Gi-Hun’s Problematic Squid Game Season 2 Return Creates A Major Mystery


  • Gi-hun appears to be returning to the brutal games in Squid Game season 2, raising questions and mystery.
  • The images suggest Gi-hun has somehow re-entered the games, despite his victory in season 1.
  • There may be other explanations for Gi-hun’s role, such as playing a different game or being invited to observe the games.

Gi-hun appears to be returning to the brutal games in Squid Game season 2, which presents an intriguing and somewhat problematic mystery. Recent sneak-peak images provide a first look at the next installment of the hit Netflix series, and they seem to show the central character heading back into the terrible Squid Games. Considering his victory in Squid Game season 1, this is a confusing revelation and presents viewers with a series of questions going into season 2. However, it’s possible that there is another explanation for these images entirely.

Squid Game season 1 saw a broke and desperate Gi-hun agree to play a series of brutal children’s games for a chance to win a fortune. Selfish and short-sighted, Gi-hun was forced to confront his darkest impulses, and unlike many who competed, he actually became morally better for it. However, the experience was so traumatizing that Gi-hun threw the prospect of a new life away at the end of Squid Game season 1 to seek revenge on those who run the games. Going into Squid Game season 2, he certainly seems to be back in the fray.


Squid Game Season 2 Won’t Be Anything Like We Expected After Surprising Timeline Reveal

There is a lot of anticipation regarding Squid Game’s second season, but the project’s timeline looks to have completely diverted expectations.

Gi-Hun Appears To Re-Enter The Games In Squid Game Season 2 Images

In Squid Game season 2 promotion stills from Netflix, Gi-hun is seen talking to the Salesman (Gong Yoo), the man responsible in season 1 for recruiting desperate players for the games. Of course, it’s impossible to tell what the pair are talking about from an image, but since another image sees Gi-hun among other contestants and in the presence of a Squid Game guard, it certainly seems that he was somehow able to re-enter for another round of brutal children’s games.

Gi-hun decided at the end of Squid Game season 1 that he wanted to get revenge on those running the games, and this would clearly require him getting back in close proximity to the event. Ever since the finale, theories were developed regarding how he could pull this off, with many assuming that he would join forces with the police (perhaps through Hwang Jun Ho) or that he would somehow become one of the Squid Game guards. However, becoming a contestant again seemed out of the question since Gi-hun had already won the event.

The Squid Game season 2 images also reveal that some time has passed since season 1, since Gi-hun’s hair is short and no longer dyed red.

A Return To The Squid Games Makes No Sense After Gi-Hun’s Past Win

The end of Squid Game season 1 makes it clear that The Salesman and the Front Man are fully aware of who Gi-hun is and that they have been keeping an eye on them since he was dropped back off in Seoul. This, combined with the fact that the former winner straight out told the Front Man that he would do whatever it took to end their operation, implies the last thing they would want to do is allow Gi-hun back into the games.

Gi-hun’s wealth means he no longer qualifies for the Squid Games.

Moreover, Gi-hun’s wealth means he no longer qualifies for the Squid Games. The purpose of the Salesman’s role is to use his tile game to test how desperate a person is for money. If they were willing to go through pain and humiliation for pocket cash, it was a sign that they would put on an excellent show for the VIPs while fighting for their lives for unimaginable wealth. Gi-hun is no longer this desperate, so there would be no benefit to having him back in the games.

Other Possible Explanations For Gi-Hun’s Squid Game Season 2 Role

Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun from Squid Game season 2

Though Netflix’s promotion stills for Squid Game season 2 seem to imply that Gi-hun will be back in the games, there may be more context necessary to say for sure. Other hints throughout these images imply that this is the case. For example, in the image in which Gi-hun is sitting at a table with the Salesman, it appears that the Front Man’s employee is holding a gun. This adds significant tension to the conversation—perhaps they are playing a different game, like Russian Roulette, that would test whether Gi-hun is prepared to compete in a different Squid Game event.

There are a few curiosities about the image of Gi-hun among the contestants and guards as well. While everyone (aside from the square-masked guard) is blindfolded, the former Squid Game winner is not. Though it’s possible that he slipped free of the restraints, this could indicate that he isn’t technically one of those who were selected to compete. Maybe, after threatening the Front Man, Gi-hun was invited to observe the games in an attempt to get him on their side (the Front Man himself was a victor once, after all). For now, it’s just too early to tell.

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