Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist’s Wedding Is Covering Up His Scandals (Is It A PR Move?)


  • Gerry’s scandalous past was revealed, tarnishing his image and making him seem less genuine.
  • Gerry and Theresa’s appearances together have felt forced, indicating they are still getting to know each other.
  • The Golden Bachelor wedding is being thrown together quickly, possibly as a distraction from the allegations against Gerry.

The Golden Bachelor’s Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner’s live TV wedding is happening so quickly after the end of the show’s inaugural season that some are wondering if it’s a publicity stunt to cover up Gerry’s scandalous past. The series introduced Gerry to over 20 wonderful women all hoping they’d find love with the widower, who lost his wife Toni in 2017. While Gerry’s family had encouraged him to go on the series to try and find someone to spend the rest of his life with, some of the choices he made prior to his time as The Golden Bachelor came back to haunt him toward the end of the season.

While Gerry was known as a sweet, even-keeled lead for The Golden Bachelor season 1, things weren’t as simple as they seemed. Many felt strongly for Gerry during his time on the series, especially watching him be so vulnerable with his emotions, sharing that he hadn’t dated much since his wife passed. Even Theresa, who had dealt with the death of her husband of 40 years in the late 2010s, felt akin to Gerry in dealing with their shared grief. The Golden Bachelor producers never expected Gerry’s past to come back around, and some are wondering if the wedding extravaganza is being used to cover up the indiscretions.


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Gerry’s Scandalous Past Was Revealed Just Before The Finale

His Indiscretions Made Him Seem Less Genuine

Montage of Golden Bachelor's Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist

Leading up to the finale of The Golden Bachelor season 1, it was reported that Gerry was not as sweet or unassuming as he’d appeared to be on the show. While The Golden Bachelor had made it seem like Gerry hadn’t dated at all after his wife died and prior to the series. In reality, Gerry had allegedly had several relationships after his wife died, some minor and some more serious. In the days leading up to the finale of The Golden Bachelor, the buzz surrounding the series hit a roadblock when one of Gerry’s ex-girlfriends anonymously came forward to share her experience in their relationship, which wasn’t positive in the slightest.

Gerry’s ex chose to remain anonymous and shared that they’d entered into a relationship that quickly became serious. She shared that she moved into Gerry’s Indiana home for over a year, but things went sour between herself and the former restauranteur. It was alleged that Gerry was upset with his ex-girlfriend due to her weight and that he’d broken up with her after she gained ten pounds. According to the ex-girlfriend, she’d hurt herself trying to move things out of their shared home and Gerry was unkind to her, asking if her injury would prevent her from leaving during the time they’d agreed upon.

Gerry & Theresa’s Appearances Pre-Wedding Have Felt Forced

They’re Clearly Still Getting To Know Each Other

After the allegations, Gerry and his family were quick to rebuke the reports and claim that they were false despite there being some evidence that the anonymous ex-girlfriend had, in fact, lived in Gerry’s home. Regardless, Gerry and Theresa went on the usual Bachelor Nation press tour after their engagement aired during The Golden Bachelor finale. During their press appearances, Gerry and Theresa spoke about their future together, which would include a massive live TV wedding event in the coming months. While the wedding was clearly already being planned to be a live event, the fact that it would be airing so quickly was surprising to Bachelor Nation.

While most assumed there would at least be a few months between the end of the season and the beginning of Gerry & Theresa’s lives together, it was quickly apparent that the couple wasn’t interested in wasting any time. Even though their nuptials were rapidly approaching, many noticed that in interviews together, the couple was still getting to know each other. There are moments in interviews where Gerry & Theresa seem awkward with one another, or don’t quite know how to read each other’s cues. Though they may be simply just learning one another’s style, it’s odd that they’re jumping into a wedding while they still feel so outwardly uncomfortable.

The Golden Bachelor Wedding Is Being Thrown Together Quickly

It’s Happening Just Over A Month After The Finale

The Golden Bachelor finale aired on November 30, 2023, and while the series was filmed months prior, Gerry & Theresa’s wedding is on January 4, 2024. This leaves just about a month between their public engagement announcement and their wedding, and prior to the announcement, the couple wasn’t able to spend much of their time together. In part due to the restrictions put on them by the series, and in part because they live so far apart, Gerry & Theresa haven’t been able to share much of their month in the public eye together. It appears the couple even spent the holidays with their respective families instead of together.

While the couple has been together since they announced their engagement, the fact that they haven’t been able to spend ample time alone with one another since they’ve been allowed to be in the public eye is concerning. While Gerry & Theresa are happy to be taking the next step and appear to be ready to commit to one another, the couple seems to be jumping into their marriage without much thought ahead of time. Rather than prioritizing getting to know one another for at least a few months before they get married, they’re choosing to spread hype around their relationship by doing press to promote the live TV special.

Bachelor Nation Is Hopeful Viewers Will Focus On Gerry & Theresa’s Love

The Producers Don’t Want Viewers To Realize They Edited Gerry’s Behavior

The Golden Bachelor montage of Gerry and Theresa with a wedding background

With the wedding being thrown together so quickly, many have been curious about the timing of it all in correlation to the reports that came out about Gerry’s past. For the father and grandfather, his persona was everything throughout the initial press cycle for The Golden Bachelor. Gerry was sold as an everyman, a loving husband who’d lost his wife, a kind father and grandfather who prioritized his daughters and granddaughters. He was shown on The Golden Bachelor as a kind man who listened to each of the women on the series and got emotional when he had to let them go.

Seeing this image hurt by the reports from Gerry’s ex may have been an issue for producers, who were trying to sell a certain story about Gerry. It’s possible that in order to mitigate the fallout from Gerry’s potential past behavior, the producers threw together Theresa & Gerry’s wedding and pushed to to a much earlier date, wanting to cover up the drama caused by the allegations. While The Golden Bachelor couple may have been gearing up for a live TV wedding anyway, it’s possible the producers of the series wanted something flashy to take the heat off the allegations, and a wedding was the perfect distraction for Bachelor Nation.

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