Kristen Stewart Shares Brutal Thoughts About The 2019 Remake


  • Kristen Stewart revealed that she “hated making” the 2019 Charlie’s Angels remake, contrasting it with her love for the 2000 movie.
  • Both Stewart and director Elizabeth Banks expressed disappointment with the movie’s promotion and its failure to appeal to a wider audience.
  • Despite the possibility of a future reunion of the original Charlie’s Angels cast, a sequel to the 2019 remake is unlikely.

Kristen Stewart opens up about her involvement in 2019’s Charlie’s Angels remake, revealing her very honest thoughts on her experience. The movie was directed by and starred Elizabeth Banks, and featured Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Djimon Hounsou, Sam Claflin, Noah Centineo, and Patrick Stewart. Stewart portrayed Sabina Wilson, a rebellious heiress who joined the Townsend Agency to escape a potential prison sentence.

With no sign of future missions for Sabina and her fellow agents of 2019’s Charlie’s Angels, Stewart has looked back on the movie’s production and promotion while speaking to Variety.

The star admitted that she did not enjoy its production at all, though Stewart concluded by offering plenty of praise for the 2000 Charlie’s Angels movie starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu. Check out Stewart’s response below:

This was a mouthful at the time. I remember saying that. That was from a little film called ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ We wanted a strong opener, you know? We wanted to really like broadcast what the movie was about. It was a good idea at the time. I hated making that movie. I don’t know what else to say to you. Honestly, the three…you can’t touch [that]. Cameron, Lucy and Drew…I love that movie. I love that movie! If that says anything.

Could Charlie’s Angels Make A Big Screen Return?

Lucy Liu as Alex, Cameron Diaz as Natalie, and Drew Barrymore as Dylan posed to fight in a promotional image for Charlie's Angels

Stewart isn’t the only individual involved in the 2019 movie who doesn’t look back on it fondly, as Banks herself revealed her candid thoughts about Charlie’s Angels in a 2022 interview. While Banks holds fond memories of her co-stars, she felt that the promotion of the movie didn’t match her vision. She hoped to make the feature appeal to a wider audience as opposed to solely being regarded as a movie specifically “for girls,” which she felt the marketing did. While Charlie’s Angels did receive mixed reviews, a disappointing box office performance killed any hopes for a follow-up.


Why Charlie’s Angels 2019 Bombed So Badly At the Box Office

The Charlie’s Angels reboot bombed at the box office with an $8 million opening, so we take a look at what caused that to happen.

Despite this, a reunion between Barrymore, Diaz, and Liu’s characters has been a frequently discussed topic in recent years. In 2023, director McG, who helmed 2000’s Charlie’s Angels and its sequel, revealed he’d be open to Charlie’s Angels 3, echoing remarks from various members of the cast. While Banks’ Charlie’s Angels introduced a new generation of agents, it also firmly enshrined Barrymore, Diaz, and Liu’s generation through archival cameos, leaving room for their team to come out of retirement while building on Banks’ movie.

While a Charlie’s Angels sequel was unlikely at the time due to its box office performance, it is clear that any potential follow-up may not see Stewart return. Though she holds the 2000s movies in higher regard, it is clear her own experience didn’t live up to her hopes and left her dissatisfied. With Stewart joining Banks in critiquing their time on the film, it remains to be seen whether another sequel or complete reboot would be the best way to revive the franchise in the future.

2019’s Charlie’s Angels is available to stream on AppleTV+

Source: Variety

Charlies Angels

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