Olivia Was The Wrong Wife For “Cheater” Ethan (He Could Have Been Happy With Another Woman)


  • Olivia Plath’s bitterness over her divorce with Ethan may be karma for the years she spent pushing him around. Her drama with Ethan (and others) suggests that she may be difficult to get along with.
  • Olivia’s relationship with Ethan was a train wreck – both crawled out of the wreckage. They will survive, and might be much happier with other partners.
  • Olivia’s stubborn and didn’t always listen to Ethan. She wanted her way. Finding a partner who appreciates a peaceful lifestyle will help Ethan to get over the past and enjoy his life.

Welcome to Plathville‘s Olivia Plath seemed so bitter during her messy divorce with Ethan Plath, but maybe she had it coming. Is karma at play here? She did spend years pushing her husband around. Their drama is dark and stormy, and since Ethan isn’t the only one that Olivia can’t get along with, she may be a difficult woman. No matter what Ethan did, it was never enough. She wasn’t the wife that he needed. While they didn’t have heated domestic disputes involving the police (unlike some reality TV show duos, including 90 Day Fiancé‘s Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima), Ethan and Olivia had terrible problems.

In Welcome to Plathville season 18, the other Plaths called out Olivia for brainwashing her partner. Those accusations are serious and make Olivia sound evil. While she isn’t that bad, the truth is that Ethan was initially brainwashed by Kim and Barry Plath. Breaking away from that kind of “training” was so hard for him. Then, reality TV show star Olivia came along and tried to mold him into the perfect partner, just like his parents attempted to make him the ideal son.

When a person has to change to be loved, it’s extremely toxic. Sometimes, the people around Ethan aren’t very nice at all, but they keep telling HIM to change.

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Ethan & Olivia Plath’s Marriage Was A Train Wreck, But They’ll Both Survive

Olivia Plath Put Too Much Pressure On Ethan Plath

Ethan and Olivia’s fights kept getting more intense, and making up became impossible. Their marriage went off the rails, and when that train derailed, both crawled out of the wreckage, bloody but unbroken. There must be times when they’re dazed by the sad outcome. It’s amazing just how bad things got before they called it quits. They used to be happy. When it comes to who caused the accident, most of the blame should probably go to Olivia.

Every Rose Has its Thorn (Olivia Plath’s Lashing Out Online)

Olivia Plath Doesn’t Seem To Feel Responsible For Their Divorce

Olivia‘s a bold and strong-willed woman. She isn’t afraid to lay it on the line, but since her formal split announcement on Instagram, she’s been keeping her posts on the cryptic side. As seen above, Olivia encouraged her 456K followers to grab life by the “thorns,” while “choosing to not be pr*cks,” and “sticking together.” While she seems to be calling out the Plaths for being disloyal creeps, while also letting followers know that she won’t shy away from tackling even the prickliest problems, sometimes, she’s a jerk too.

In her head, Olivia probably feels like the heroine of her story. Joan Didion wrote that we all, “tell ourselves stories in order to live.” Every person does this – they create a narrative in which they’re the goodhearted protagonist. Few people glory in identifying as villains. Olivia’s storyline (based on what she’s said and done) is that she’s fighting for freedom amid a twisted family that thwarts her every desire. That’s her narrative, but is it true?

Part of it is true. Kim and Barry seemed to sadistically emotionally abuse the young woman, whose only crime was falling in love with their son. Olivia, who is intelligent and extremely glamorous, was made to feel like she just didn’t measure up. However, the people judging her are often hypocrites. For example, Welcome to Plathville‘s Kim Plath was all about Fundamentalist rules that severely curtailed her childrens’ freedom. However, when she felt like it, she broke those rules.

Kim’s excuse was that she needed a change. The matriarch began acting rebellious – Kim threw on snug clothes, applied more makeup than usual, opened a doomed dance studio, and got arrested. Oh, she also bailed out on the man with whom she’d vowed to spend her life.

So, Olivia isn’t always the villain. However, when it comes to her treatment of her husband, she is in the wrong. Very often, she wasn’t really hearing Ethan. He would try to express himself (which isn’t always easy for him), but she seemed to ignore what he said.

Olivia Plath Didn’t Really Listen To Ethan Plath

Olivia Plath Just Wanted Her Own Way

He didn’t really want to leave Cairo. Olivia was the motor that powered that big decision. Ethan didn’t necessarily want to suck the marrow out of life to the extent that his wife did. He didn’t need to go every place and do everything. He’s easily contented – he can be so happy just spending time at home or in the garage. Olivia overloaded his senses, and his needs are relatively simple.

In some ways, she brought out the beast in her partner, systematically destroying his peace of mind. Ethan grew more and more irritable over time. He began acting like the people around him. His outbursts were much like his wife’s. If he’d married a woman with a different temperament, who didn’t have his mother’s penchant for being number one, his whole life (and personality) might be different. Imagine Ethan with the type of woman who loves a quiet lifestyle. Maybe she’s a homebody or more of a “country” person. With this type of partner, he could be himself. He wouldn’t feel so judged or inadequate. Ethan would feel special and understood.

That kind of woman could help him to find himself again, and to forget about some of the troubles he’s experienced, including a turbulent relationship with the woman who gave birth to him. His mother and former wife will always clash with others – it’s just their way, and some part of them may enjoy the battles. However, Welcome to Plathville season 18’s Ethan is way different. He’s someone who will genuinely thrive in a peaceful environment with peaceful people. The right woman will bring out the beauty in Ethan’s personality, rather than warping his mind. This breakup’s sad but it’s definitely for the best.

Sources: Olivia Plath/Instagram

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