Every Major Event Of The High Republic Era


  • The High Republic Era began in 500BBY and ended in 100BBY, seemingly marked by a major reformation in the Republic and Jedi Order.
  • The Path of the Open Hand instigated conflict and posed a threat to the Jedi Order, leading to the Battle of Jedha.
  • The Nihil, led by Marchion Ro, waged war on the Republic and Jedi Order, resulting in the fall of Starlight Beacon and the creation of Nihil Space.

While The High Republic Era is a relatively new period in the overall Star Wars timeline, there have already been so many major events that have shaped the known galaxy far, far away as it’s seen in the Skywalker saga. From the construction of Starlight Beacon, the Battle of Jedha, to the rise of Marchion Ro, the High Republic is an incredibly dynamic era. To that end, an awareness of the period’s biggest moments certainly seems worthwhile.

Set hundreds of years before the events of the prequel trilogy of Star Wars films, the High Republic Era is set after the days of the Old Republic but before the Age of Republic in which the prequel trilogy takes place. While the histories of the High Republic and its Jedi Order have largely been revealed via a collection of novels and comics through various publishing phases, the animated children’s series Young Jedi Adventures is also set during this time, as well as the upcoming live-action series The Acolyte, the High Republic’s first live-action series. To that end, here’s every major event of the High Republic Era (so far).


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10 The High Republic Begins In 500ABY

A Period of Reformation


The High Republic era first began in the 500BBY, lasting for 400 years until its official end in 100BBY. While the details are still slim, there is evidence that some sort of major reformation happened for both the Republic and the Jedi Order, leading to the dawn of this new era. It’s also been theorized that the presumed defeat of the Sith during the Old Republic played a role as well as the advancement of new technologies, allowing the Republic to finally expand into the Outer Rim during this new age of relative peace, the Republic’s “golden age”.

9 Pathfinders Explored The Galaxy During The Time Of Chancellors Greylark & Mollo

Dual Republic Chancellors

Star Wars Greylark and Mollo

The Republic’s expansion into the Outer Rim was orchestrated by dual Chancellors Kyong Greylark and Orlen Mollo. Commissioning teams of Pathfinders who were aided by teams of Jedi, the Republic’s influence continued to expand. These teams were tasked with exploring new worlds, helping settlers in the new territories, and setting up key infrastructure like communication networks while also establishing safe routes to travel through hyperspace.

8 The Eiram & E’ronoh Conflict & The Battle Of Jedha

The Path Of The Open Hand

Star Wars The Battle of Jedhastar wars jedi jedha vaultJedha High RepublicFallen Jedi Statue on Jedha Rogue One a Star Wars StoryStar Wars Mother of Path of the Open Hand

From 387-382BBY, war broke out between two neighboring planets, Eiram and E’ronoh. Known as the Forever War, the conflict was subsequently taken advantage of by the cult known as the Path of the Open Hand. Believing that no one should wield the Force, the Path instigated further violence and suffering as a means to discredit the Jedi.

This anti-Force user cult also agitated peace talks on the holy world of Jedha, putting themselves in direct conflict with the Jedi Order. The Path was originally led by Elecia Zeveron aka “The Mother”. Together with Werth Plouth (“The Herald”), the Path quickly became a major threat to Force wielders, the Jedi Order most of all.

7 Dalna’s Night Of Sorrow

End Of The Path And Rise Of The Nameless

Star Wars Nameless

The Jedi’s war with the Path of the Open Hand (and its new faction the Closed Fist) seemingly came to an end on Dalna with a tragic event known as the Night of Sorrow. The Path unleashed horrible living creatures known as Levelers or the Nameless on the Jedi, monstrous predators capable of draining the life from Force-sensitives.

Paralyzing the Jedi with mind-warping fear, several Jedi lost their lives to the Nameless as their life forces were drained until they were nothing more than calcified husks. However, the aftermath of Dalna saw the Path’s dissolution, though it did give rise to Marda Ro, having claimed the Rod of Power and its ability to control the Force-predators.

6 Chancellor Lina Soh’s Great Works & Starlight Beacon

A Shining Symbol Of Unity, Life, and Light

Lina Soh Chancellor in High RepublicLina Soh and Great WorksStar Wars Avar Kriiss and Starlight BeaconStar Wars The High Republic Avar KrissJedi on Starlight Beacon

234BBY saw the election of the High Republic’s Chancellor Lina Soh. Sparking unity across the galaxy with her belief that “We are all the Republic”, Chancellor Soh began the Great Works, a series of projects meant to increase the Republic’s influence and foster more unity, peace, and collaboration across worlds, especially in the still-expanding Outer Rim settlements. This included the commissioning of Starlight Beacon in 232BBY, a space station and shining symbol of hope meant to help those living in the farthest reaches of the galaxy to still feel supported by the Republic and its Jedi Knights.


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5 The Great Hyperspace Disaster

Triggered By The Nihil MaraudersGreat Hyperspace Disaster High Republic

Before the Starlight Beacon’s dedication ceremony in 232BBY, The Great Disaster occurred in which a ship known as The Legacy Run was destroyed while traveling at lightspeed. This resulted in the Emergences in which a fragment of the ship shot out from hyperspace at random points with massively destructive potential, resulting in a large response from the Republic and Jedi Order to rescue survivors and save those in the path of the Emergences. It was later revealed that the Nihil marauders were responsible for the Great Disaster thanks to their unorthodox hyperspace travel capabilities due to their unique “path drives”.

4 The Nihil & The Drengir

War On The Republic & Jedi Order

Star Wars Drengir

Led by Marchion Ro and his Tempest Runners, the Nihil continued to conduct raids across the Outer Rim. Meanwhile, the sentient and carnivorous plant-based creatures known as the Drengir were inadvertently released by the Jedi and were subsequently seeded across the entire Outer Rim frontier, a crisis that motivated a rare Jedi alliance with the Hutt Clans to quell the threat.

It was eventually revealed in 231BBY that the Nihil had intentionally seeded the Outer Rim with the Drengir as a means to distract from their attack of The Republic Fair on Valo, another one of Chancellor Soh’s Great Works. This period also marked the debut of Marchion Ro’s control over the Nameless just like his ancestors, using one of the creatures to kill and petrify Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm.

3 The Fall Of Starlight Beacon

A New Period of Darkness

Having assumed total control over the Nihil as its Eye, Marchion Ro ordered a massive attack on Starlight Beacon in 230BBY, capitalizing on their strikes across the Outer Rim as seen with the Great Disaster in 232BBY and Valo’s Republic Fair in 231BBY. Using the Nameless to completely overwhelm the Jedi, Starlight Beacon was blown up by the Nihil marauders. Severed in two pieces, Starlight fell onto the surface of the planet Eiram, killing many Jedi along the way and serving as a major victory for Marchion Ro.

2 Marchion Ro’s Stormseeds Cut Off A Vast Part Of The Galaxy

The Occasion Zone aka Nihil Space

Star Wars Stormwall High Republic Image With Marchion Ro

In the immediate aftermath of Starlight’s Fall, Marchion Ro went even further with his victory. Publically taking credit for Starlight’s fall, Marchion had the Nihil wall off ten sectors of the Outer Rim behind their “Stormwall” using a new technology known as stormseeds, preventing communications from getting in and any ships from entering at lightspeed. With their very own “Occlusion Zone” Marchion Ro installed Ministers of Protection, Advancement, and Information, turning the Nihil from a band of marauders into a powerful force to be reckoned with, backed by their impressive technology and the Nameless.

In response, the Jedi Council recalled all Jedi back to Coruscant and instigated their Guardian Protocols, promoting Jedi early and abandoning outposts out of fear and concern over the Nihil’s great power. As such, it’s a testament to all the horrible things the Nihil accomplished under Ro’s leadership and his bold defiance of both the Republic and Jedi during the High Republic era.

1 The Acolyte Is Set At The End Of The High Republic Era

The End of The High Republic Era?

Amandla Stenberg next to a blurred image of the Jedi Order from the High Republic

There are still more High Republic stories to be told following Starlight’s fall and the rise of Nihil Space as Lucasfilm continues releasing more novels and comics, having just begun their third publishing phase. However, it’s been confirmed that The Acolyte show will help mark the end of the High Republic Era. Set 100 years before The Phantom Menace, The Acolyte will likely reveal how the Jedi Order evolved, becoming the more compromised version of itself as seen in the movies compared to its more idealized depiction during the Republic’s golden age.

The Acolyte is set to begin streaming on Disney+ sometime in 2024

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