Power Rangers’ Version Of The Avengers’ Portals Scene Happened 5 Years Before Endgame


  • Power Rangers’ “The Legendary Battle” showcased the potential for epic crossovers and shared universes within the franchise.
  • The episode brought back multiple Legendary Rangers but fell short in terms of pacing and epicness compared to previous crossovers.
  • Power Rangers has successfully utilized crossovers, team-ups, and nostalgia in its TV show, creating a rich universe for future exploration.

Five years before the end of the Infinity Saga, the Power Rangers universe had its own version of Avengers: Endgame’s Battle of Earth. Multiple heroes combining forces to take down the big bad is one of the oldest superhero tropes, appearing in all sorts of franchises in many different media. Power Rangers’ crossovers tradition, which comes from the Super Sentai shows, has led to some amazing team-ups over the years, although some were better than others.

Power Rangers may not have its version of Thanos or Darkseid, at least not in the TV show canon, but the series has seen plenty of great team-up episodes in which just one team of Rangers is not enough to save the day. From In Space and Lost Galaxy fighting the Psycho Rangers to ten Red Rangers battling on the moon, Power Rangers often outdoes itself when it comes to crossovers. While Super Megaforce’s series finale did not live up to the expectations, especially compared to previous team-ups, it highlighted how big the Power Rangers universe had become.

The Legendary Battle Is What A Power Rangers Endgame Would Look Like

Although “The Legendary Battle” was Power Rangers Super Megaforce’s finale, the most exciting thing about the episode was the chance to see multiple Legendary Rangers return. Super Megaforce episode 20 served as Power Rangers’ 20th-anniversary special, continuing a tradition that began when Wild Force’s “Forever Red” episode celebrated the franchise’s 10th anniversary. “The Legendary Battle” was based on the Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle movie, which was designed to celebrate the Japanese franchise’s 35th anniversary. In the Power Rangers version, Earth is being attacked by the Armada, and the current Rangers can’t handle them alone.

As the city is being destroyed, “The Legendary Battle” sees a few special people helping the civilians – these were Legendary Rangers in their unmorphed forms. Power Rangers characters such as Tommy, T.J., Cassie, Leo, Karone, Damian, and Wes were slowly set up throughout the episode, leading to some great moments of fan service. While the Megaforce Rangers destroyed Emperor Mavro, they still had to face an entire army of monsters. This is when hundreds of Legendary Rangers, from Mighty Morphin to Samurai, started to appear on top of the mountains and joined the Megaforce crew in their ultimate battle.

Why Power Rangers’ Legendary Battle Was So Disappointing

Multiple Legacy Rangers in The Legendary Battle

In theory, “The Legendary Battle” should have been the coolest moment in the history of Power Rangers. An anniversary especially bringing together all previous teams to fight an alien army sounded like something out of a great comic book, and the Super Sentai’s version of this crossover had been incredible. It was not surprising that not every single Legendary Ranger featured in the episode removed their helmets – not many TV shows would be able to get hundreds of previous cast members back for an episode. The problem with “The Legendary Battle” was more than just a lack of cameos.


10 “Mature” Power Rangers Seasons That Adults Will Enjoy

While there isn’t such thing as a gritty Power Rangers show, some of the saga’s most mature seasons can be enjoyed by adults regardless of nostalgia.

While seeing a few more classic Rangers remove their helmets at the end of the fight would have been good, Super Megaforce could have made a much better episode out of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle’s premise. The Legendary Rangers only appear at the very end of the episode, and they only fight alongside the Megaforce team for three minutes. Everything happens way too fast, and the episode never feels as epic as previous Power Rangers crossovers. Combining an anniversary special with Super Megaforce’s finale wouldn’t be easy, but “The Legendary Battle” deserved something better.

The Legendary Battle Shows The Potential Power Rangers Have

Multiple Legacy Rangers meeting the Super Megaforce characters

Despite the problems with “The Legendary Battle,” the episode shows the potential Power Rangers have when it comes to crossovers and shared universes. Just like Avengers: Endgame was the culmination of 10 years of Marvel Studio films, Super Megaforce’s finale celebrated the legacy of 20 years of Power Rangers. Multiple teams were featured, and viewers of all generations could certainly recognize at least a couple of them. In other words, a possible Power Rangers cinematic universe, or even a series of modern TV shows, would have plenty of lore and legacy characters to explore.

“Episodes like “Forever Red,” “Once A Ranger,” and “Dimensions in Danger” are just some examples that show how rich this universe is.”

It must be noted that Power Rangers has already nailed how to make the most of crossovers, team-ups, and nostalgia in general, at least in the scale of the current TV show. Episodes like “Forever Red,” “Once A Ranger,” and “Dimensions in Danger” are just some examples that show how rich this universe is, which is something the next Power Rangers show can explore. That is not to mention BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers comics, which had their own “Secret Wars” in the form of the multiversal event Shattered Grid in 2018.

Most Power Rangers seasons are streaming on Power Rangers‘ official YouTube channel.

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