8 The Book Of Eli Questions John Boyega’s Prequel TV Show Can Answer


  • The Book of Eli prequel TV series starring John Boyega will answer important questions that the movie left ambiguous, such as the events leading up to America’s destruction and how Eli became skilled and blind.
  • The upcoming TV series will expand on the relationship between Carnegie and Claudia, providing more context about their connection and how she became his translator.
  • Viewers will finally learn how Carnegie became so powerful and how Eli learned to survive and thrive in the post-apocalyptic world, including his acquisition of the last copy of the Bible.

The upcoming The Book of Eli prequel TV series will see John Boyega in the lead as Denzel Washington’s Eli, and as exciting as the news is, there are a number of questions that the new series needs to answer that the movie left ambiguous. Directed by The Hughes Brothers, The Book of Eli revolves around a mysterious drifter named Eli who traverses through a post-apocalyptic America while on a mission to deliver a sacred book containing humanity’s salvation. Although not a massive critical success, The Book of Eli‘s upcoming TV series looks to expand the underrated movie’s lore.

Although the details surrounding The Book of Eli prequel series are scarce, the upcoming post-apocalyptic action series may answer a few important questions that the movie didn’t address, such as the events leading up to America’s destruction, how Eli learned to become such a skilled fighter, and what caused his blindness. Considering The Book of Eli 2 never happened, the TV series starring Boyega will fill the void left for audiences hoping to see more of the unique world that The Book of Eli introduced. More importantly, The Book of Eli show can answer a few big questions.

John Boyega and The Hughes Brothers will also serve as executive producers for The Book of Eli prequel TV series.


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8 How Did Claudia Become Carnegie’s Mistress?

Carnegie keeps Claudia around so she can translate important information concealed in braille text.

Jennifer Beals as Claudia and Gary Oldman as Carnegie in The Book of Eli.

As seen early in The Book of Eli, Gary Oldman’s Bill Carnegie is the film’s central antagonist, and he keeps the citizens living under his rule in constant fear. Nevertheless, Carnegie displays a softer side to Claudia, a blind woman whom he keeps as a mistress, as he needs her to translate various texts. While the movie hints that they’ve known each other well before the events of the movie, The Book of Eli prequel TV series can take things a step further by expanding on their relationship, thus providing more context about their relationship.

7 What Happened To The Rest Of The World?

A ravaged America is the only geographical location depicted in The Book of Eli.

Denzel Washington as Eli walks through the apocalypse in The Book of Eli.

While the movie’s setting suggests the rest of the world went up in flames, it isn’t made clear throughout The Book of Eli. It’s entirely possible that the rest of the world did indeed perish, thus leaving what’s left of America as the sole nation still standing, but it’s also possible that the rest of the world made deals to stay out of each other’s way in an effort to rebuild themselves. While the latter theory is admittedly less likely, The Book of Eli prequel series can ideally provide a compelling answer regarding the rest of the world.

6 How Did Carnegie and Redridge Meet?

Redridge is Carnegie’s loyal right-hand man.

Ray Stevenson as Redridge in The Book of Eli.

Played by the late Ray Stevenson, Redridge is an imposing man who is almost always seen accompanying Carnegie throughout the movie. Whereas Carnegie is prone to boisterous outbursts, Redridge is more resolute and strategic on the battlefield, as seen in his shootout with Eli. This sets the stage for showing audiences how the two opposing forces of nature bonded and co-rule the desolate United States. Furthermore, when Redridge has an opportunity to shoot Solara (played by Mila Kunis), he doesn’t, suggesting he could have developed an honor code with a faction like the police force or military before the apocalypse.

5 How Did Carnegie Become So Powerful?

Carnegie rules the former United States with an iron fist.

Although Carnegie is feared by virtually everyone in The Book of Eli, it isn’t clear just how exactly he came into so much power. While it could be assumed Carnegie was a man of stature and great influence before the apocalypse, nothing is set in stone. The Book of Eli prequel series could develop his character even further by showing viewers what his life was like before the nuclear holocaust ravaged America. Whether he was in politics or just an incredibly well-prepared individual remains to be seen, but further characterization can justify his position.


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4 How Did Eli Learn How To Survive In The Post-Apocalypse?

Eli displays incredible marksmanship, combat, and survival skills through The Book of Eli.

Perhaps one of the greatest question The Book of Eli prequel series must answer is how exactly Eli became so capable of surviving and even thriving in the post-apocalypse. Whereas Eli’s mysteriousness and austere personality benefited the events of the story by making its character seem more like a force of nature than a mere man, the TV series needs to show viewers how he developed the acumen necessary to handle various firearms, melee weapons, tracking skills, etc. It’s possible that Eli had a mentor in his youth, but it’s also possible that he developed his abilities on his own.

3 How Did Eli Become Blind?

It is possible that the nuclear holocaust robbed Eli of his vision.

Denzel Washington as Eli observes something in The Book of Eli.

Eli’s blindness is one of the best movie plot twists of the 2010s, as The Hughes Brothers sprinkle hints throughout the movie that are tough to catch at first, and ridiculously obvious upon a second viewing, with an example being how Eli conducts himself in shootouts. He always opts to wait until his enemy shoots at him first, thus allowing him to use his hearing to detect where the enemy is standing and dispatch them. Considering that the nuclear holocaust is referred to as “the flash,” it’s possible Eli will lose his vision upon bearing witness to the explosion in The Book of Eli prequel series.

2 What Caused The Apocalypse?

Society growing increasingly distrustful of itself likely led to its destruction.Denzel Washington as Eli in The Book of Eli.

Arguably the biggest question audiences will have is just what exactly led to the destruction of the United States, via nuclear holocaust. Given the growing concerns centering around nuclear weapons and a possible World War III, The Book of Eli prequel will more than likely lean into that aspect of its worldbuilding more than anything else to properly set up the stakes. While The Book of Eli implies that all the world’s superpowers finally turned on one another, the show can lay things to rest by developing a compelling drama leading up to the apocalypse.

1 How Did Eli Gain Possession Of The Last Copy Of The Bible?

Eli could have inherited the Bible from an old friend or possibly even stole it.

Since only a single copy of the Bible exists and the level of importance that it has over the story in The Book of Eli, The Book of Eli series will have to depict the events that led to the extreme scarcity of the sacred text. A figurehead or even faction worse than Carnegie likely destroyed as many as possible, and another depiction could see the majority of Bibles being destroyed during “the flash.” On account of Eli’s commitment to delivering the Bible in The Book of Eli, it’s absolutely necessary that audiences see how he gained possession of it.

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