Hulk Is Incredibly Vulnerable to 1 Mutant Power, No Matter How Strong He Gets


  • The Hulk has many upgrades and powers, but he is vulnerable to Magik’s mutant powers.
  • Magik can access Limbo through portals and can transport herself and others anywhere.
  • Magik can defeat the Hulk by transporting him to the sun or cutting up his body with a spell.

The Hulk has gone through numerous upgrades and power-ups over the years, including cybernetic enhancements that allowed Hulk to decimate multiple Hulkbuster Armors at once and the revelation that he was actually immortal with the ability to return from the grave even after being utterly obliterated or totally dismembered. However, no matter how strong the Hulk gets – including his World War Hulk World-Breaker status – he will always be vulnerable to the mutant powers of one particular member of the X-Men: Magik.

Ilyana Rasputin aka Magik has the power to access Limbo through portals she can conjure with her mind. These portals don’t just act as entryways into the demon-filled dimension, but as paths that would allow Ilyana and anyone she was with to safely travel through Limbo to the point of their desired location. While it took years of training – most of which was chronicled in the pages of the New Mutants series – Magik learned how to open portals to anywhere she pleased.

Ilyana Rasputin aka Magik fighting a horde of Limbo demons.

It used to be that she would struggle to create gateways that would allow her to travel between just two places on Earth that weren’t that far apart – like New York to Ireland – but now, Ilyana is capable of opening up portals that stretch through the cosmos. That is how she can beat the Hulk no matter how strong the Jade Giant gets, which is actually something that nearly happened in Marvel Comics canon.


1 Underrated MCU Hero Already Proved They’re Powerful Enough to Beat the Hulk

While this hero-in-question’s still new to the MCU, and relatively underrated, they’ve already proven to be more than capable of taking down the Hulk!

Magik Can Defeat The Hulk In An Instant By Transporting Him To The Sun

In Hulk Vol. 3 #9 by Gerry Duggan and Mark Bagley, Magik and Kate Pryde are investigating an abandoned Weapon X facility when they run right into the Hulk, who was actually looking for Kate specifically. The Hulk needed Pryde’s help to remove something that had been implanted in his brain, as only her phasing abilities would allow that kind of access to the inside of the Hulk’s body given his immensely strong skin.

While he came to them as a friend, Ilyana and Kate didn’t know that at the time. Seeing the Hulk when one isn’t expecting to can be a bit startling, as he could probably kill basically every hero on Earth with relative ease. However, Ilyana was ready to test that assertion, saying that she could easily transport the Hulk right to the sun from where he was standing.

Even If Hulk Survived His Trip To The Sun, He’d Still Be Beaten

The Hulk getting vaporized by the U-Foes in Immortal Hulk.

This image is from Immortal Hulk #44, when the U-Foes reduced the Hulk to a smoldering skeleton before Hulk made a full recovery.

There are a number of storylines – though primarily the Immortal Hulk – that show the Hulk surviving even complete obliteration. This means that a trip to the sun might not actually kill him. However, unless he’s outright saved by someone or something else, even the strongest healing factor the Hulk has ever boasted in any one of his storylines wouldn’t be able to save him, since – at best – he would just be stuck in an endless loop of regeneration and obliteration.

Magik tells Hulk in this issue that she could send him to the sun with a mere thought, and based on her proven abilities that fans have seen only grow in power since her New Mutants days, that isn’t a bluff. Plus, Magik later states that she knows a spell that can cut up Hulk’s body, meaning she could potentially send Hulk to the sun already in pieces. All-in-all, it’s fair to say that the Hulk is incredibly vulnerable to the powers Magik wields, no matter how strong he gets.

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