Exciting New Sci-Fi Movie Can Make Up For An Underrated $41.5M Bomb From 2012 Not Getting A Sequel


  • Rogue Trooper is an upcoming sci-fi movie based on the 2000 AD comic series and is the first 2000 AD movie since 2012’s Dredd.
  • The film centers around a blue-skinned super soldier who seeks vengeance in a war-ravaged world and features a stellar ensemble cast.
  • Director Duncan Jones, known for Moon and Source Code, has the potential for a comeback with Rogue Trooper, and the film’s success may accelerate the development of a Dredd TV show.

The announcement of Rogue Trooper, an exciting new sci-fi movie, can more than make up for an underrated 2012 genre flick that never got a sequel after it bombed at the box office. Directed by Duncan Jones, Rogue Trooper recently wrapped filming and confirmed that its supporting cast includes the likes of Hayley Atwell, Jack Lowden, Daryl McCormack, Reece Shearsmith, Jemaine Clement, Asa Butterfield, and Sean Bean, among others. If the stellar ensemble wasn’t enough, Rogue Trooper boasts a compelling story thanks to its winning source material.

Set to star relative newcomer Aneurin Barnard, Rogue Trooper centers on a blue-skinned super soldier who searches for the so-called Traitor General. Created by artist Dave Gibbons and writer Gerry Finley-Day, the comic series Rogue Trooper is based on was featured in 2000 AD, a renowned British science-fiction comic magazine. Often political, satirical, and brutal, the sci-fi stories found in 2000 AD are of “a very different flavor,” as Jones puts it. However, Rogue Trooper is far from the first 2000 AD comic strip to be adapted by Hollywood.

Rogue Trooper Is The First 2000 AD Movie Since 2012’s Dredd

Much like the comic series it’s based on, the upcoming Rogue Trooper movie chronicles the story of 19, a Genetic Infantryman who survives a brutal attack and sets out to avenge his fallen comrades. While the Rogue Trooper movie has been in production for years, it seems the 2000 AD-based film is finally coming to fruition. That makes it the first cinematic adaptation of a 2000 AD story since 2012’s Dredd. Penned by Alex Garland, the mind behind sci-fi masterpieces like Ex Machina and Annihilation, Dredd barely made back its $40 million budget.


Is Judge Dredd DC Or Marvel? Which Comic Universe The Officer Belongs In

Most iconic comic book characters either belong to the DC or Marvel universe. Which comic universe does futuristic lawman Judge Dredd belong in?

In Dredd, The Boys‘ Karl Urban stars as Judge Dredd — an enforcer with the power of judge, jury, and executioner. Along with his rookie partner, Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), Dredd navigates the life-threatening horrors of a dystopian metropolis while pursuing drug lord Madeline “Ma-Ma” Madrigal (Lena Headey). Full of over-the-top violence and deadpan humor, Dredd captures the spirit of its 2000 AD source material. That said, Dredd remains an underrated sci-fi classic. While the hidden gem never got the sequel it deserved, Rogue Trooper has the potential to reinvigorate the 2000 AD film adaptations.

Why Rogue Trooper Is So Exciting

Sam Rockwell holds his astronaut helmet in Moon

Set on the planet Nu-Earth, which has been ravaged by a war of attrition, Rogue Trooper first appeared in 2000 AD in 1981. Since then, the series has been rebooted several times with the main super soldier, who’s often named Rogue, taking on different abilities based on the story. With its vivid world-building and many storyline variations, Rogue Trooper is the perfect kind of comic series to adapt into a film; it offers a solid foundation, but allows writer-director Duncan Jones room to spin his own version of the narrative.


Why Karl Urban’s Judge Dredd Movie Bombed At The Box Office (Despite Being Way Better Than Sly Stallone’s)

Sylvester Stallone and Karl Urban both played Judge Dredd in wildly different movies, but one thing they had in common was their box office failure.

Without a doubt, Jones is a perfect fit for adapting Rogue Trooper to the screen. While one of his more recent films, Warcraft, was panned by critics, the World of Warcraft-based movie was a box-office success, reeling in a whopping $439.1 million. However, Jones has previously proved his chops as a director with the Hugo Award-winning Moon and the sci-fi action thriller Source Code. Both of those critically acclaimed projects prove that Jones knows how to make compelling, thought-provoking science-fiction films. Bolstered by a top-notch cast, Rogue Trooper might be Jones’ comeback.

Rogue Trooper director Duncan Jones says his script is “like Guardians of the Galaxy had a baby with The Raid: Redemption.”

Why Dredd 2 Never Happened (& What About The TV Show?)

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd and Olivia Thirlby as Judge Anderson in Dredd (2012)

There were several reasons why Dredd 2 never happened, but its poor performance at the box office was definitely the most damaging aspect. While fans campaigned for a Dredd sequel, its disappointing $41 million gross hung over the would-be film franchise. Star Karl Urban mentioned the possibility of a Dredd TV show as recently as 2022. Even 10 years after Dredd‘s release, another on-screen installment in the beloved series could happen. Evidently, the TV show, Dredd: Mega-City One is moving forward in some capacity, and Rogue Trooper‘s potential success could speed up that process.

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