Below Deck Franchise Crew Members Who Transformed For The Worse After Returning To The Show


  • Not all crew members on Below Deck showed growth, like Luka Brunton who struggled in his return to the series, disappointing Captain Sandy.
  • Kyle Viljoen’s bad behavior and mistreatment of his co-workers, including verbal abuse, made him one of the worst crew members on Below Deck.
  • Eddie Lucas failed to impress viewers with his attitude, particularly when he cheated on his girlfriend and gaslighted another crew member, ruining his reputation on the yacht.

The Below Deck franchise has featured many returning yacht workers over the last ten years, some of whom became progressively worse at their jobs. The popular Bravo series premiered in 2013 and surprised viewers with its unique concept. The show became so popular that it spawned four spin-offs and gave some amazing crew members a platform to showcase their skills. One of the most notable Below Deck alums is Chef Ben Robinson. He appeared on the show in the early seasons and quickly became known for his culinary excellence. He became well-known for his quick-witted personality and sarcasm.

Kate Chastain is another crew member who astonished fans for six seasons. The former chief stew became known for her sassy attitude and how she bonded with other crew members. Like Kate, Hannah Ferrier is another notable crew member, but from Below Deck Mediterranean. She gave viewers many entertaining moments during her five seasons. She showed excellent growth over the years, just like other co-stars such as Aesha Scott, João Franco, and more.


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Luka Brunton Failed As A Bosun

Unfortunately, not all crew members who appeared on Below Deck showed growth. Luka Brunton from Below Deck Down Under season 2 is an example of rapid growth gone wrong. When the New Zealand native appeared on the franchise, he won fans with his cool demeanor and good looks. He played his role of the lead deckhand well and didn’t give captain Jason Chambers many reasons to fire him in a season full of unexpected exits.

While Luka’s first run was great, his return to the series in Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 didn’t go well. He joined the yacht to resume his old role. However, Captain Sandy Yawn saw potential in him and promoted him to the bosun’s position in episode 3. Unfortunately, it was a bit more than he could handle. In later episodes, Luka messed up at his job by allowing other crew members too many breaks. He also didn’t manage the crew well, took too many responsibilities, disappointing Sandy. Luka wasn’t ready for the bosun promotion.

Kyle Viljoen Bullied His Co-Workers

Kyle Viljoen’s journey on Below Deck Med has been strange. When the South African native first appeared on Below Deck Med season 7, he became popular for his dramatic personality. While people called him a drama queen, he entertained throughout the season. Viewers liked his chemistry with second stewardess Natalya Scudder and his on-screen growth. Unfortunately, Kyle messed things up and disappointed everyone upon returning to Below Deck Med season 8. He became an instigator and caused many issues between the new chief stew, Tumi Mhlongo, and his now former friend, Natalya.

Kyle didn’t feel sorry for how he treated his co-workers. Instead, he acted terribly and verbally abused Natalya for calling him out. Kyle’s bad behavior led Natalya to quit the show midway. However, it still didn’t stop him from misbehaving with others. Thankfully, Captain Sandy stepped in just in time and threatened to fire him if he didn’t change his attitude. Kyle’s bully-like personality makes him one of the worst Below Deck crew members to appear in the franchise.

Bobby Giancola Kept Trying To Woo Julia d’Albert Pusey

Montage Of Below Deck Bobby Giancola

Bobby Giancola from Below Deck Med is another crew member who didn’t show much growth upon returning in season 2. During his first run on the franchise, he received a lot of backlash for flirting with second stew Julia d’Albert Pusey despite her having a boyfriend. Things worsened when Bobby returned in season 2 and showed a bad attitude. He had arguments and fights with fan-favorite Hannah; however, in 2021, Bobby shared that he regretted his drama with Hannah.

Eddie Lucas Cheated On His Girlfriend

Montage Of Below Deck Eddie Lucas

Eddie Lucas went from being the first deckhand to becoming the bosun in his five seasons on Below Deck. He had a lot of potential but eventually failed to impress viewers with his attitude. Eddie was despised because he practically cheated on his girlfriend by pursuing a relationship with third stew Raquel “Rocky” Dakota. Later, the bosun gaslighted Rocky, which ruined his reputation on the yacht. Eddie just couldn’t recover after that. While Eddie isn’t terrible, he didn’t grow as much as he could’ve.

Tumi Mhlongo Lost Her Charm

Tumi is one of the most shocking crew members who turned out to be the worst in Below Deck history. The South African native was an amazing stew in Below Deck Down Under season 1. Tumi behaved exceptionally well on Captain Jason’s yacht, Thalassa. She gave others a few reasons to doubt her and made herself shine with her hard work and positive attitude. In 2023, Tumi surprised everyone when she announced she’d be on Below Deck Med season 8 as the chief stew. Many viewers were excited about her return, wanting to see her work with Captain Sandy.

Unfortunately, Tumi let everyone down the moment she arrived on the yacht Mustique. She joined the show in episode 2 and immediately picked a fight with Natalya. She argued with her about the placement of dishes, showing Tumi wasn’t mature enough to handle the chief stew’s responsibilities. Tumi gossiped with Kyle in the following weeks and plotted to get Natalya fired. She didn’t show what it means to be a real leader.

Below Deck season 11 is set to premiere on February 5, 2024, at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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