How Far Do Sisters Allison & Lauren Hollinger Go On The Bachelor Season 28 With Joey Graziadei? (Spoilers)

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for The Bachelor season 28!


  • Allison and Lauren Hollinger, sisters on The Bachelor season 28, kept their relationship a secret at first, but eventually revealed it to Joey Graziadei.
  • Joey noticed similarities in the sisters’ backstories and thought it was cool that they were on the show together.
  • Neither Allison nor Lauren gets engaged to Joey at the end of the season, with Lauren self-eliminating and Allison being eliminated by Joey at a rose ceremony later on.

The Bachelor season 28 sisters Allison and Lauren Hollinger made it through the first rose ceremony, but will either of them get engaged to Joey Graziadei? During The Bachelor season 28 premiere, Allison and Lauren decided to keep their relationship as sisters a secret at first. They later decided that they had to tell the other women that they were related. Lauren and Joey then went to talk, and Allison decided to interrupt them and steal Joey away. They kissed, much to Lauren’s dismay, because she witnessed it. In his confessional, Joey said that he noticed some similarities in the women’s backstories.

Allison and Lauren then admitted to Joey that they were sisters, and The Bachelor season 28 star asked if it was weird that he kind of put it together. Joey told Allison and Lauren that he thought it was cool that they were doing the show together, and he was excited to get to know them both more. He then admitted in his confessional that he’d have to be careful with the situation because a lot of problems could develop with it. He later gave Allison the first rose at the rose ceremony, and Lauren the last. Does Joey propose to either of the sisters in the end?


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Who Is Allison Hollinger?

Allison is a 26-year-old realtor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She’s Lauren’s younger sister. According to ABC, Allison has had multiple serious relationships, but she’s still looking for the right man. She’s searching for someone who’s loyal, positive, mature and kind. Allison has won many costume contests, enjoys a fruity gin spritz, and loves getting dressed up for fancy dinners.

Who Is Lauren Hollinger?

Lauren is a 28-year-old registered nurse from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She’s Allison’s older sister. According to ABC, Lauren is passionate about her career and considers herself to be the life of the party when she’s not working. She enjoys group fitness classes and music festivals. Lauren is looking for someone who’s motivated, funny, and who makes her feel safe. Bad hygiene is a turn-off for Lauren, and she wants a man who takes care of himself. She is a self-described true romantic who believes she’s single because her standards are high. Lauren is an avid voice texter, thinks cleaning is therapeutic, and went through a “serious punk phase,” complete with spikes and chains.

Does Allison Or Lauren Get Engaged To Joey?

Montage of The Bachelor's Joey Graziadei with rose petals

According to Reality Steve, neither Allison nor Lauren gets engaged to Joey at the end of The Bachelor season 28. During week 2, they went on two different group dates. Later that night, during the cocktail party, Lauren self-eliminated. She thought that Allison liked Joey more than she did, and she “wasn’t feeling it,” so she left. During weeks 3 and 4, Allison went on two more group dates. However, Joey eliminated Allison at the rose ceremony during week 4 in Malta, where he narrowed his group of women down from 15 to 12.

Although Allison and Lauren have confessed that they’ve dated the same guy before, but not at the same time, this was very different because their relationships with Joey were happening right in front of each other. It was nice of Lauren to take a step back for Allison, even though Allison and Joey’s relationship eventually ended too. So far, Allison and Lauren have been very entertaining to watch. However, the situation was very awkward to begin with, so it seemed doomed from the start. Hopefully, Joey, Allison, and Lauren will all find the love that they’ve been searching for in the near future.

The Bachelor season 28 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Sources: Allison Hollinger/Instagram, ABC, Lauren Hollinger/Instagram, ABC, Reality Steve

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