Percy Jackson’s Streaming Data Reveals An Adaptation Truth That Should Be Obvious By Now


  • The Percy Jackson & the Olympians series on Disney+ has had a massive streaming success, breaking records and ranking high on the Nielsen streaming chart.
  • The series’ streaming data proves that faithful adaptations of books work, as viewers appreciate the show’s fidelity to the source material.
  • It is evident that book adaptations need to remain true to their subject material to be well-received, and the success of Percy Jackson & the Olympians should serve as a lesson for future adaptations.

The streaming data for Disney+’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians series proves a truth about book adaptations that should have been very obvious by now. Centered around a 12-year-old demigod son of the Greek god Poseidon, the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series is based on a set of fantasy novels by Rick Riordan aimed at young adults. The books have been incredibly popular since their initial release in 2005, garnering a passionate reader base who had high expectations for the on-screen adaptation.

Book adaptations are certainly nothing new, but for some reason, many are unable to get things right. There’s a reason the adage “the book was better than the movie” is thrown around so much, as book adaptations often fall flat in recreating what made the source material popular enough to warrant being brought to the screen in the first place. Luckily, this was not the case for the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, and the reason behind its success should be used as a learning lesson for future book adaptations.


10 Biggest Takeaways From The Percy Jackson TV Show’s Glowing Reviews

We’re taking a closer look at the biggest takeaways from Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ glowing reviews ahead of the Disney+ TV show’s release.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians’ Streaming Data Bodes Well For The Book Adaptation

Percy Jackson & the Olympians‘ streaming data confirms that the show has been a massive success. The first season broke a Disney+ streaming record, gaining 572 million minutes viewed in its very first week. This means that the show was able to outperform all other Disney+ live-action debuts in 2023, other than Ashoka.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians was also able to rank fourth overall on the Nielsen streaming chart for the week of December 18, 2023. The only other series like this that has been able to even find itself in the Top 10 during its debut week was Goosebumps with 553 million minutes. This streaming data not only confirms that the show has been a hit but also bodes well for its future and the potential of a Percy Jackson & the Olympians season 2.

Percy Jackson’s Streaming Success Proves That Faithful Adaptations Work

Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson looking worried sitting on Hephaestus' golden throne in Percy Jackson episode 5

All of this success surrounding Percy Jackson’s streaming release proves that faithful adaptations really do work. The show has been praised for its fidelity to its source material, which was crucial considering how loyal of a reader base the book series has. The biggest consensus among early reviews was that the show was able to remain extremely faithful to the books, which proves that this was a priority for viewers. Given that Rick Riordan was a co-creator of the show, it makes sense that it was able to retain that sense of authenticity that audiences were craving.

The changes that Disney’s Percy Jackson ultimately made ended up serving the series well, as they provided more insight into the characters. Had the series completely switched things up, as some adaptations have done, it’s unlikely that it would have had as much success. The 2010 Percy Jackson film, for example, was not received nearly as well as the series has been. This is because it took ginormous liberties with plot and pacing, but it also aged the characters up in a way that no longer felt natural. The Percy Jackson & the Olympian series feels like exactly what its adaptations of books are supposed to feel like — the opportunity to see what happened on the page come to life on the screen.

The Disney+ Show Confirms A Truth About Book Adaptations That Should Be Obvious

Percy Jackson and Annabeth stood in the foyer of the Lotus Hotel

Percy Jackson & the Olympians has proven an obvious truth to be evident. Book adaptations need to be faithful to their subject material, otherwise, they are not going to be well-received. These adaptations should be created with the passionate reader in mind. These readers want to see what they read come to life in an exciting way, without major deviations from the plot or characters. The most successful adaptations are the ones who were able to do this. The Hunger Games, for example, remained true to the books throughout its movies and garnered massive success. The Maze Runner is another great example of a successful book adaptation that managed to satisfy readers and maintain accuracy in the books.

On the other hand, The Golden Compass movie was not received well, as it made way too many changes to what was laid out in the book. There are countless examples that prove that book adaptations need to maintain the authenticity of their source material, but it also is an obvious truth. Percy Jackson & the Olympians should serve as a reminder of this fact and encourage future book adaptations to follow in its footsteps. It should also serve as an encouragement to include the author of the source material in the adaptation process, as clearly Rick Riordan’s involvement made a huge impact.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Poster

Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Based on the novel series by Rick Riordan Percy Jackson & the Olympians is an action-adventure fantasy television series created for Disney+. When Percy Jackson is framed for the theft of Zeus’ almighty thunderbolt, Percy must clear his name, all while harnessing the powers inherited by his father, Poseidon, at a camp created for demi-gods.

Release Date
December 20, 2023

Walker Scobell , Leah Sava Jeffries , Aryan Simhadri , Jason Mantzoukas , Megan Mullally , Glynn Turman , Adam Copeland , Virginia Kull , Lance Reddick

Story By
Rick Riordan

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