Percy Jackson’s Poseidon Actor Confirms He Was Perfectly Cast With 1 Callback To His 10-Year-Old Pirate Show

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ season 1 finale!


  • Toby Stephens brilliantly embodies the role of Poseidon in Percy Jackson & the Olympians, with his portrayal reflecting his previous iconic role as Captain Flint in Black Sails.
  • The casting choices in Percy Jackson, including Stephens as Poseidon, have been highly celebrated, showcasing the talent in portraying the mythological characters and their relationships.
  • Both Percy Jackson & the Olympians and Black Sails share similarities in character development, writing approaches, and themes related to the power of the sea, further highlighting the connection between Stephens’ roles.

Toby Stephens portrays the Greek god Poseidon in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, with his appearance in the finale being a perfect reminder of his hit pirate show that ended in 2017. While his first official appearance was in Percy Jackson episode 7’s flashbacks with Sally, Poseidon’s major introduction to his son, Percy, occurs at Mount Olympus in the season 1 finale. As he finally meets his son after 12 years, Poseidon reflects on Percy’s connection to the sea while having an emotional reckoning with the woman and child he abandoned due to his immortal duties.

The casting for Percy Jackson and the Olympians has been one of the most celebrated aspects of the Disney+ show, from the Greek gods and mythological species to the demigods at Camp Half-Blood. Some of the greatest casting choices are found in Percy Jackson’s family, with Percy’s Walker Scobell, young Percy actor Azriel Dalman, Sally actress Virginia Kull, and Poseidon actor Toby Stephens brilliantly embodying their characters. However, Poseidon’s perfect casting isn’t fully realized until season 1’s penultimate and finale episodes, where Stephens’ character also proves to parallel his other famous TV role.


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Toby Stephens’ Most Iconic TV Show Characters Are Rulers Of The Sea In Percy Jackson & Black Sails

Toby Stephens had already proven himself to be the best choice to play Poseidon after his role in Black Sails. Stephens starred in the lead role of the Starz drama series Black Sails from 2014 until 2017 as the legendary Captain Flint, a pirate who ruled the seas back in the 18th century. Consequently, it’s no surprise that he seems so natural in his Percy Jackson and the Olympians role as Poseidon, the king of the sea in Greek mythology.

All eight episodes of Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1 are now available to stream on Disney+. Black Sails is available to stream on Starz.

Of course, the overlap between Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Black Sails doesn’t stop at Toby Stephens. The showrunner for both acclaimed series is Jonathan E. Steinberg, with the two shows having similar character developments, writing approaches, story themes, and, needless to say, connections to the power of the sea. In addition to Stephens, another Black Sails alum joined Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ cast, with Medusa actress Jessica Parker Kennedy having portrayed Max in the pirate-centered historical drama.

Poseidon’s Complex Relationship With The Sea & Greek Gods In Percy Jackson’s Season 1 Finale Calls Back To Toby Stephens’ Black Sails Character

Sally Jackson and Poseidon from Percy Jackson looking upset with lightning behind them

One of the most memorable lines from Stephens’ Captain Flint occurs in Black Sails season 1, episode 2, where he discusses the life he wants. Referencing Homer’s Odyssey, which is also referenced in Percy Jackson season 1, episode 6, Flint reflects on Odysseus’ desire to find peace, “​​​​For that would be the place that no man had ever been troubled by the sea. And that’s where [Odysseus would] find peace. In the end, that’s all I want. To walk away from the sea and find some peace.”

This impactful Black Sails quote also relates to Poseidon’s complex relationship with the sea and his duties. Poseidon will never find peace as the sea god, but it’s clear in his conversation with Percy on Mount Olympus that he dreams of it. From Poseidon’s defeated, pained look as Percy asks if he dreams about Sally, words aren’t needed to explain that he has envisioned a peaceful life with them without his immortality and godly domain over the sea. In this moment, as it parallels a major Flint struggle, Percy Jackson and the Olympians highlights the genius casting of Toby Stephens.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Poster

Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Based on the novel series by Rick Riordan Percy Jackson & the Olympians is an action-adventure fantasy television series created for Disney+. When Percy Jackson is framed for the theft of Zeus’ almighty thunderbolt, Percy must clear his name, all while harnessing the powers inherited by his father, Poseidon, at a camp created for demi-gods.

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December 20, 2023

Walker Scobell , Leah Sava Jeffries , Aryan Simhadri , Jason Mantzoukas , Megan Mullally , Glynn Turman , Adam Copeland , Virginia Kull , Lance Reddick

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