Keith David & Blake Roman On Connecting To Hazbin Hotel Through Music


  • Hazbin Hotel is an adult animation series created by Vivienne Medrano, centered around Lucifer’s daughter who opens a hotel for misfit demons to be redeemed and reduce Hell’s overpopulation.
  • The show has received praise for its music, acting, and writing, with characters like Angel Dust and Husk standing out.
  • Blake Roman, who plays Angel Dust, connects with his character’s vulnerabilities and hopes for his journey towards self-love, while Keith David, who plays Husk, appreciates the show’s unique and wild nature, as well as its musical elements.

Charlie Morningstar is the princess of Hell as the daughter of Lucifer and Lillith in Hazbin Hotel. She has an unconventional dream to open a hotel with the express purpose of helping to rehabilitate sinners. Although her goal may be different and challenging Charlie will do what it takes with the help of her girlfriend and manager Vaggie even as she faces obstacles along the way.

Vivienne Medrano created Hazbin Hotel. The pilot first debuted in 2019, and the series has a loyal following. Hazbin Hotel stars Erika Henningsen, Stephanie Beatriz, Blake Roman, Amir Talai, Keith David, Alex Brightman, Kimiko Glenn, Joel Perez, and Christian Borle.


Hazbin Hotel Premiere Date Revealed Alongside Guest Star Cast

Hazbin Hotel sets its premiere release date and guest stars, revealing when viewers will get their chance to visit A24’s alternative to Hell.

Screen Rant interviewed Hazbin Hotel stars Blake Roman and Keith David about the new animated A24 project. Roman explained why his character, Angel Dust, is at the hotel and how he connected with his character. David revealed why he was drawn to the series and shared his desire to return in the highly anticipated Community movie.

Blake Roman & Keith David Talks Hazbin Hotel

Screen Rant: This show is absolutely incredible. I mean, what can I say? The music hits, the acting’s amazing, and the writing top-notch. Blake, you play Angel, who might be my favorite character on the show. He’s a guest at the hotel. Tell us a little bit about Angel.

Blake Roman: Yeah, yeah. So Angel Dust is the first guest at Hazbin Hotel, there to try for Charlie’s venture to try and prove that Hell’s population can be redeemed and be viable candidates to go into heaven and be accepted into heaven. So, Angel Dust at the start, of course, is not necessarily there with that specific intention. He’s very much there because he doesn’t have to pay rent, and he enjoys that aspect of it. But he’s an A-list porn star in hell, and he’s a spider demon. So that’s all very, I think, the overarching details of Angel, but there are multitudes and multitudes underneath all of that.

Keith, I love Husk. I’m telling you, I love Husk. He’s the bartender at the hotel. What else can fans expect from Husk and what drew you to the role?

Keith David: I love how he’s the voice of reason. He’s like, “Listen, funk the dumb stuff.” You know what I mean? “Let’s bring this back to reality of here and now, and let me tell you what I ain’t going to do.”

Right. Incredible. Now, Blake, how did you connect with Angel as a character? And did that help tap into the more emotional moments of the character?

Blake Roman: Yeah, yeah. How I connected with Angel is, I think, how most people, why he’s become such a keystone linchpin character in the series and why people love him so much is because he is, I don’t want to say fallible, but he’s got issues. And we all have issues. A lot of what he does in the series and the way that he is, is a reaction to the issues that he’s dealing with in his life.

I feel like a lot of what our journey in life is and the internal battle of understanding, “Okay, what am I dealing with on the inside, and how does that affect what happens on the outside?” He’s also somebody that I think has the most potential, has some of the most potential to go on a journey with himself. I mean, we’re all rooting for him from the beginning that there’s some type of change, specifically in terms of more self-love that he can discover for himself. So that’s a huge thing. Having that empathy toward him was easy and helped me get into his character right from the get go.

Incredible. Now Keith, when this project comes across your desk and you’re reading the script, what was your first reaction to the Hazbin Hotel, and what made you want to immediately jump on board?

Keith David: This is some wild stuff. Besides the modern day adult animation stuff, back when I was growing up, we had Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic, what was it called? Cool World, so this is the offshoot of that. From that stuff came Hazbin Hotel, and so it fascinated me. I was like, “Okay. And we get to sing too. Oh, yeah. Come on now.”

Speaking of the singing… Oh yeah, go ahead. No, go ahead.

Keith David: No, and the music is great. It’s like an animated version of a Broadway show. I mean, that’s what’s fascinating about it. It’s like, “Man, I like this.”

I couldn’t agree with you more. The music, every single song, hits. It’s incredible. I was so impressed with how well that worked out for this, because you’re exactly right. It is an animated Broadway show. It’s incredible. Keith, I have a question for you about Community because I’m a huge fan. When are we getting in the movie, man?

Keith David: Well, your guess is as good as mine. They don’t come directly to ask me. If they did, I would have more to tell you about it, but I hope to be able to tell you about it when the time comes. Like I said, keep those cards and letters coming, because we all know we want Elroy to be aboard.

Blake, what is your favorite quality about Angel, and what did you want to add to Angel that wasn’t on the page?

Blake Roman: I think the quality that I love the most about Angel is his strength, just how strong he is in response to everything that he’s dealt with in his actual life and also in his death in hell. He’s definitely somebody who has had to persevere and has an emotional endurance, and that is something that very much drew me to him. In terms of stuff that wasn’t specifically on the page, it’s very much, the writing was very much similar to his character.

It was all flirtation, all sarcasm. “I don’t care about anything.” And so, one of the wonderful challenges and also the best parts about playing him was finding the little doorways, the little cracks and windows that I could shine a little light into his more sensitive, vulnerable side that, no doubt, nobody sees. So those moments, those opportunities, those scenes that I have the ability to do that I loved, I absolutely loved. Yeah.

About Hazbin Hotel

Charlie waving in Hazbin Hotel

The series revolves around Charlie Morningstar, princess of Hell, on her quest to find a way for demons to be “rehabilitated” and allowed into Heaven. She opens a rehabilitation hotel that offers demons a chance at redemption and to be better people.

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The first 4 episodes of Hazbin Hotel will premiere on Prime Video January 19, followed by two episodes releasing on a weekly basis until February 2

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Hazbin Hotel TV Show Poster

Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel is an adult animation series created and directed by Vivienne Medrano. Hazbin Hotel centers on Lucifer’s daughter, who opens a hotel for misfit demons she thinks can be redeemed in order to reduce Hell’s overpopulation. The first season of Hazbin Hotel premiered on Prime Video on January 19, 2024.

Release Date
January 19, 2024

Erika Henningsen , Stephanie Beatriz , Blake Roman , Amir Talai , Keith David , Alex Brightman , Kimiko Glenn , Joel Perez , Christian Borle , Jeremy Jordan


Vivienne Medrano

Dave Capdevielle , Kendraw Cook , Raymond T. Hernandez , Vivienne Medrano , Daniel MacDonald , Maritza Medrano

Vivienne Medrano

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