It’s Too Late For Cobra Kai’s Most Popular Fan Theory To Become True


  • The wish for Julie Pierce to appear in Cobra Kai should have been granted earlier, as it may be too late now that the show is ending.
  • Despite the show’s focus on the upcoming tournament, there are still important Karate Kid characters who should have returned.
  • Bringing Julie Pierce back in the final season would be challenging due to limited time and the already complex storyline.

The most popular Cobra Kai fan wish should have been incorporated into the show sooner, and it may not work now that the show is about to end. While it makes sense for Cobra Kai season 6 to be the show’s final, there are still a few characters and storylines that could have used one or two more seasons. For example, despite the number of cameos and returns in the show, there are yet some important Karate Kid characters who should have made a comeback.

Cobra Kai has so far revisited all the main characters from the first three Karate Kid movies, from major villains to deep-cut Easter eggs, such as the girl Daniel LaRusso saved in Okinawa. Cobra Kai season 5’s ending means the show will now shift its focus to the Sekai Taikai tournament, a perfect setup to wrap up the saga. Unfortunately, this makes bringing back a fan-favorite character way more difficult.

Cobra Kai’s Final Season Is Too Late To Bring Julie Pierce

Julie Pierce and the Cobra Kai season 5 characters

Considering Cobra Kai season 6 is the show’s final, plus how much there is yet to be wrapped up before it ends, it is now too late to bring in Hilary Swank’ Julie Pierce. Mr. Miyagi’s apprentice in The Next Karate Kid is technically as part of Cobra Kai’s universe as Daniel LaRusso or Johnny Lawrence, yet she was never referenced in the show. Unlike 2010’s The Karate Kid, a remake with no ties to the original films before the new movie project, The Next Karate Kid was a continuation of Mr. Miyagi’s story and is canon to Cobra Kai. This is why Hilary Swank showing up in Cobra Kai has always been a fan wish.

However, even though Cobra Kai has successfully incorporated heroes and villains from all the Daniel LaRusso Karate Kid movies, adding Julie would require the show to spend some significant time with the character. Julie Pierce’s return to the world of Karate Kid should be more than a cameo, yet there is not enough time in season 6 to reintroduce such a major name. For example, Terry Silver was teased in season 3 and returned in season 4 before becoming the main villain of season 5. While Julie could indeed be incorporated into season 6’s story, it may already be too late to properly use the character.

Hilary Swank’s Julie Pierce Would Be Too Big Of A Character For Cobra Kai Season 6

Julie pierce and the cobra kai season 6 characters

Just like Terry Silver and Chozen stole the show in Cobra Kai season 5, the return of Julie Pierce could dominate the conversation surrounding season 6. While that would not be a problem by itself in any season, Cobra Kai season 6 is the end of the show. For a story that began with Johnny Lawrence’s perspective on everything that had happened and the introduction of a new “karate kid,” Cobra Kai has already become too convoluted. Between original and returning characters, Cobra Kai has just too many names and storylines to tackle before the show ends. That is not to mention the Sekai Taikai.

While bringing Julie Pierce in season 6 could work, it would require Cobra Kai to combine all the ongoing storylines with the return of a beloved character. On one hand, ending Cobra Kai without ever bringing or even addressing The Next Karate Kid’s Julie would be disappointing. On the other hand, season 6 should focus on wrapping up the show, not opening new story possibilities. Whether Julie Pierce will be in Cobra Kai season 6 remains to be seen, but potentially adding the character would be no easy feat.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Poster

Cobra Kai
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