Below Deck Mediterranean Fans Want These Two Major Changes Made To The Cast


  • Below Deck Mediterranean fans love returning cast members, but they want the right ones who have evolved professionally over multiple seasons.
  • Viewers want more consistency in the cast, particularly in key positions like chief stew, to avoid excessive turnover.
  • Fans are unhappy with Bravo’s decision to bring back Kyle Viljoen, as he has been a source of negativity and toxicity on the show and has not taken responsibility for his behavior.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 fans have not been entirely happy with this season, and they are urging two major changes regarding the cast. After a lackluster season 7, Below Deck Mediterranean has certainly brought the drama in season 8. While a lot of viewers have been entertained, they are seeing room for improvement. Natalya Scudder, Tumi Mhlongo, Kyle Viljoen, and Luka Brunton are all returning cast members to the franchise this season under Captain Sandy Yawn. First-time bosun Luka took over the position after the firing of Ruan Irving. Tumi is running the interior crew this season as she steps into her first chief stew role.

Natalya and Kyle were on Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 and are a major part of why fans have disdain for this season. On Reddit, a thread was started by aelise10, who stated that Bravo needs to stop bringing back so many returning cast members. However, other fans largely disagreed, and two changes to the cast were recommended instead.

The first point made was that Below Deck fans love returning cast members, but they need to be the right ones. One user wrote, “I like returning crew because we see how they have evolved professionally.” Another penned, “I like returning crew because it’s fun to watch them develop over multiple seasons.” The other change fans want is for the cast to be more consistent. One viewer cautioned, I think they have to be careful with the amount of turnover, especially at key positions like chief stew.”


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Below Deck Med Made Huge Mistake Bringing Back Kyle Viljoen

Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 has been legendary for the sheer amount of drama there’s been, and the returning crew has been at the center for the most part. Kyle has been the cause of the majority of negativity and toxicity on the boat, and he has not owned up to it the way he should and is repeating his bad behavior. Kyle has proven himself to be a bully in both fans’ and Captain Sandy’s words, and while he does cause a stir, it’s not the stir fans are looking for.

Regarding Bravo’s decision to bring Kyle back for another season, one commenter in the Reddit thread noted, “The thing is that bravo brought Kyle back before his first season aired so they didn’t know how badly the audience would react to him. They were banking on him being a fan favorite when he is universally pretty hated.” Another surmised, “They knew what they were doing, but they bit off more than they could chew.” Another added, “bravo thought he’d be a success.” Fans are clearly not happy with the decision to bring Kyle back and want to see changes made to the quality and consistency of the returning crew.

With Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 winding down, viewers know what they are going to get among the crew for the rest of the season. The most Kyle could hope for is some kind of redemption arc, but even then, it’s not likely he will appear in the franchise again due to viewers’ disdain. However, Bravo can take fan opinions and implement them into their cast choices going forward.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays on Bravo at 8 p.m. EST.

Source: aelise10/Reddit

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Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean is a Bravo reality television series that follows a crew that works aboard a gigantic superyacht during the busy season. The show highlights the challenges of the crew as they serve their high-end clientele. Each season tackles new locations, such as Greece, Croatia, Italy, and France, with some repeating.

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