DC Finally Settles Who’s Actually Stronger


  • Wonder Woman’s recent arm-wrestling match against Wonder Girl proves that she is stronger, even without the aid of Zeus’ power.
  • Wonder Woman’s power level surpasses that of Shazam, despite his gifts from the gods.
  • While an arm-wrestling match may not be the definitive test of their abilities, this showdown suggests that Wonder Woman would likely defeat Shazam.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman #5!A surprising show of strength has just subtly confirmed who’s stronger between Wonder Woman and Shazam. As Diana fights a war, her closest allies are doing their best to stop her from going overboard. But one challenge accidentally proves how the Amazing Amazon compares to the Earth’s Mightiest Mortal.

In Wonder Woman #5 by Tom King and Daniel Sampere, the various Wonder Girls compete against Diana in various games to stop her one-woman war against the United States military. Diana allows each of her allies to choose their preferred challenge and Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark chooses arms.

Cassie and Donna Challenge Wonder Woman DC

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl have an arm-wrestling competition and Cassie remarks that she has it in the bag because Zeus gave Cassie her strength personally. The two exchange words over Diana’s situation, but after a few moments, Wonder Woman successfully defeats Wonder Girl, who promises not to intefere with Diana’s mission.

Wonder Woman’s Power Level is Stronger Than Zeus

Wonder Woman Beats Cassie at Arm Wrestling DC

Wonder Woman and the rest of the Amazons have been under attack ever since a rogue Amazon named Emelie killed a bar full of men. This led to the Amazons being banned from the United States, though Diana stayed to fight this new law and bring Emelie to justice. Wonder Woman has faced difficulty on all sides from waves of paranoia and bigotry leveled at her to the United States Army trying to take her down. But she’s remained steadfast in her mission and Wonder Woman has pulled off feat after feat to end this conflict as peacefully as possible.

Wonder Girl isn’t the only hero who draws strength from Zeus. Billy Batson’s alter ego is similarly empowered by the Greek God, giving him strength that rivals Superman’s. Wonder Woman previously had a blood connection to Zeus, but that connection has been downplayed in the current Wonder Woman series. However, even if Diana isn’t blood-related to Zeus any longer, she doesn’t need his strength to beat Cassie in a battle of pure strength. If Diana can defeat Cassie, whose power is directly drawn from Zeus, it’s not out of the question that Wonder Woman is also stronger than Shazam.

Shazam’s Power is Nothing Compared to Wonder Woman

shazam electric powers

Shazam might have gifts from the gods, but he’s not the only one as Wonder Woman was similarly blessed with otherworldly power. It also doesn’t hurt that Diana has a lifetime of battle experience and training, giving her an edge over the younger and more inexperienced Batson. To Billy’s credit, an arm-wrestling match isn’t the only way of determining the two heroes’ power levels. But until the two heroes actually face off, this moment serves as the best evidence that Wonder Woman could easily defeat Shazam.

Wonder Woman #5 is on sale now from DC Comics.

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