Every Character Confirmed For Tekken 8 So Far


  • Tekken 8 will feature a roster of 32 characters and put an end to the Mishima saga, allowing for more focus on side characters.
  • Jin Kazama, Devil Jin, and Kazuya Mishima play key roles in the story, with Jin taking the lead as the protagonist.
  • Returning characters like Asuka Kazama, Jun Kazama, and Marshall Law will continue their stories, while newcomers like Azucena Ortiz will add fresh dynamics to the game.

Tekken 8 has an expansive roster of 32 characters, all of whom have been revealed ahead of the game’s launch. The Tekken series has always been known for its diverse cast of characters, all of whom factor into a complicated story. Tekken 8 will finally put an end to the Mishima saga, which should give the series more of an opportunity to focus on its cast of side characters.

The lineup of Tekken 8 was revealed over a steady feed of announcements, from events like Gamescom to individual character trailers. It’s mostly made of returning characters, although three newcomers do shake things up a bit. All of the characters will finally become playable when Tekken 8 releases on January 26, 2024.


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32 Jin Kazama

Lightning Of Fate

It’s no surprise to see Jin Kazama heading up the roster for Tekken 8. He’s become something of a series mascot since his first appearance in Tekken 3, and has since become its go-to protagonist. Jin mixes his bloodline’s own Kazama Style martial arts with the brutal Mishima Style. With his father Heihachi Mishima dead as of Tekken 7, he’ll now focus on his conflict with Mishima’s son and successor, Kazuya, and his quest to stop the spread of the deadly Devil Gene.

31 Devil Jin

Black Wings Of Ruin

Devil Jin, a demonic version of Jin Kazama, hovers on black wings with arms outstretched.

Devil Jin is a demonic version of Jin Kazama, infected by the Devil Gene. He rivals Jin with his similar signature style, which also combines the Mishima and Kazama schools. Devil Jin is power-hungry and resentful of all other forms of life. He debuted alongside Jin in Tekken 3, but was first playable in Tekken 5.

30 Kazuya Mishima

Cold-Blooded Oppressor

Kazuya Mishima takes over the main antagonist duties after the death of his father, Heihachi, in Tekken 7. He debuted in the very first Tekken as its protagonist but made a heel turn in Tekken 2 and has remained a major villain since, with a saga set to conclude in Tekken 8. Kazuya embodies the cold-blooded Mishima Style of karate with ruthless demon- and dragon-themed moves. He’s Jin’s father, but thanks to Devil Kazuya’s manipulation, he took little part in raising his son.

29 Asuka Kazama

Spirited Peacemaker

Asuka Kazama was originally introduced as Jin’s cousin in Tekken 5, but Tekken 8 director Katsuhiro Harada has since implied that their family history is not so simple. She practices a form of the Kazama Style with defensive moves that keep her opponents as far away as possible. Hopefully, Tekken 8 will take the time to explore her family connections and better explain how she factors into the story.

28 Jun Kazama

Light Of Hope

Jun Kazama, a long-haired Japanese woman, wears a white shirt with black sleeves. A white dove hovers above her gloved left hand.

Jun Kazama is Jin’s mother, who debuted in Tekken 2. She’s made many appearances, if only in reference at times, in some of the games since, but has yet to return as a playable character until Tekken 8. Like her son, she fights with the Kazama Style of martial arts, and has a similar move set to Asuka while cleaving more closely to the purely traditional form of the art.


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27 Marshall Law

The Legendary Dragon

Marshall Law, a Chinese-American man with short hair, reaching out with a wrapped left hand.

Marshall Law was first introduced in the original Tekken, and has appeared in some capacity in every Tekken game since. With a style based on Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Marshall is best known for his acrobatic flips and powerful kicks. He’s in desperate need of money, which motivates his training for martial arts mastery.

26 Paul Phoenix

Hot-Blooded Destroyer

Paul Phoenix, a bearded white American man with side-parted blonde hair, juts his thumb out at himself.

Paul Phoenix is Tekken 8‘s archetypal hot-blooded brawler. He boasts the rare honor of appearing in every Tekken game to date, although his championship shots are often foiled by his rivalry with Kuma and Panda. Paul is one of the strongest offensive fighters in the series, with a Judo-based style revolving around a variety of high-damage punches.

25 Jack-8

High Tech Annihilator

Jack-8, a cyborg in a heavy metal suit.

Jack-8 is the latest in a long line of similarly-named robotic warriors. As the name implies, Tekken 8 features the eighth version of this high-tech humanoid weapon, adding a series of gun-based attacks to his usual brute force style. His advanced AI and heavy armaments make him a real threat to anyone who dares to defy G Corp.

24 Azucena Ortiz

Perfect Blend

Azucena only moonlights as a championship fighter – her day job has her managing a world-renowned Peruvian coffee plantation. However, she also spends plenty of time training in Mixed Martial Arts, which makes her a force to be reckoned with. This is her series debut, so her character could bring some surprises in Tekken 8.

23 Lee Chaolan

Silver Haired Dragon

Lee Chaolan, a silver-haired Chinese man wearing a purple coat and white suit.

The adoptive son of Heihachi Mishima, Lee Chaolan is one of the successors to the Mishima Style. He’s also the billionaire CEO of the Violet Systems robotics corporation. However, his in-game fighting style incorporates more aspects of Jeet Kune Do. Lee has appeared in every Tekken game except Tekken 3, sometimes as his alter-ego Violet.

22 Shaheen

Desert Falcon

Shaheen, a bearded Saudi man wearing a kaffiyeh.

Having debuted in the previous game, Shaheen makes his second appearance in Tekken 8. He works for a private military company and ran afoul of Kazuya after suspecting him of involvement in his friend’s sudden death. Shaheen employs the acrobatic Military Fighting Style.

21 King

Anger Of The Beast

King, a jaguar-headed, feathered luchador.

A version of King has appeared in every Tekken game. This latest version, King II, was raised by the original King in his orphanage. He fights with the Catch style of Lucha Libre wrestling, excelling at grapples and submission holds. He intends to conquer the world of fighting beyond wrestling to earn enough money to help the orphans caused by the conflict between G Corp and Mishima Zaibatsu.


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20 Lars Alexandersson

The Lion Of The Rebellion

Lars Alexandersson, a Swedish man with spiky reddish-brown hair, reaches out his arm.

Lars Alexandersson was introduced in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion as its protagonist and leader of the Yggdrasil rebel army. He’s an illegitimate son of Heihachi Mishima, but uses a flexible move set that mixes the Tekken Force martial style with karate. He’s allied with rival Jin Kazama in hopes of taking down G Corp for the sake of the world.

19 Ling Xiaoyu

Dancing Phoenix

Ling Xiaoyu debuted in Tekken 3 with a speedy fighting style that combines several Chinese martial arts. While she was initially introduced as an aspiring theme park owner, she later grew entangled in the affairs of the Mishima family, and has since become one of Jin’s greatest allies.

18 Nina Williams

Silent Assassin

Nina Williams, an Irish woman with blonde hair in a bob, stares right through sunglasses.

Nina Williams is another character who has appeared in every single game in the Tekken series. She’s an assassin with fast, hard-hitting combos, but she takes a lot of practice to learn. She was previously employed by Heihachi Mishima’s Tekken Force, and has a long-standing rivalry with her sister Anna.

17 Leroy Smith

Grandmaster Of Drip

Leroy Smith has been a fan favorite since his first appearance in DLC for Tekken 7. He’s a New York-based Wing Chun fighter, making him one of the best defensive characters in the game. Having resolved his grudge against Heihachi Mishima, whom he blames for his family’s death, Leroy returns triumphant in Tekken 8.


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16 Emilie “Lili” De Rochefort

Fighting Heiress

Lili, a white Monacan woman with blonde hair and an elaborate pink and red dress, stands with a hand on her hip.

Lili is the wealthy daughter and heir of the shadowy Mr. de Rochefort, an oil tycoon. Lili has some of the longest-reaching moves of any Tekken character and is popular with inexperienced players. She first appeared in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, and she seeks to defeat her rival Asuka Kazama even today.

15 Hwoarang

Blood Talon

Hwoarang, a Korean man with red hair in a tight bun, performs a high kick.

Hwoarang has maintained a friendly rivalry with Jin Kazama since his first appearance in Tekken 3. Hwoarang’s fighting style is based on Taekwondo, which gives him powerful kicks and excellent reach, especially when fighting aggressively. He’s relied on stoic training to find answers and plans for the future.

14 Bryan Fury

Harbinger Of Chaos

Bryan Fury, a heavily-scarred white American man with gray hair, scowls.

A former police detective now turned into a corrupt zombie cyborg, Bryan Fury might have the most bizarre backstory of any Tekken 8 character. He uses an unusual kickboxing style, able to powerfully punish almost anything his opponent throws at him. Bryan’s debut was in Tekken 3, and he’s appeared in every Tekken game since.

13 Claudio Serafino

Banisher Of Demons

Claudio Serafino also returns from Tekken 7. He uses purification sorcery in battle, but his move set is surprisingly limited. With his vast experience in exorcising demons, he’ll surely factor into the Devil Gene plot in Tekken 8.

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