Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito Have Heartwarming Twins Reunion 35 Years Later


  • Schwarzenegger and DeVito, costars in the cult classic film Twins, recently had a sweet reunion with a photo that highlights their famous height difference.
  • Despite the slow development of a sequel titled Triplets, Schwarzenegger’s ongoing support for DeVito suggests potential progress towards the project.
  • Following the passing of original director Ivan Reitman, the future of Triplets has been uncertain, with conflicting statements from Schwarzenegger and Jason Reitman, Ivan’s son.

Former Twins costars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito share a sweet reunion in a new photo. Released in 1988, the comedy follows the story of two unlikely fraternal twins who reunite in adulthood after being separated at birth. The movie quickly became a cult classic and iconic project within the body of work of both Schwarzenegger and DeVito, namely for the offbeat pairing of the action star and the genre legend.

Years after Twins first released, Schwarzenegger shares a reunion between him and former co-star DeVito. In a post on his Instagram page, Schwarzenegger included a photo of him standing with DeVito and his daughter, Lucy DeVito. The height difference between the two actors, which is of particular note in the plot of Twins, is visible in their photo together.

In the caption of the post, Schwarzenegger celebrated DeVito by saying “My brother!” and praising the actor for a recent role of his on Broadway. Schwarzenegger concluded his kind note with “I can’t wait to work together again.”

What Ever Happened to Twins 2?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito on the poster for Twins

After the lasting impact of Twins, a sequel to the film was announced in 2012. Twins 2 saw incredibly slow development, but was still confirmed to have a script in the works nine years later, in 2021. Later that year, it was announced that the sequel cast Tracy Morgan as a triplet brother for Schwarzenegger and DeVito and that the sequel would be titled Triplets.

Since this casting, however, prospective Triplets director Ivan Reitman passed away. Leaving Triplets without the director that brought Twins to life, the future of the sequel seemed to be in flux. In 2022, Schwarzenegger said that Triplets would still move forward in the absence of Reitman, but Reitman’s son and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire co-writer Jason Reitman later made comments that seemed to suggest otherwise. Since Ivan Reitman’s death, concrete news regarding the development of the film has been lacking.


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Schwarzenegger’s ongoing support of his Twins co-star may be a good sign for the potential of Triplets. While his post is in no way a confirmation of the creation of the sequel, the lead actors still seem to have enthusiasm for each other and the prospect of working together. Hopefully, Schwarzenegger and his team can turn this positively into progress towards the development of Triplets, even as they mourn the loss of the iconic Twins helmer.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito star in the comedy Twins as Julius and Vincent Benedict, two identical brothers who set out on a road trip to find their biological mother. Directed by Ghostbusters co-creator Ivan Reitman, the 1988 film was a box office success and opened the door for more comedy roles for Schwarzenegger, including Kindergarten Cop, Junior, and Jingle All The Way.

Release Date
December 9, 1988


107 minutes

William Davies , Herschel Weingrod , William Osborne , Timothy Harris

$15 million

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

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