Potential Doctor Who Team-up Between Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor & River Song Addressed By Star


  • The possibility of River Song returning to Doctor Who is open, as Alex Kingston has expressed interest in meeting the Fifteenth Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa.
  • It may be difficult to explain her reappearance, but there is potential for her to have more adventures with the Doctor somehow.
  • While her return may be messy to explain, Kingston’s interest in returning with Gatwa leaves the possibility open.

Doctor Who star Alex Kingston addresses the chances of a team-up between River Song and the Fifteenth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa). River has a fascinating history on the show, given that she is a fellow time traveler who formed a close connection with The Doctor. Given the time travel, her meetings with the Doctor take place out of order. For example, The Doctor’s first meeting with her is River’s last with them. However, with the flexible laws of time travel, the door is always open for her to return and meet further Doctors, like Gatwa’s incarnation.

As reported by Collider, Kingston addressed the possibility of her return in future Doctor Who episodes while appearing at MegaCon. She confirmed that Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor is one incarnation she’d love to see River Song meet, describing him as a “twinkly badass, too.” She also teased that her “wonderful journey” on the show might not be over yet, especially given how adept Song is at piloting the TARDIS. Check out her statement below:

It was such a wonderful journey and the journey may still continue. Who knows? I mean can you imagine just flying the Tardis and going to all those incredible different dimensions in time and space. I mean, it’s been an amazing journey and I fly the Tardis better than he does.

Can River Song Return To Doctor Who?

River leaning out of the TARDIS in the episode The Husbands of River Song

Doctor Who‘s time travel premise means that the door to return is rarely ever truly closed for any former villain, Doctor, or companion. Hence, the question of a character’s return is usually more a matter of whether they should or want to, and how difficult it would be for the writers to make it happen. For example, although showrunner Russell T Davies has suggested the Doctor’s bi-generation meant every past Doctor survived in a splintered timeline, previous Doctors like Peter Capaldi have already shut down the idea of returning, feeling that it’s not what should happen.

Fortunately, River Song has already cleared one obstacle to her Doctor Who return, as Kingston has shown an interest in reprising the role. However, it may be a bit difficult to explain her reappearance. After all, the last time viewers saw River was in “The Husbands Of River Song” in 2015, which canonically takes place right before her death, as shown in season 4 episodes “Silence In The Library” and “The Forest Of The Dead.” Hence, there’s little evidence River Song met any other future incarnations before her death.


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At the same time, River was technically saved from death by the Doctor, who transported her consciousness into a VR environment. Her return could still happen if she’s somehow freed from the computer, or it turns out she had more adventures with the Doctor before her death, but it could be a bit messy to explain. Additionally, it’s unclear if she should return, given that she already had a very satisfying emotional arc with the Doctor. Still, with Kingston’s interest in returning to Doctor Who with Gatwa, there’s always a way the show could make it work.

Source: Collider

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