Barbie 2 Should Star The Actress Who Almost Played Barbie Before Margot Robbie


  • Anne Hathaway was initially cast to play Barbie in a live-action movie before Margot Robbie, and she should be involved if a sequel happens.
  • Margot Robbie’s version of Barbie is unlikely to return in a potential sequel, as her character’s arc is complete and Robbie seems uninterested in a Barbie 2.
  • Anne Hathaway is the perfect choice to lead Barbie 2, as she has the natural charm, range, and talent to deliver an entertaining and grounded performance.

One of the few actresses who almost played Barbie in a live-action movie before Margot Robbie should star in the potential sequel, Barbie 2. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie was a colossal success in 2023, bringing in the highest box office numbers of the year. Not only did Barbie achieve box office records, but the bright and touching tale of one Barbie’s journey to self-discovery also resonated with audiences worldwide and left summer 2023 in a pink haze.

However, this was not the first attempt at a live-action movie about Mattel’s iconic doll. Several unmade Barbie movies have been left behind, including earlier versions of 2023’s Barbie before either Gerwig or Robbie were attached to the project. In the end, Robbie turned out to be the perfect casting choice for the lead Barbie in the final product of the long-awaited Barbie movie. That said, one of the actresses who was initially cast in the role of Barbie should absolutely be involved if Barbie 2 happens.


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Anne Hathaway Almost Played Barbie Before Margot Robbie (& A Sequel Could Still Deliver)

Anne Hathaway deserves another chance to play Barbie

Anna Hathaway with blonde hair in Serenity

Before Robbie brought Barbie to life onscreen, Anne Hathaway was one of the actresses who was going to play a version of the character in a live-action Barbie movie. The Barbie movie that was eventually released in 2023 first went into development back in 2009. The script went through several rewrites before Amy Schumer was brought on board in 2016 to rework the story and star as Barbie.

Hathaway became attached to the project following Schumer’s departure in 2017, with Alethea Jones set to direct. Olivia Milch was also hired to rewrite the script, though it was expected to follow a similar premise as Schumer’s idea, in which Barbie gets kicked out of Barbie Land for not being perfect enough. However, after Warner Bros. acquired the film option from Sony, Hathaway and the rest of the team were no longer involved. Eventually, Gerwig signed on to direct and co-write the script with Noah Baumbach, and Robbie was cast as the lead.

Hathaway may not have gotten the chance to play Barbie on the big screen this time around, but she could get another opportunity in a future Barbie movie. While a Barbie sequel has not been confirmed, it has also not been ruled out. Given the movie’s box office success and cultural impact, the prospect of a second Barbie installment will likely be in consideration for quite some time. Barbie 2 could expand on the existing Barbie universe that’s been established, with Hathaway joining the cast to finally play Barbie.

Barbie 2 Is Unlikely To Return To Margot Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie

Margot Robbie seems reluctant to star in a Barbie sequel

If Barbie 2 ever does come to fruition, it most likely wouldn’t revisit Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie for a couple of reasons. For one, her character arc is complete. The Barbie ending showed that Stereotypical Barbie has officially decided to become a human, live in the Real World, and go by Barbara Handler. While Robbie could still make a cameo in Barbie 2 as her character’s human self, now that she’s no longer a doll and doesn’t live in Barbie Land anymore, it wouldn’t make sense to center the sequel around her.

Robbie also doesn’t seem too interested in the idea of a Barbie sequel anyway. She’s spoken about the possibility of a sequel, but Robbie’s comments about Barbie 2 indicate that another Barbie movie is the last thing on her mind. Without her involvement, the plot of Barbie 2 would have to steer away from Robbie’s character. While a Barbie sequel could focus on one of the many other Barbies from the first movie who still reside in Barbie Land, it should take a fresher approach instead by bringing in Hathaway as the new lead Barbie.


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Why Anne Hathaway Is The Perfect Person To Lead Barbie 2

She has the natural charm, range, and talent to play the lead in Barbie 2

There is no one better to play the lead role in a Barbie sequel than Hathaway. Considering she was briefly cast in the role before, Hathaway has already proved that she has the potential to play Barbie. Like Robbie, Hathaway has the natural charm and charisma to play a live-action plastic doll in a full-length feature film and deliver an entertaining yet grounded performance. She has a distinct enough acting style from Robbie that her performance would still feel original, too.

The Oscar-winning actress also has incredible acting range. If Barbie 2 is anything like the first movie, the lead Barbie would have to be able to navigate the emotional beats and balance the comedic and dramatic tones, which Hathaway has mastered. She made her film debut as the lead role in the 2001 comedy The Princess Diaries and has shined in tons of comedies since, including Get Smart and Bride Wars. She’s also led dramas like Rachel Getting Married, One Day, Interstellar, and hybrids like The Devil Wears Prada and Love & Other Drugs.

No matter which direction Barbie 2 goes in, Hathaway can pull it off. The Barbie sequel could serve as a prequel that tells the origin story of the Mattel toy, in which case Hathaway’s timeless beauty and poise make her the perfect fit to play the first-ever Barbie doll from 1959. If Barbie 2 decides to expand on the jukebox musical foundation set by “I’m Just Ken,” Hathaway has already demonstrated her musical talent in this genre with Ella Enchanted and Les Misérables. Whatever route the hypothetical Barbie 2 takes, Hathaway deserves to be a part of it.

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