Part Two Tracking to Make $65+ Million Domestically Over Its Opening Weekend


  • Dune: Part Two
    is tracking to make $65+ million domestically during its opening weekend, surpassing the success of
    Part One’s
    $41 million.
  • Dune: Part One
    made $402 million worldwide.
  • Zendaya reveals that her character’s love story with Paul will be more complicated.

Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated follow-up to Dune (2021) has nothing to do with the Ides of March, but this late winter/early spring is looking quite good for the science fiction sequel. And even though Dune: Part Two doesn’t open for three more weeks, the film is already tracking to make $65+ million domestically (per Deadline) over its opening weekend.

By comparison, Villeneuve’s Dune: Part One opened with $41 million back in 2021 en route to a domestic take of $108.3 million. Internationally, Dune performed nearly three times better as the Timothée Chalamet-led sci-fi adventure made an additional $293.7 million. In total, Dune completed its worldwide theatrical release with an impressive $402 million.

Nearly 40 years had passed since the original Dune (1984) dropped in cinemas. Director David Lynch’s take on the source material by author Frank Herbert didn’t fare nearly as well at the box office ($31 million total wordwide) as the critically acclaimed reimagining did in 2021. And some predictions suggest Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two will make $75 million or even $85+ million during its opening weekend.


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Zendaya Dishes on Content Differences

Dune Zendaya
Warner Bros.

A month ahead of Dune: Part Two’s theatrical release, Boxoffice Pro began tracking the science fiction film’s numbers. On February 1, the website projected Denis Villeneuve’s sequel will make somewhere between $50 million and $75 million domestically over its opening weekend. And long-range predictions have Dune: Part Two making between $125 million on the low end and nearly $200 million on the high side domestically for its theatrical run.

What’s intriguing about the upcoming film, and what could certainly affect its box office numbers, is just how different the big-screen adaptation differs from the 1965 novel. For instance, Zendaya has already revealed that the love story between her character, Chani, and Paul (Chalamet) may not play out the same on the big screen. Zendaya said in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant:

“I think, talking about how there are some character changes and differences, something Denis really found for Chani is allowing her to have her own mind and spirit when it comes to her perception of Paul and what she thinks of him. I think what that allows for, and also what he represents to her, is something a little bit more complicated and something that she has to fight against.”

Zendaya added:

“The love story isn’t necessarily just given; it’s not something that to her even feels natural. I don’t think she’s ever even allowed herself to think of the concept of falling in love, and now it’s being presented in the least likely person. I think there’s a lot of weight to that, and just the sheer amount it would take for her to be vulnerable with somebody or open up to someone is big.”

Dune: Part Two
opens exclusively in theaters on March 1. And fans can check out an extended sneak peek of the film, courtesy of Warner Bros., below:

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