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Warning: This post contains spoilers for Lisa Frankenstein


  • The soundtrack of Lisa Frankenstein captures the 80s era with popular hits and original compositions.
  • Songs like “The Promise” and “Can’t Fight This Feeling” play during important moments in the film’s plot.
  • The official soundtrack will be released by Thriller Soundtrack Music and will feature the film’s songs and original score.

With every movie must come a good soundtrack, and Lisa Frankenstein certainly nails the 80s with its song choices. Starring Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse, Lisa Frankenstein’s soundtrack is the backdrop to many moments in Lisa Swallows and the Creature’s journey together. The horror romance movie, directed by Zelda Williams from a screenplay by Diablo Cody, even features a couple of big moments that unfold to a REO Speedwagon classic. The songs in Lisa Frankenstein blend well with the film’s 80s theme, and feature quite a few popular hits from the era.

Set in 1989, Lisa Frankenstein is filled with recognizable fashions from the decade, and Lisa herself even sports an outfit clearly modeled after Madonna, whose songs are often played in movies but are absent here. The film’s soundtrack follows in that vein. It even includes the Creature playing a song for Lisa on the piano and a cover of “I Can’t Fight This Feeling” by JoJo, which plays over a crucial scene involving the changing relationship between Lisa and the Creature.


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Here’s every song on the soundtrack for Lisa Frankenstein:

  • “The Promise” by When in Rome
  • “I Can See Clearly Now” by Elise McQueen
  • “Strange” by Galaxie 500
  • “Up the Down Escalator” by The Chameleons
  • “Head On” by The Jesus and Mary Chain
  • “Lacrimose, from Requiem in D Minor, K. 626” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by Kathryn Newton
  • “On the Wings of Love” by Jeffrey Osborne
  • “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by JoJo

When Every Song On The Lisa Frankenstein Soundtrack Plays In The Movie

Lisa and the Creature hold each other below the moon in Lisa Frankenstein poster

“The Promise” by When in Rome – “The Promise” plays over Lisa Frankenstein’s opening credits, as it portrays the Creature’s life story in animated form, ending in his death with his tombstone claiming he was unmarried when he died.

“I Can See Clearly Now” by Elise McQueen – This song plays during the party Lisa attends, and after she’s been inappropriately touched by a classmate. “I Can See Clearly Now” continues to play as Lisa leaves the party and goes home.

“Strange” by Galaxie 500 – The first time “Strange” plays is after the Creature has come to life on the night of the storm and, in a black and white dream sequence, Lisa envisions her mother telling her to wake up while she sits next to the Creature while he offers her gum. The second time the song plays, it’s when the Creature, having broken into Lisa’s home, accidentally hits the radio. The song itself seems to hold sentimental value for him, and connects him with Lisa.

“Up the Down Escalator” by The Chameleons – “Up the Down Escalator” plays during a montage of the Creature trying on multiple outfits from Lisa’s closet, of which he eventually settles on a Violent Femmes t-shirt.


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“Head On” by The Jesus and Mary Chain – “Head On” plays in the scene after the Creature kills Lisa’s stepmom and Lisa helps him dispose of the body. The song is specifically heard as Lisa goes to school afterward, slipping a note into one of her classmate’s lockers to meet her later.

“Lacrimose, from Requiem in D Minor, K. 626” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – After Lisa and the Creature kill Lisa’s classmate as revenge, the Creature plays Mozart’s “Lacrimose” on the piano, having obtained the hand Lisa chopped off the body and sewn onto his arm.

“Can’t Fight This Feeling” by Kathryn Newton – REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling” plays a special role in the film. The first time it plays in Lisa Frankenstein is after the Creature plays the piano. He begins playing the 80s classic afterward and Lisa starts singing the lyrics.

Despite using “Can’t Fight This Feeling” twice, the original version by REO Speedwagon is never heard in the film.

“Heaven Knows” by The Flatmates – “Heaven Knows” plays in the background while Lisa and Taffy are in the car on their way to school. Taffy has just found out Janet never made it to the hotel for an event, and she’s worried that something terrible has happened to her mom.

“On the Wings of Love” by Jeffrey Osborne – “On the Wings of Love” is distinctly heard in the scene where the Creature, angry that Michael is sleeping with Taffy and has hurt Lisa in the process, cuts off Michael’s penis and then kills him.

“Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” by JoJo The second time the hit song plays is during Lisa and the Creature’s love scene, which plays out through animation of the couple flying through space to the moon together. This occurs after Lisa sews Michael’s penis onto the Creature.

Where To Listen To The Lisa Frankenstein Soundtrack

Lisa Frankenstein’s official movie soundtrack will be released by Thriller Soundtrack Music, and will feature the aforementioned songs, the original score by Isabella Summers, and some songs that are not in the film. While the soundtrack has yet to be officially released, readers can head to YouTube to listen to Summers’ score and to Spotify to listen to Zelda Williams and Diablo Cody’s curated 80s playlist, which features some of the songs in the film. When Lisa Frankenstein’s official soundtrack is released, it will be available to listen on Amazon Music, Apple, and Spotify.

Lisa Frankenstein Poster With Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse Sitting Atop an Electrified Tanning Bed

Lisa Frankenstein is a comedic fantasy-horror film by first-time director Zelda Williams and is a twist on the classic Frankenstein formula. Set in 1989, a high school outcast named Lisa accidentally revives a handsome corpse from the Victorian era and resolves to rebuild him into the perfect man. 

Release Date
February 9, 2024

Zelda Williams

Kathryn Newton , Cole Sprouse , Liza Soberano , Henry Eikenberry , Joe Chrest , Carla Gugino

Diablo Cody

Focus Features

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