Is Redemption Worth Watching? Breaking Down The Jason Statham Movie’s Reviews & Rotten Tomatoes Scores


  • Redemption received mixed reviews and has a low score of 47% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • The film was also a box office bomb, grossing only $12.6 million worldwide against a $20 million budget.
  • Despite its flaws, Redemption is worth watching for fans of Jason Statham’s strong lead performance and those who enjoy action thrillers.

2013’s Redemption (also known as Hummingbird in the international release) did not live up to the hype according to critics and audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and beyond. Starring Jason Statham, Agata Buzek, Benedict Wong, and Vicky McClure, the film follows a homeless ex-Special Forces soldier named Joey Jones, who is now with PTSD and alcohol dependence after serving in Afghanistan. Joey assumes someone else’s identity to start a new life, but after befriending a young nun who works at a church in the city, he sees himself in a dangerous situation.

Redemption did not meet praise when it came out in 2013, but rather the opposite, with some displeased by the film’s plot and others approving of Statham’s performance. Like many of Jason Statham’s action movies, Redemption boasts an R rating for language, nudity, and graphic violence, which is typical for modern-day action films. While critics and audiences may have had mixed opinions on the movie, Redemption can be an interesting pick for fans of action movies and of Jason Statham, arguably the best thing about the film.

Redemption Has A 47% Score From Critics On Rotten Tomatoes

The Movie’s Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score Is Only 38%

Redemption‘s Rotten Tomatoes score has been certified as 47% on the Tomatometer by 51 critics, with 27 ranking the film as “rotten” and 24 ranking the movie as “fresh”. Audiences were also relatively confused by the movie, with some complaining that the movie was “boring”, “slow”, and “convoluted”. Out of over 5,000 audience members, the movie had a 38% audience rating, with a majority of the criticism aimed towards the plot. According to one audience review, the film’s plot is similar to other Statham films but shows more emotional depth to his character. Others stated that the movie had too many unresolved plot points.

The storyline behind
could have worked, but the film itself may have been a bit too ambitious to pull off successfully.


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While critics and audiences were displeased over the movie’s plot, there was another aspect that also did not do well for the movie’s success. Redemption was a box office bomb for 2013, grossing only $12.6 million at the worldwide box office out of a budget of $20 million (via Guardian). The movie grossed nearly $37,000 at the U.S. box office during its limited run in theaters (via Box Office Mojo). Out of all the countries that the movie played during its run, the movie was marginally successful in France during opening weekend, grossing only $628,844. The U.S. opening weekend also saw little profit, with only $19,977 being made at the domestic box office.

Redemption’s Reviews Criticize Its Story Payoff But Praise Jason Statham’s Performance

Redemption’s premise may have been too ambitious for the thriller to pull off

Jason Statham sitting a bar reflected by blue light

The storyline behind Redemption could have worked, but the film itself may have been a bit too ambitious to pull off successfully. Too much focus was put on promoting Statham’s character and emotional depth to the point and completely skipped the story itself. While there are plenty of action scenes to keep audiences entertained, the movie lacked a compelling story confusing, and certain elements of it were unnecessary. This was apparent during the love scene between Cristina and Statham, which didn’t fit with the movie’s plot.

Despite Redemption‘s problems, Jason Statham’s performance was a subject of praise by several critics. According to Joe Neumaier from The New York Daily News, Statham’s performance “uses his steely watchfulness and grim demeanor to draw us in”. Peter Debruge from Variety stated that the film “puts an intriguing, intermittently successful spin on the sort of loner Statham so often embodies”. Other critics also echoed the same sentiments, with some agreeing that while the plot did not work, Statham’s character development was on track.

Redemption Is Worth Watching For Fans Of Jason Statham & Deeper Action Thrillers

Jason Statham gives a strong lead performance with more dramatic themes than his other action thrillers

Jason Statham as Joey walking down a street in Redemption

It is not uncommon for movies that did not perform well with critics or at the box office to find a second life on streaming, sometimes over a decade after their original theatrical run. Statham himself has a couple of movies that did not do very well in terms of critical reception but often appear at the top of the streaming charts. Self-contained, action-packed movies like Redemption can make for a great watch at home, especially for those fond of the genre or who enjoyed some of the actor’s previous films.

Jason Statham’s star power and performance in Redemption is very strong and focuses heavily on the emotional unbalance of the character. While it may not have been one of 2013’s best or even one of the actor’s best works, it’s worth watching for fans of Jason Statham. As Statham is not new to the world of spy films, seeing him portray a more emotionally complex character struggling with combat PTSD can be relatable to lots of audiences. Redemption does not shy away from the realities of war or the treatment of veterans, something that Jason Statham portrays accurately with surprising amounts of emotional depth.

Sources: Rotten Tomatoes, Guardian, Variety, Box Office Mojo, The New York Daily News

is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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