Amy Farrah Fowler’s 10 Funniest Moments In The Big Bang Theory, Ranked


  • Amy Farrah Fowler’s hilarious moments in The Big Bang Theory made her an integral part of the group, especially in stories involving Sheldon.
  • Amy’s interactions with the other characters often result in funny and memorable moments, from arguing with monkeys to trying to have a traditional bachelorette party.
  • Amy’s dedication to her work, her awkward social skills, and her naive but endearing personality add to the comedic brilliance of her character.

While not a member of the original cast, there’s no doubt that Mayim Balik’s Amy Farrah Fowler had some hilarious moments in The Big Bang Theory. Balik joined the cast at the end of season 3, being introduced as a female counterpart for Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), and remained a main part of the group until The Big Bang Theory‘s ending in 2019. Along the way, she became and integral part of the stories, especially those involving Sheldon.

There’s no doubt that earlier seasons lacked enough women, with Penny (Kaley Cuoco) being the only female main character in the show. However, the addition of Amy did wonders for the show, especially after she and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) were promoted to the main cast of The Big Bang Theory in season 4. While Amy is often an overlooked character in the sitcom, she does provide some of the funniest moments in the show.

10 Amy Argues With Her Monkeys

Season 7, Episode 5: The Workplace Proximity

Sheldon mirroring one of Amy's lab monkeys in TBBT

On more than one occasion throughout the show, Amy mentions working on a study in which a group of monkeys have taken up smoking. While this reference does go quiet for a little while, it is brought back in the season 7 episode “The Workplace Proximity.” However, the funniest part of this subplot is when Sheldon video calls Amy while she is at her lab, asking how her nicotine addiction study is going.

Before Amy can answer, one of the monkeys interrupts her off-screen with a screech, leading her to shout at it, “Hang on, Mommy’s on the phone!Amy sounding rather similar to that of an exhausted parent makes this moment even more funny than the monkey simply screaming. While only a small moment, it’s a great example of how dedicated Amy is to her work, even if it’s resulted in a ridiculous situation.

9 Amy’s Bachelorette Party

Season 11, Episode 20: The Reclusive Potential

Amy often voiced her interest in activities such as basket weaving and sewing, but gets disappointed when her bachelorette party follows similar themes. While Penny and Bernadette believed that they’d planned the perfect event, Amy wished to have a more traditional night involving drinking and strippers. When she gets that, Amy hilariously passes out on the bar after just twelve minutes and a couple of shots. While funny, it’s hard not to feel bad for Amy at this moment, but her friends make sure to feed her stories the next morning of her getting up to wacky stuff.

8 Amy Seduces Sheldon

Season 10, Episode 11: The Birthday Synchronicity

Amy posing against a doorway in a Gryffindor robe in The Big Bang Theory

Shortly after moving in together, Amy takes the opportunity to try and seduce Sheldon by wearing a Gryffindor robe from Harry Potter. Both she and her husband are brilliantly funny at this moment, not just because of her magical pickup lines but also because Sheldon is initially on board with the idea, but quickly shuts it down when he realizes she’d visited the theme park without him to purchase it. Amy’s frustrations with trying to have a normal, intimate relationship with Sheldon are very clear here, proving just how patient a character Amy is.

7 Amy Meets Georgie

Season 11, Episode 24: The Bow Tie Asymmetry

Jerry O'Connell as Georgie Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

In the build-up to Amy and Sheldon’s wedding, the two meet each other’s families, and Amy quickly becomes fascinated by her future brother-in-law, Georgie (Jerry O’Connell). Throughout the show, Amy has been quick to point out things she finds attractive, and Georgie’s Texan accent was swiftly added to the list. With zero shame, Amy hilariously asks Sheldon if he can sound the same as his brother, but her fiance is quick to bring the conversation to an end, although it’s unlikely that Amy didn’t bring this up again at some point.

6 Amy Forces A Slumber Party

Season 4, Episode 8: The 21-Second Excitation

Bernadette, Penny, and Amy having a slumber party in TBBT episode The 21-Second Excitation

Earlier seasons of The Big Bang Theory saw Amy struggle with trying to make friends. So, shortly after meeting the girlfriends of Sheldon’s friends, she invites herself along to a girl’s night and convinces Penny and Bernadette to have a slumber party with her. There are plenty of funny moments in this subplot, but two main moments stand out.

In order to make sure the evening follows the stereotype, Amy looks up typical slumber party activities and suggests a game of truth and dare, but has to familiarize herself with the rules first. This isn’t the only time Amy shows her social ineptitude, however, when asked to share a dirty story, she ends up telling “The Miller’s Tale” by Chaucer in the original Middle English, claiming it’s the dirtiest story she knows. While Amy ends the show with a beautifully strong friendship with both women, her first proper interactions with Penny and Bernadette are just hilarious.

5 Amy Gives Penny A Painting Of The Two Of Them

Season 5, Episode 17: The Rothman Disintegration

Amy and Penny looking at a giant painting of the two of them in The Big Bang Theory

Amy often refers to Penny as her “bestie” and absolutely proves this when she gifts her a large painting of the two of them. Not only is Penny’s reaction funny at this moment, but Amy’s lack of awareness makes it even funnier. The portrait shows Amy’s commitment to her friendship with Penny, especially as they haven’t exactly come naturally to her in the past. Amy is so naive with the painting that she believes Penny over Bernadette being jealous of it, and even tries to ensure that it goes with Penny when she and Sheldon move into her apartment.

4 Amy Meets Sheldon For The First Time

Season 3, Episode 23: The Lunar Excitation

Sheldon and Amy's first meeting in The Big Bang Theory season 3 finale

In her first appearance, Amy Farrah Fowler brilliantly establishes exactly who she is. Although Sheldon initially decides he has no interest in being set up by Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar), meeting Amy sways his views slightly. Even though Amy goes through a lot of character development during the show, her first interaction with Sheldon almost mirrors him, appearing to be as awkwardly inclined as he is. Seeing as she immediately tells him that “coitus [is] off the table,” it’s no surprise that Amy and Sheldon’s relationship was meant to be, making her character even funnier.

3 Amy Argues With Penny Over Not Wanting Kids

Season 12, Episode 3: The Procreation Calculation

Amy shouting at Penny in the episode The Procreation Calculation

Season 12 saw a subplot focusing on Penny deciding she didn’t want kids, a fact that Amy didn’t take lightly. This moment shows just how aware Amy really is of her social skills, blasting her best friend for denying her own future children the chance of making friends, believing that Penny and Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) kids would be their only option for companionship. While this conversation ends in a sweet moment for the two, with Penny promising to be a fun Aunt, it is still very funny to see Amy, who often lets Penny’s behavior slide, so angry towards her.

2 Amy Wants To Get Waxed

Season 9, Episode 11: The Opening Night Excitation

In one of The Big Bang Theory’s best episodes, Sheldon decides to try and overcome his discomfort with intimacy and have sex with Amy. Although Penny and Bernadette’s reaction to his announcement is met with plenty of laughs, it’s how they tell Amy that makes this moment so funny. The two women are so supportive of Amy finally losing her virginity that they offer to take her out to get a bikini wax and eventually explain to her why.

Amy is so overjoyed and excited she struggles to stand and even shouts at her friends in shock. As great as her response is, she manages to make it even better by loudly shouting, “Let’s get me waxed!” and running down the stairs. While Amy has had many a hysterically funny reaction to something about Sheldon, there is one that trumps this.

1 Sheldon Buys Amy A Tiara

Season 5, Episode 12: The Shiny Trinket Maneuver

Amy’s funniest moment, by far, happened in The Big Bang Theory season 5 episode “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver.” After arguing, Sheldon brings Amy an apology gift of a tiara, but it’s her reaction that makes this interaction so hilarious. She calls Sheldon shallow for thinking he can buy her forgiveness until she sees what he’s bought her. Amongst a flurry of screams of glee and excitement, Amy rambles about being a princess, showing just how badly she wants to be the kind of girl she wanted to be as a child, and repetitively asks Penny to put it on her.

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