Nobody Likes Luke Cage’s New Costume


  • Luke Cage’s new superhero costume has received a negative reaction from fans, but his wife Jessica Jones approves of it.
  • Luke Cage, as Mayor, is caught between upholding anti-superhero laws and resuming his masked hero career in secret.
  • Jessica Jones’ admiration for Luke Cage’s costume may lead to legal consequences for her own lack of disguise and create more problems for Luke.

Warning: Spoilers for Luke Cage: Gang War #2!Not everyone loves Luke Cage’s new superhero costume, but one person certainly loves it – his wife Jessica Jones. Luke Cage debuted a new mask and costumed look for his new, secret superhero persona. The costume in question has immediately divided readers, with fans expressing far more disdain for the new outfit than any approval. However, Jessica Jones seems to appreciate it, which counts more than anything.

Luke Cage: Gang War #2 – by Rodney Barnes, Ramon F. Bachs, Andrew Dalhouse, and VC’s Travis Lanham – finds Mayor Cage caught in a conflict of interests, having to uphold New York’s anti-superhero laws, while at the same time resuming his masked hero career once more in secret.

panel from Luke Cage: Gang War #2, Jessica Jones loves Luke Cage's new costume

Going against his usual fundamental principles, Luke Cage adopts a new secret identity. In the process, he decides he’s in need of a superhero look The comic book community’s reaction to his costume has been abysmal, to put it lightly, but at least his wife seems to like what she sees.


Luke Cage Officially Has the Worst Secret Identity

As a Gang War rages on in the streets of New York City, Mayor Luke Cage returns to his heroic roots with a disguise that shouldn’t fool anyone.

Jessica Jones REALLY Likes Luke Cage’s New Outfit

panels from Luke Cage: Gang War #2, Jessica Jones admires her husband Luke Cage's body

Since images of Luke Cage’s costume first hit the internet, the reception has been less than stellar. For instance, On Instagram, @theexperience_ only had one criticism for what he calls a “solid” issue: Cage’s costume. On X, @FizzVsTheWorld was much harsher, saying this is “a costume that would’ve been laughed out of WWE’s New Generation Era,” pointing out the costume “doesn’t even obscure his most identifying features.” Aside from his own wife’s biased response, the closest Luke Cage has gotten to a compliment came from his neighbor Miss Estelle – who designed his costume, meaning she’s also not speaking entirely objectively. She told Cage he looks like he’s “ready to whup a lil tail.”

To be fair, Cage is always ready to whup some tail, so Estelle is not exactly voicing an impression given by the costume. Jessica Jones also gives her husband props for his new look, though she approves more so in the spirit of gawking at him. At first glance, she admits to being a fan of how the outfit brings out his torso, thighs, and of course, buttocks. After approving of what she sees, she asks why he’s wearing a costume to begin with. He tells her that the mask is the best way to evade the Anti-Vigilante Act. “Guess that makes me a rebel,”the maskless vigilante, Jessica Jones replies, flirtatiously.

Luke And Jessica’s Flirtatious Banter Could Be More Than A Throwaway Moment

panel for Luke Cage: Gang War #1, Jessice Jones approves of Luke Cage's new costume

Outside of Jessica’s lustful reaction, one has to wonder if their preceding conversation could serve as a foreshadowing of some kind. Pointing out that Jessica Jones still doesn’t wear a costume and mask, despite the laws, could open the door for Jessica to face legal consequences in the near future. Easily recognizable as the mayor’s wife, this could cause an even more thorny political conundrum for Mayor Cage, whose new “secret” identity is already exposed by Smythe at the end of the issue. That costume that Jessica Jones loves so much could be the source of more problems than solutions for Luke Cage.

Source: @theexperience_; @FizzVsTheWorld

Luke Cage: Gang War #2 is on sale now from Marvel.

Luke Cage: Gang War #2

Cover for Luke Cage: Gang War #2 by Canaan White

  • Writer: Rodney Barnes
  • Artist: Ramon F. Bachs
  • Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
  • Letter: Travis Lanham
  • Cover Artist: Canaan White

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