Ashley Jones Sparks Rumors About Quitting The Show


  • Ashley Jones hints at quitting Teen Mom on social media, leaving audiences to speculate if she left voluntarily or MTV fired her.
  • Ashley’s tumultuous relationships with castmates Briana DeJesus and Cheyenne Floyd reached explosive levels, leading to fights and exclusion from events.
  • Speculation arises that Mackenzie McKee may replace Ashley with her resilience, family values, and personal journey captivating audiences.

Ashley Jones, a Teen Mom franchise cast member, has hinted at quitting the show in a social media post, but audiences are wondering if she’s bowing out gracefully or was booted by MTV. Introduced to audiences in the spin-off series Young And Pregnant in 2018, Ashley and now estranged husband, Bariki “Bar” Smith’s narrative arcs centered on the impending arrival of their daughter, Holly, along with the turbulent ongoing feud between Ashley and Bar’s mother, Shen. Fast forward to 2020, Ashley joined Teen Mom 2. This transition was part of the show’s reshuffling following Teen Mom castmate Chelsea DeBoer’s resignation.

Ashley’s life has transformed since she began her Teen Mom tenure. During Teen Mom: The Next Chapter season 2, Ashley moved to Las Vegas with Bar and Holly to complete a nursing degree. Describing the move as a “humbling experience,” Ashley’s circumstances got tougher after losing her brother, Deandre Davough Washington, in a tragic accident and separating from her spouse, announced in a social media post. Since Ashley is known for feuding with her fellow castmates to the point where MTV asked her to leave Teen Mom: Family Reunion, Ashley’s firing wouldn’t be farfetched, and audiences might embrace her absences.

Ashley Had An Explosive Fight With Briana DeJesus

Side-by-side photo montage of Teen Mom stars Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones looking surprised.

In Teen Mom: Family Reunion season 1, Ashley and Briana DeJesus appeared to make amends after feuding, but their peace was short-lived. Teen Mom: Family Reunion season 2 witnessed a dramatic escalation as the ladies and their mothers, Roxanne and Tea, engaged in a wild physical altercation. Ashley, seemingly on the path to reconciliation, proclaimed she was out for blood. Tensions reached a boiling point, and hopes of a harmonious resolution evaporated as the ladies refused to apologize and were sent home by producers. The explosive fight made the situation clear that Ashley and Briana’s relationship could never be cordial.

Ashley Had a Falling Out With Cheyenne Floyd

Ashley Jones (Left) and Cheyenne Floyd (right) from Teen Mom smile for the camera in two separate photos.

In Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, tension escalated as Ashley and Cheyenne hit an all-time low, opting for radio silence. The drama peaked when Cheyenne excluded Ashley from a group trip to Florida, which included castmates Jade Cline and Sean Austin. This icy standoff stemmed from Ashley’s controversial behavior and strained relationships with other Teen Mom castmates. The relationship ended when Cheyenne, concerned about Ashley’s conduct, uninvited Ashley from her wedding to Zach Davis. Teen Mom: The Next Chapter season 2 unfolded with Cheyenne attempting to negotiate, reaching out to Ashley for common ground. Ashley gracefully declined, sealing her decision.


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Ashley Posted a Cryptic Message About Quitting

In a recent Instagram Stories post, Ashley, donning a chic floral dress and sleek high ponytail alongside her Teen Mom 2 co-stars, shared a cryptic message marking her departure from the franchise, The Sun reported. Ashley exuded confidence, quipping her “amazing experience” with laughter emojis. Expressing gratitude for her two-year stint on the show, Ashley bid farewell with a heartfelt note, hinting at future endeavors. Audiences were left intrigued by her vague announcement, sparking speculation in the comments. Audiences expect Ashley’s departure, given her unfavorable reputation, and they already have their guesses as to which franchise castmate could replace her.

Mackenzie McKee Could Replace Ashley

Mackenzie McKee from Teen Mom sitting in sunflower field with somber expression

Teen Mom Fanz’s Instagram is buzzing with news that Mackenzie McKee is returning to Teen Mom: The Next Chapter as a full-time castmate, potentially filling Ashley’s shoes. With Mackenzie’s journey marked by resilience after losing her mom to cancer, family values, and a burgeoning fitness brand post-divorce from ex-husband Josh, Mackenzie has captivated audiences with her relentless spirit. Mackenzie has also embraced a new chapter, discovering comfort and excitement in her love life while proudly showcasing her new man on social media. As audiences await Mackenzie’s re-entry into Teen Mom, her story promises to inspire and captivate in Ashley’s absence.

Sources: Ashley Jones/Instagram, The Sun, Teen Mom Fanz/Instagram

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