Leslie Fhima’s Most Awkward Moment From Gerry & Theresa’s Wedding Revealed


  • Leslie attended Gerry and Theresa’s wedding despite their breakup because she wanted to celebrate their love and support her friend.
  • The most awkward moment for Leslie at the wedding was when Gerry mentioned Costa Rica during his vows.
  • Leslie’s healing journey was evident as she looked healthy and happy at the wedding after recovering from emergency surgery which she’d had the week before.

The Golden Bachelor runner-up Leslie Fhima attended Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s Golden Wedding, and she revealed the most awkward moment for her at the event. Although Gerry and Leslie had a very strong connection throughout The Golden Bachelor, Gerry ultimately got engaged to Theresa during the season finale in Costa Rica. Leslie felt blindsided by their breakup, but she went to the wedding to celebrate Gerry and Theresa’s love.

On the Almost Famous podcast, Leslie shared that no one forced her to go to The Golden Bachelor wedding. She attended because Theresa invited her. However, Leslie admitted, “It was a little uncomfortable during the ceremony when they were talking about Costa Rica because I was there too.” During his vows, Gerry told Theresa, “From the first sip of chocolate shake to the last taste of Costa Rican coffee, I learned that you are the woman I can’t live without.” Leslie confessed, “It was probably the only time it was really uncomfortable for me.” However, she also said that the feeling came and went quickly because “seeing Theresa so happy really kinda just took that away anyhow.”


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Leslie Fhima’s Golden Bachelor Journey Explained

Gerry Turner Leslie Fhima The Golden Bachelor

Leslie’s Golden Bachelor journey was about her opening up again after putting her guards up because of her past relationships. Although she’d been married twice, she admitted to Gerry that she felt that she’d never had a true partnership. Leslie and Gerry had an instant connection when they met on premiere night, which grew throughout the season. From their one-on-one date riding ATVs to their successful hometown date during which he met her family, they fell more and more in love. In the Fantasy Suite, Gerry told Leslie that he loved her, and he thought she was “the one.” This is why Leslie was so confused and heartbroken when Gerry chose Theresa.

It was fantastic to see that Leslie has now healed her broken heart to the point that she was able to watch Gerry, a man whom she loved deeply, marry another woman. It was especially wonderful that she was at the wedding because, the week before the event, Leslie was hospitalized and had to have emergency surgery due to a bowel blockage caused by scar tissue from an appendectomy that she’d had when she was 18 years old. It was beautiful to see Leslie at the Golden Bachelor wedding looking so healthy and happy in every way.

One of the best parts of The Golden Bachelor was the friendships that formed among the women. Because Leslie was the runner-up, she was isolated from the other women longer than anyone else besides Theresa. She explained that she was thrilled to be able to reunite with her friends to celebrate Gerry and Theresa’s love. She also wanted to support her friend, Theresa. As Leslie moves forward with her life, she deserves to find the love that she’s searching for. Hopefully, ABC will move ahead with The Golden Bachelor spin-off, and Leslie will be the first-ever star of The Golden Bachelorette.

Sources: Almost Famous, Leslie Fhima/Instagram

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