DC’s Darkest Batmobile Puts A Horrifying Twist On A Classic Design


  • The Batmobile That Laughs, driven by the twisted version of Batman known as the Batman Who Laughs, is one of the most sinister and intimidating creations in the DC Universe.
  • This version of the Batmobile is visually striking, with flame vents, spiked wheels, a captive container, and a maniacal smiling grill that reflects the Joker’s sadism.
  • With the expectation that the Batman Who Laughs will continue to be a central antagonist, future storylines should feature the Batmobile That Laughs more prominently, emphasizing its deadly gadgets and accessories.

One of the most iconic parts of Batman’s history is the Batmobile. The iconic vehicle has been with him for almost as long as he’s existed, and he has used it for years to stop crime in Gotham City with ferocious speed. It is widely considered a given that every Batman across the DC Multiverse needs a Batmobile, including the evil versions.

Green Arrow #32 – by Benjamin Percy, Joshua Williamson, Juan Ferreyra, and Deron Bennett – took place during the events of Dark Nights: Metal, and featured the most twisted version of Batman behind the wheel of the darkest version of the Batmobile.

Green Arrow #32, the Batman Who Laughs screeches into frame driving his Batmobile That Laughs

When a colation of evil versions of Batman from different realities began trying to pull Earth down into the Dark Multiverse, the DC Universe was thrown into turmoil. Hunting down any resistance in his “Batmobile That Laughs” was the antagonists’ leader, the Batman Who Laughs.


Forget the Batmobile: Batman’s Bat-Tricycle Roars through Gotham in Official Art

Yikes! It looks like the Batmobile just lost a wheel! Oh, never mind, it’s Batman’s Bat-Tricycle tearing through the streets of Gotham.

The Batmobile That Laughs Ranks Among The DC Universe’s Most Intimidating Creations

The Batman Who Laughs shows off his horrifying version of the Batmobile

The Batmobile has been a vital part of Batman lore since the very beginning, first appearing alongside the Caped Crusader in his debut, in 1939’s Detective Comics #27.

As depicted in Green Arrow #32, the Batmobile That Laughs was decked out with flame vents, spiked wheels, a container to hold captives, and a turret, along with, of course, a maniacal-looking smiling grill. Though its appearance in the issue was limited, the Batman Who Laughs’ ride was a striking visual, one that left a lasting impression on readers, due to an absurdly twisted design that truly reflected the idea that this was Batman who had been fully infected with the Joker’s signature sadism.

Since its introduction, the Batmobile has become one of Batman’s most iconic, identifiable pieces of tech. In addition to many different versions of the Batmobile, which have appeared throughout the Caped Crusader’s decades-long history, Batman’s ride has inspired a number of analogues, rip-offs, and parodies. The DC Universe along has featured the Arrowmobile, and the Jokermobile, which the Batmobile That Laughs is a clear visual callback to – though it appears to be, by far, the most dangerous upgrade yet, on a level that most Jokers in the Multiverse would not even conceive of.

The Batman Who Laughs’ Sinister Batmobile Is Due For A Return

Joker notes that his Jokermobile is inspired by the Batmobile

The Batman Who Laughs is one of DC’s most evocative creations, visually, and conceptually, answering the question of what would happen if a version of Batman were broken, to the point where he became the Joker. Green Arrow #32 took this to the next logical step, introducing a twisted version of the Batmobile that Batmen from across the DC Multiverse would loathe for its malevolent misappropriation of Bat-tech. Like its creator, the Batmobile That Laughs is a chaotic threat to any universe it inhabits. Moreover, it is too exciting for future DC creators not to want to do more with.

All that is to say, with the expectation that Batman Who Laughs will inevitably appear as the central antagonist in future storylines, the Batmobile That Laughs should be featured more prominently, with more emphasis on the deadly gadgets and accessories than an unhinged, unrestrained Jokerized Batman would pack into his version of DC’s most beloved vehicle. At some point, Batman and other DC heroes will once more have to face the peril of the Batmobile That Laughs’ terrifying grin and and spiked wheels barreling down on them once more.

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