MCU Phase 5 Show Set Photos Reveal Filming Restart Despite Cancellation Rumors


  • The Wonder Man show has resumed filming after the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes.
  • Set images for the MCU production suggest a movie premiere scene within the show.
  • Rumors swirled of the show’s cancellation due to rising costs during strikes, but it looks like Marvel is keen to keep it going.

After being shut down by the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the Wonder Man show has resumed filming. Plot details for the Marvel Cinematic Universe title are currently unknown, though it’s expected to follow the origins of actor Simon Williams who transforms and gains superpowers, becoming the titular superhero. Developed by Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings‘ Destin Daniel Cretton and Hawkeye consulting producer Andrew Guest, production began on the show began in April 2023 before halting due to the joint Hollywood strikes.

As spotted by Twitter users @TheAmericanOni and @douglaszaldaaa, filming for Wonder Man has resumed after a 6-month hiatus.

The images reveal special looks at the set of the new MCU show, which look to be from a movie premiere set within the world of the show for a project entitled Wonder Man. The filming resumption comes after rumors that the show might ultimately be cancelled by Marvel due to the increasing costs of keeping everyone on contract during the strikes.

What The Wonder Man Set Photos Say About The MCU Show

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Marvel's Wonder Man

Interestingly, a faux Wonder Man movie set within the MCU was an idea toyed with by James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, casting Nathan Fillion as Simon Williams on posters playing another Marvel hero, Arkon. Though the scenes were ultimately cut from the sequel, Gunn confirmed that the character could appear at some point in the franchise’s future. More recently, Marvel teased the potential introduction of Zaniac with Loki season 2 featuring a faux movie premiere for the character and Rafael Casal’s Brad Wolfe playing him.

Given the comic book version of Williams was the son of an industrialist in direct competition with Stark Industries, the Wonder Man set photos confirming his being an actor playing the titular hero seems to point towards a divergence from the source material in adapting the character. If anything, it seems likely that Cretton and Guest are taking inspiration from the House of M storyline, in which Wonder Man is a famous actor who is rumored to be having an affair with Carol Danvers. Though this relationship again seems unlikely to be adapted for the show, the rumor element could be played up for humor much in the same way Kamala Khan’s adoration for Danvers was a key element for her in Ms. Marvel.

With the show being placed in a Hollywood setting, it would go a long way to explaining Ben Kingsley’s return as Trevor Slattery in Wonder Man, having been held captive by The Mandarin for the years between his debut in Iron Man 3 and return in Shang-Chi. His subsequent freedom from the Ten Rings’ captivity could lead into a return to the world of acting, potentially even starring alongside Williams in the faux Wonder Man movie. Regardless of how the show ends up tackling its titular character, the confirmation of it resuming filming is at least a promising sign for Marvel’s confidence in the Phase 5 project.

Sources: @TheAmericanOni & @douglaszaldaaa/Twitter

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