American Assassin 2 Never Happened, But Mitch Rapp’s Story Still Lives On


  • American Assassin 2 never happened due to the first film’s underperformance both critically and commercially, failing to launch a franchise.
  • Mitch Rapp continues to be a central character in the book series, written by Kyle Mills after Vince Flynn’s passing.
  • Mitch Rapp has appeared in 22 out of the 23 books in the series, with the most recent installment, “Code Red,” published in 2023.

A sequel to American Assassin never got made, but there are plenty of other Mitch Rapp stories to enjoy in book form. Adapted from the Vince Flynn novel of the same name, the Dylan O’Brien-starring action thriller American Assassin was primed to launch a new movie franchise. But a sequel never got produced and the first movie was promptly swept under the rug. The movie picks up with Rapp as a young black-ops recruit at the CIA, who’s called on by an aging Cold War veteran to prevent an impending nuclear war.

The movie introduced Rapp as a master marksman and martial artist, and O’Brien gave a compelling turn in the role. He could’ve been the next James Bond or Jason Bourne, going on a new cinematic adventure every couple of years in an endless string of action-packed sequels. But the franchise never got off the ground and American Assassin remains a standalone movie. Why did American Assassin 2 never get made, and where else can fans enjoy Rapp’s globetrotting exploits?

Why American Assassin 2 Never Happened

Dylan O'Brien firing a gun in American Assassin

If American Assassin had been a big enough hit, then American Assassin 2 would’ve been greenlit. But, unfortunately, the movie didn’t perform very well, either critically or commercially. It only grossed around $67 million at the worldwide box office on a budget of about $33 million (via Box Office Mojo). The film made back its production budget, but fell slightly short of its estimated break-even point of $82.5 million, so it failed to turn a profit. On top of that, the movie received a “rotten” Rotten Tomatoes score of 34%, suggesting it didn’t have the legs to launch a franchise.

Mitch Rapp Is Still A Central Character In The Book Series (As Of 2023)

Mitch Rapp aiming a gun in American Assassin

While Mitch Rapp’s on-screen journey began and ended with American Assassin, he’s still a central character in the original book series (as of 2023). Flynn is no longer writing the books, since he passed away in 2013, but the series has been continued by Kyle Mills. It’s possible that the Rapp franchise could eventually get rebooted in a more successful fashion. After Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher movie franchise came to an unceremonious end, the character got a second chance at on-screen glory with the hit Reacher TV series.

How Many Books Mitch Rapp Has Appeared In

Dylan O'Brien with a gun in American Assassin

There are 23 books in the Mitch Rapp series and Rapp appears in 22 of them – including the most recent entry, Code Red, published in 2023. The first 14 books were written by original author Vince Flynn, while the next nine and counting have been penned by Kyle Mills. Flynn’s 1997 novel Term Limits takes place in the Mitch Rapp universe, but Rapp doesn’t appear. Here’s a breakdown of every book featuring Mitch Rapp in chronological order, starting with American Assassin:




American Assassin

Vince Flynn


Kill Shot

Vince Flynn


Transfer of Power

Vince Flynn


The Third Option

Vince Flynn


Separation of Power

Vince Flynn


Executive Power

Vince Flynn


Memorial Day

Vince Flynn


Consent to Kill

Vince Flynn


Act of Treason

Vince Flynn


Protect and Defend

Vince Flynn


Extreme Measures

Vince Flynn


Pursuit of Honor

Vince Flynn


The Last Man

Vince Flynn


The Survivor

Kyle Mills


Order to Kill

Kyle Mills


Enemy of the State

Kyle Mills


Red War

Kyle Mills


Lethal Agent

Kyle Mills


Total Power

Kyle Mills


Enemy at the Gates

Kyle Mills


Oath of Loyalty

Kyle Mills


Code Red

Kyle Mills


Source: Box Office Mojo

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