Margot Robbie’s Barbie 2 Comments Prove She Learned From Her Harley Quinn Mistake


  • Margot Robbie’s comments on a potential Barbie 2 show that she has learned from her time playing Harley Quinn and doesn’t want to get caught up in playing one character for too long.
  • Despite Barbie’s success as the highest-grossing movie of 2023, Robbie isn’t overly interested in making a sequel, highlighting her willingness to take risks and pursue new projects.
  • With no confirmed franchise commitments, Robbie has an exciting future ahead, with opportunities to explore fresh roles, potentially even taking on directing as she has expressed interest in doing so.

With multiple Oscar nominations and iconic roles to her name, Margot Robbie has had an incredible career and her comments about a potential Barbie 2 prove she has learned from her biggest Harley Quinn mistake. Robbie was first cast as Harley Quinn in 2016’s Suicide Squad, before reprising her role in Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad (2021). It is her most frequently recurring movie role and one of her most memorable, yet it appears she doesn’t have any immediate plans to revisit the character. In an interview with Variety, Robbie revealed she wanted Harley to be passed across different actresses, indicating she may be done with the character.

Even if she does revisit her, it seems Robbie has learned a key lesson from her three outings as Harley Quinn. When asked about a potential Barbie 2, Robbie went on to say “Everything went into Barbie. I don’t know what more could even look like.” Her recent comments suggest that despite Barbie‘s highest-grossing box office record for 2023, Robbie doesn’t seem too interested in making a Barbie sequel. Many actors would jump at the chance to make a follow-up to such a successful movie, but Robbie’s caution is an indication that she has learned from her time playing DC’s live-action Harley Quinn.

Margot Robbie Played Harley Quinn For Too Long

Five years might not seem a long time to play a modern superhero character, but it definitely felt like more than enough time for Margot Robbie to make the character an icon. Although Margot Robbie’s future DC plans as Harley Quinn are still unknown, her time as the villain turned anti-hero has been memorable. Despite only being created in the 90s, Harley Quinn has become one of the Batman franchise’s biggest characters and Robbie is a huge reason for that. Her compelling performance as the unhinged Suicide Squad member provided a massive boost to Harley’s popularity, despite the movies involving the character having a mix of financial and critical shortcomings.

Since Robbie began playing her, Harley Quinn has gotten her own movie with Robbie as the lead, and a TV show starring Kaley Cuoco. Margot Robbie not returning as Harley Quinn in the new DCU would be bittersweet given all she has done for the character, but she has arguably given all she can. Robbie’s new-found success in Barbie proves the actress has a lot more to offer in other projects and that she should let someone else take the mantle of Harley Quinn. Five years dedicated to the character may have been too long if anything, and her moving on would be the right decision despite her fantastic portrayal.

Although Lady Gaga will play Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie à Deux, Margot Robbie’s future as the character is still unknown.

Margot Robbie’s Barbie 2 Stance Prove She Has Learned From Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie’s Original Barbie Casting Idea Is Still Possible For The Sequel

Margot Robbie’s views on a potential Barbie 2 are proof that she has learned from playing Harley Quinn. With Barbie becoming the highest-grossing movie of 2023, talks of a sequel were inevitable. Barbie was Warner Bros. first $1 billion non-franchise movie, highlighting just how big the film was and how much potential there is to make more money. It would be easy for Robbie to cash in and push for a Barbie sequel, making it all the more refreshing to see her go the other direction with her stance on Barbie 2. Even if a second film is close to a guaranteed moneymaker, Barbie 2 is a bad idea for multiple reasons.

Neither Robbie nor director, Greta Gerwig, seem to feel they have much left to offer for the proposed sequel. It is also unlikely that Barbie 2 would make quite as much as the original given the role Oppenheimer played in its box office success, nor would it be as original. Margot Robbie isn’t shy about taking risks in her career, as Babylon and Amsterdam both bombed, yet it is this risk-taking that landed her a $1 billion hit in Barbie. Despite this, Harley Quinn has taught the actress not to get caught up in playing one character for too long and could help avoid an uninspired Barbie sequel.


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What’s Next For Margot Robbie?

Margot Robbie smiling in Barbie, Birds of Prey as Harley Quinn and I, Tonya with a yellow background

With a Barbie sequel looking unlikely and her DC future in doubt, Margot Robbie has a seemingly clear schedule. As of now, her only confirmed project is an Ocean’s Eleven prequel, starring alongside Barbie co-star, Ryan Gosling. Robbie’s Ocean’s Eleven prequel received few updates in her Variety interview, but it is in production despite not having a release date. The Barbie duo reuniting is exciting, especially given the film’s tone will be completely different. Outside the Ocean’s project, the actress isn’t linked to any other movies or shows, meaning it could be a quiet 2024 for one of 2023’s biggest stars.

This sets up an exciting future for Robbie. With seemingly no franchise commitments, it leaves her with plenty of opportunities to take on new movies. Babylon may not have made a lot of money, but it is among her best performances, with the likes of Bombshell, The Wolf of Wall Street, I, Tonya, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood all standing out as well. Robbie’s character work as Barbie and Harley Quinn was great, but her non-franchise films tend to be her best work, and she now has a seemingly free schedule to produce something fresh or even begin directing, which she has been vocal about pursuing in the future.

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