Reacher Finally Acknowledges Roscoe In Season 2 (But You Probably Missed It)

Warning: Major spoilers for Reacher season 2 below!


  • Reacher season 2 discreetly acknowledges Roscoe’s character from season 1, hinting that she hasn’t been completely forgotten.
  • The Clark bar scene in season 2 is a subtle callback to Roscoe, symbolizing the hope and connection she wanted to maintain with Reacher.
  • While it’s uncertain if Roscoe will make a cameo in the future, the Clark bar could be a build-up to her return or a reminder of Reacher’s desire for stability.

Reacher season 2 secretly acknowledges Roscoe in a brief scene that audiences may easily miss. In season 1, Amazon’s Reacher introduced Roscoe as one of the three main characters. Instead of treading the same path as Lee Child’s Killing Floor, Amazon’s Reacher also gave more significance to Roscoe in its overarching narrative. Unfortunately, despite investing an entire season in her character development, the Amazon show dropped her in season 2.

Her absence from season 2 was already disheartening, but what made it even worse was the fact that Reacher season 2’s episode 4 featured a cameo from Finlay but revealed nothing about Roscoe’s whereabouts. Thankfully, after not drawing any references to Roscoe’s season 1 characterization, Reacher season 2 has finally acknowledged her in one way. Although this callback to her season 1 story arc is discreet, it hints at how Reacher may not have completely forgotten her.


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Reacher Season 2’s Clark Bar Callback Is A Reference To Roscoe

Reacher season 2’s Clark bar scene is a nod to Reacher and Roscoe’s best season 1 scene

In Reacher season 2, episode 6’s opening moments, Reacher, Karla, David, and Neagley visit a gas station store while tracing Marlo Burns. While Neagley looks at the gas station’s security footage, Reacher grabs some clothes and a Clark bar. The fact that Reacher emphasizes he is buying a Clark bar seems to be a reference to one pivotal scene from season 1. Before his bittersweet departure from Margrave in Reacher season 1, Reacher had met Roscoe for the last time to bid her farewell. Although Rosoce realized he had no intentions of returning to the small town, she wrote her number on a Clark bar wrapper in case he would ever want to get in touch.

Although Reacher season 2 seemingly insults Rosoce in an early episode by featuring a cameo by Finlay but not even mentioning her once, it makes up for it by referring to season 1’s Clark bar moment. Both Reacher and Roscoe were well aware of how they would likely not stay in touch. However, the Clark bar with Roscoe’s number on it was still a symbol of hope for Roscoe, highlighting how she wanted to transcend her connection with Reacher beyond the confines of her small town. Both in the original Lee Child novels and the series, the Clark bars also hold immense importance for Reacher not only because they taste good but also because they remind him of something.

Why Reacher Loves Clark Bars

There is more to Reacher’s love for Clark bars than meets the eye

Alan Ritchson looking serious as Jack Reacher with military flashback behind him from Reacher season 2

As established in Reacher season 1 and the original Lee Child novels, Reacher spent most of his childhood and adult life in military bases across the world. He always lacked a sense of stability because of his ever-changing environment. However, the Clark bar served as an anchor because it always gave him some familiarity. Although his life significantly changed every time he moved to a new location, the Clark bar offered him comfort and became a reminder of a home he never had. By putting her phone number on a Clark bar wrapper, Roscoe made the chocolate bar brand even more nostalgic for Reacher in season 1.

Owing to this, although Reacher does not explicitly mention that he is buying a Clark bar to remember his time at Margrave, it is hard to believe that the thought of Roscoe did not cross his mind. He likely associates the Clark bar with many memories from his childhood and the military. However, considering how Reacher told Roscoe that only she could make him stay in Margrave before leaving the town in season 1, he likely thinks about her as well every time he grabs a Clark bar. Even if the chocolate treat is a simple indulgence for Reacher in season 2, Roscoe leaves an imprint on everything Reacher associates it with by signing its wrapper in season 1, making season 2’s Clark bar scene a subtle callback to Roscoe’s role in Reacher’s journey.

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Is Reacher Season 2’s Clark Bar Nod Building Toward A Roscoe Cameo?

Reacher season 2 might be setting up Roscoe’s return

Alan Ritchson as Reacher and Willa Fitzgerald as Roscoe sitting down

Considering how Reacher did not even ask Finlay about Roscoe in season 2’s episode 4, it seems unlikely that the show is building up toward a Roscoe cameo. However, since the show managed to break the original books’ canon by marking Finlay’s return in season 2, it might surprise viewers by featuring Roscoe in a future season. The Clark bar could either be a build-up to that moment in Reacher‘s future installments or a subtle reminder that even though Reacher chooses to live like a hobo, a part of him seeks a semblance of stability and familiarity.


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