Cobra Kai Season 7 & Future Miyagiverse Shows Addressed by Creator


  • Cobra Kai co-creator Jon Hurwitz hints at a potential spinoff show within the Miyagiverse, indicating the franchise could continue expanding.
  • The possibility of a Cobra Kai season 7 spinoff hasn’t been ruled out, leaving the door open for future stories in the Karate Kid universe.
  • While nothing is official yet, viewers’ interest in further exploring the franchise’s characters suggests that spinoffs focusing on popular characters could be a possibility.

Cobra Kai co-creator Jon Hurwitz provides an update on season 7 and teases future spinoff series within the Miyagiverse. Hurwitz and the rest of the Cobra Kai cast and crew are gearing up to begin filming season 6 after production was delayed due to the Hollywood labor strikes. Meanwhile, when Netflix renewed the show for season 6, the showrunners released a statement announcing it would be the final season. However, given the show’s success in reviving and expanding The Karate Kid franchise, viewers have pondered if season 6 is actually the end.

Hurwitz took to Twitter to update viewers on Cobra Kai’s future and hint at other ways the franchise might continue expanding.

He responded to one user’s speculation that the show might simply continue under a new name, making it a sort of spinoff and season 7. Hurwitz noted that the show is a big chapter in this “Karate opera” and that “other potential stories in the Miyagiverse” are in development, though nothing is official yet.

Will Cobra Kai Get a Spinoff Show?

William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence tying a headband in Cobra Kai

It’s interesting that Hurwitz didn’t outright debunk the theory of Cobra Kai season 7 taking the form of a spinoff series. Meanwhile, Josh Heald has previously revealed that season 6 won’t neatly wrap up the entire show, thus leaving the door open to revisit the story. Although all three co-creators of the series have mentioned other stories in the Miyagiverse, Heald’s and Hurwitz’s statements seem to suggest that there could be a spinoff directly tied into Cobra Kai that functions largely as a continuation.

While the show’s co-creators have been fairly secretive about future plans, viewers have proposed ideas for further Karate Kid spinoff shows. Though the first spinoff show focused on Danny LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), there have been suggestions for other Karate Kid originals to get their own shows, such as Chozen (Yuji Okumoto), Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank), or Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith). However, there are also interesting ideas about starting with a new premise, including exploring a new dojo or a Miyagi prequel.

Still, viewers’ persistent curiosity about Cobra Kai‘s continuation reiterates that the franchise’s new characters are just as intriguing as the originals. Hence, carrying on their stories remains a possibility, too. As one user mentioned, a spinoff could simply serve as a sequel to Cobra Kai or focus on one of the show’s most compelling characters. Whether it be Tory (Peyton List), Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), Hawk (Jacob Bertrand), Kenny (Dallas Dupree Young), any of these popular characters would be strong candidates to get their spinoffs. While the future remains uncertain, further spinoffs are possible, and Hurwitz hasn’t fully shut the door on a Cobra Kai continuation.

Source: Jon Hurwitz/Twitter

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Cobra Kai

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