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  • Early reactions say Echo is one of Marvel’s best Disney+ offerings with breathless fight scenes and a stunningly unique voice.
  • Echo does some unexpected things and fits into the old Daredevil universe, while it is exciting to see Wilson Fisk and Daredevil back.
  • Echo‘s first episode delivers a tragic backstory and exceeds expectations with great acting, atmospheric storytelling, and interesting sound design.

Social media reactions have emerged about the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show, Echo, featuring the return of Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez. While it will be a few months until 2024’s first and only MCU movie, Deadpool 3, the first Marvel Studios series for the year is on its way with the Hawkeye spinoff Echo. Focusing on Maya after the events of Hawkeye, Echo will mark the MCU’s first Marvel Spotlight show.

With the Echo TV show dropping all of its episodes this week on Disney+ and Hulu, critics have been able to screen the first three episodes of the limited-event series. As the embargo has lifted, several members of the press have started sharing their thoughts on Echo episodes 1-3. Check out some reactions below:

Screen Rant’s Molly Freeman praises the “breathless fight scenes and a stunningly unique voice,” and adds that Echo improves after the first episode.

Screen Rant’s Rob Keyes isn’t entirely sold yet until he’s seen the whole season, but credits Echo for doing “some unexpected things,” while also being thrilled to see Daredevil and Wilson Fisk back again.

KSiteTV’s Craig Byrne points out that Echo episode 1 “delivers a tragic backstory” while also making sure to deliver “justice to the character,” calling Cox a “great and atmospheric” lead.

Screen Rant’s Joe Deckelmeier is happy with what he has seen of Echo so far, as he enjoys the “intimate and grounded story” similarly to Ozark or Sons of Anarchy, but for the MCU.

The Movie Podcast stresses that Echo is both “brutal, unflinching and relentless,” praising the “level of rawness and depth [brought] to the MCU” by Cox and her co-star Vincent D’Onofrio, similar to what they have seen in the Daredevil TV show on Netflix.

The Hollywood Handle calls Echo “the MCU like you have never seen before,” highlighting that it is both “bloody, action-packed, and frightening.”

Mama’s Geeky’s Tessa Smith is intrigued by the story of Echo and praises the return of Kingpin, speculating that there will be more of Wilson in the final two episodes.

POC Culture is excited to see that Echo is an MCU show that celebrates Indigenous cultures and the disabled community, adding that “it fits right into the Daredevil/Kingpin” saga that viewers have come to know in previous years.

TV Guide Magazine and TV Insider’s Andrea Towers adds that Echo delivers on “every level; powerful story, powerful characters, powerful, and brutal fight sequences,” as well as in the great work by Cox herself.


Echo Season 1 Story Recap: 10 Things To Know From Previous MCU Movies & Shows

Marvel’s Echo is almost here, so here’s a recap with 10 things to know about Maya Lopez, Daredevil, and Kingpin from past MCU projects.

What Echo’s Early Reactions Reveal About The First Marvel Spotlight Show

While Echo may be a lesser-known character in the Marvel canon, the early reactions are already showing that the MCU is still capable of making that work for general audience members. What stands out, however, is that the new Marvel Spotlight initiative is seemingly leaning back into what made the original Marvel TV division’s show special. Echo, despite its short episode order, is clearly a fresh opportunity for the MCU, as the Multiverse Saga has been struggling with its overall plan due to various movies and TV shows being rushed and resulting in mixed responses.

One of the common issues that the MCU has been facing lately is that perhaps it is a bit too connected across TV and film. Echo, while taking place in Phase 5 of the MCU, isn’t necessarily going to be a key part of the Multiverse Saga and other universes. Instead, Echo gets to be a grounded, gritty comic book drama and excels at the strengths that came out of shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Agents of SHIELD.

While Spotlight shows like Echo are still canon to the MCU, Marvel Studios’ goal is to have series under this banner be easy to consume without having to watch previous projects.

It is also a huge victory for the Indigenous and the disabled communities, two demographics that barely get any exposure in major genres like the superhero pool. Not only does Echo bode well for future Marvel Spotlight shows, but it will hopefully also pave the way for other diverse characters to get a chance to shine. It will be intriguing to see how the rest of the world responds to Echo when it drops all of its episodes on Tuesday, January 9, on Disney+ and Hulu.

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