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  • Fear Street 4 is confirmed and will adapt R.L. Stine’s novel, The Prom Queen.
  • The cast for Fear Street 4 has not been announced, and it’s unclear if it will feature the same actors as the first three films.
  • The Prom Queen follows high schooler Lizzie McVay as she becomes a prom queen candidate only to find her fellow candidates are being brutally murdered.

Shadyside’s curse may have been broken in Fear Street Part 3: 1666, but there is even more terror on the horizon in Fear Street Part 4. Following the wildly successful Fear Street trilogy on Netflix, the project was originally pitched as the start of a greater anthology franchise, and there are plenty of R.L. Stine books to draw from. Directed by Leigh Janiak, Fear Street‘s story is told over three movies that take place in 1994, 1978 and 1666, respectively, and pays homage to horror classics like Scream and Friday the 13th.

Set in the small town of Shadyside, the trilogy follows a group of teens as they try to survive a witch’s curse that periodically causes a Shadysider to become possessed and go on a brutal killing spree. Their investigation takes them all the way back to the source of the curse in 1666, when a local witch named Sarah Fier was hanged and has supposedly kept her grip on the town ever since. After some shocking reveals, an upsetting encounter with a bread-slicer, and a grand finale in the local mall, the Fear Street trilogy ends on a post-credits tease for future installments.

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Fear Street 4 Latest News

After the long-awaited project was confirmed by Netflix in late 2023, the latest news comes in the form of a Fear Street 4 production update that also reveals which of R.L. Stine’s books is being adapted. Coming directly from the acclaimed horror writer himself on X (formerly Twitter), Fear Street 4 is going into production soon and will adapt the Fear Street novel The Prom Queen. Though no other details have been provided, including cast or behind-the-scenes personnel, Stine’s update seems to suggest that the original anthology plan for Fear Street is finally coming to fruition.

Leigh Janiak directed the first three Fear Street movies but it is unclear if she will return for the fourth.

Fear Street 4 Is Confirmed

The Characters of the Fear Street Trilogy

The fact that the announcement came straight from Netflix executive Scott Stuber essentially confirms that Fear Street 4 is going to happen in some form or another. Netflix has a pretty strong track record of delivering shows and movies once they are announced, and there is an incentive for the streamer to continue their popular collaboration with R.L. Stine. The Fear Street trilogy was a well-received series for them, and it would make sense for the streamer to want to rush another movie into production.

Fear Street 4 Cast

Kiana Madeira as Sarah Fier and Deena Johnson in Fear Street Part 3 1666

No cast members have been announced for Fear Street 4, and it is unclear if the newest movie will be a hard reset or if it will do something different entirely. One possibility is that the planned horror anthology movie series could go with a different cast for each installment, or it could use the ensemble from the first three films and cast them in different roles much in the same way the American Horror Story TV series does each season. However, that seems less likely because the characters are supposed to be teens, and actors eventually age out of teen roles.

Fear Street 4’s Story

A Girl in a Prom Dress Looking at Herself with a Skull Face on the Book Cover for Fear Street The Prom Queen

R.L. Stine not only officially confirmed that production on Fear Street 4 was beginning in early 2024, but he also revealed that the movie will adapt his novel The Prom Queen from 1992. Coming as the 15th book in the Fear Street series, The Prom Queen is set in the familiar environment of Shadyside (the setting of the Fear Street universe) and follows high schooler Lizzie McVay, who is one of the five candidates for prom queen at Shadyside High. However, things take a turn for the terrifying as the prom queen candidates begin turning up brutally murdered.

At this juncture, it is unclear how closely Fear Street 4 will follow the book, or if it will merely use it as a framework to tell a continuation of the first three movies. With the Sarah Fier storyline seemingly done and dusted, Fear Street 4 could be a fresh start, or it could devise a way to bring back the ancient curse for even more shenanigans in Shadyside.

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