Hogwarts Legacy. If you capture a creature without having the room to store it, you can receive 120 Galleons from Ellie Peck for each beast you want to hand over. These animals are being given to a loving owner and won’t be at the mercy of poachers you may have met.

The best way to farm money through the beast trade is to capture and sell smaller creatures that are easier to find. Large animals like Thestrals or Graphorns are challenging to catch and are not worth the extra effort since you receive the same amount of money from giving them away. Try to get Nifflers or Puffskeins that you can snatch quickly from the open world in places where they always spawn in Hogwarts Legacy.

1 Get Your Own Hogsmeade Shop

Starting a Business While in School

Ambitious entrepreneurs may have a chance to open their own store in Hogsmeade village to generate their own income in Hogwarts Legacy. This option is available exclusively to the PlayStation version of Hogwarts Legacy and, unfortunately, cannot be pursued by those playing on another platform as of the time of writing.

To start your small business venture, head to a place near the broomstick shop in the winter to start the “Minding Your Own Business” quest. This mission takes longer to complete than others, but you will eventually have a shop of your own when you finish. You can sell your gear at the newly acquired Caldwell & Brewster store for a much higher price than at other vendors’ shops in Hogwarts Legacy.

Being able to sell your junk for better prices makes your shop the best way to get some Galleons since all the other shop owners in the game offer pretty much the same price for your items. If you want to see how some of the sell values compare, feel free to watch the above video by YouTube creator TagBackTV, which provides a walkthrough of the entire quest to get your own shop.

The extra value added to the same gear makes owning a personal store in Hogsmeade the absolute best way to make money in Hogwarts Legacy.

Source: YouTube/TagBackTV

Editor’s Note: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling does stand to earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for trans people impacted by discussions of transphobia.

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