New Supergirl Actor Candidate Looks Perfect For The Role In DC Universe Art


  • Meg Donnelly is a popular fan cast for Supergirl and has been imagined as the character through fan art.
  • Donnelly has prior experience voicing Supergirl in animated movies within the Tomorrowverse franchise.
  • If Donnelly is cast as Supergirl in the DC Universe, it will be rare for an actor to transition from voicing a character in animation to playing them in live-action.

Meg Donnelly suits up as Kara Zor-El for James Gunn’s DC Universe in new Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow fan art. While David Corenswet is set as Superman for Gunn’s DC Universe, Supergirl is also a major part of Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters.” Even though no release date has been set yet, the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow movie is currently in the works, with Ana Nogueira writing the screenplay for Kara’s solo film.

The DC Universe may be close to finding its Kara, as a new Supergirl casting update recently emerged, with Donnelly reportedly getting ready to test for DC Studios alongside Molly Alcock and Emilia Jones. While the world waits to find out who will actually get cast as the Last Daughter of Krypton, Donnelly has been imagined as Supergirl through fan art by Horrific Heroics.

Meg Donnelly had actually been a popular Supergirl fan cast prior to these reports, with the prospect of it becoming reality receiving many positive responses. That said, it is worth noting that James Gunn and DC Studios have not commented on the report about the actresses who are supposedly testing for Supergirl in the DC Universe, and that nothing is certain until an official confirmation is made.


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Who Is Supergirl Actor Candidate Meg Donnelly?

Donnelly’s first significant role was on ABC’s American Housewife between 2016 and 2021, though she may be known best for starring in the Disney Channel franchise Zombies. She also had a recurring gig in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 3. While it only lasted for one season, Donnelly landed the role of Mary Campbell in 2022 on the Supernatural prequel show The Winchesters, focusing on Sam and Dean’s parents when they were young.

It is also worth noting that Donnelly may have the edge when it comes to auditioning for Supergirl, as she has already played the role in her acting history. Donnelly has actually been voicing Supergirl in the animated Tomorrowverse franchise, which is the current line of interconnected DC movies. Starting in Legion of Super-Heroes, Donnelly recently reprised the role in Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part One, which will be followed by two additional installments before the franchise comes to an end.

According to the original Supergirl casting report, whoever ends up landing the role will supposedly appear in an early DC Universe movie before starring in her own film.

If Donnelly ends up getting tapped to play Supergirl in the DC Universe, it will be a rare opportunity, as it is not often that an actor who has voiced a character in animation then gets to play them in live-action. It would also be interesting to see how she would do opposite Corenswet’s Superman, especially with the cousin dynamic between the characters. In the scenario where Superman: Legacy ends up being the movie that Kara is set to appear in, the world will likely soon know who will be playing Kara both in that film and in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

Source: Horrific Heroics/Instagram

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