Reacher Season 2’s Little Wing Weapon Explained

Warning: Major spoilers for Reacher season episode 4 below!


  • Reacher season 2 reveals that “Little Wing” is an experimental anti-missile technology that can knock anything out of the sky.
  • Langston is planning to sell “Little Wing” equipped missiles to AM, who will supply them to terrorist organizations.
  • Reacher and the Special Investigators are formulating a plan to stop the sale by keeping the missiles out of AM’s hands.

Reacher’s latest episode just clarified what “Little Wing” actually does – and it raises the stakes in a major way. At their core, the Jack Reacher books are murder mysteries. It just so happens that instead of resembling Sherlock Holmes or Poirot, the protagonist is shaped like Dolph Lundgren. The first season of Amazon’s Reacher started from the beginning of the Lee Child novels by adapting Killing Floor. This saw the former military police officer investigating the murder of his brother Joe, only to uncover a major counterfeiting operation in a small town.

Most of Child’s books start small, but a bigger plot is revealed the more Reacher digs. Reacher season 2 adapts Bad Luck and Trouble, which unfolds the same way. When the titular avenger hears one of his old army friends has been murdered, he reunites with other members of the unit to unearth the truth. The Special Investigators discover terrorist arms dealer AM (Ferdinand Kingsley) and Langston (Robert Patrick) from defense contractor New Age are planning to unleash a deadly new weapon.


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Reacher’s “Little Wing” Is An Experimental Missile

“Little Wing” is a special type of software

Ferdinand Kingsley as A.M. burning a passport in Reacher season 2

The end of Reacher season 2’s third episode saw the 110th perform a raid on New Age. They stole various files and hard drives and discovered their missing friend Tony Swan (Shannon Kook) also works at New Age. While digging through the recovered documents, they find references to “Little Wing,” a federal defense contract being worked on by New Age, which has the support of a senator called Lavoy. Reacher (Alan Ritchson) and O’Donnell (Shane Sipos) soon interrogate the senator’s legislative director Boyd (Kyle Mac), who reveals “Little Wing” is the codename for an experiment piece of anti-missile technology.

It was originally designed as a means of protecting commercial aircraft from attack, but New Age soon proposed the tech could be placed inside missiles instead. New Age shrunk the technology down so it could used in shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles. The way the missile works is that it intentionally overshoots the aircraft it’s fired at, before “Little Wing” recalibrates in the air and hits the target from above. Boyd claims “Little Wing” is so effective that it hits its targets 100 percent of the time, so once it’s fired, there’s no stopping it. In short, “Little Wing” can, as Boyd ominiously states, “knock anything out of the sky.”

Which Reacher Characters Are Involved In Little Wing (& How)

Is Swan really working with Langston and AM?

Given that he’s tried his level best to kill Reacher and the other survivors of the 110th in every episode so far, it’s no shock to learn Langston is involved with “Little Wing” Specifically, Langston is planning to sell “Little Wing” equipped missiles to AM, who will then supply them to terrorist organizations. AM himself appears to have little to no ideology to speak of, so his involvement with the project begins and ends with buying them from Langston.

New Age Director of Operations Marlo Burns (Christina Cox) is also likely involved on some level. In the previous episode, Burns supplied Neagley (Maria Sten) and Dixon (Serinda Swan) with an address that turned out to be an ambush designed to wipe out the 110th. Whether or not Burns was forced to give them this address is a mystery, but private emails between Swan and Burns suggest the former was trying to flag something dangerous about the “Little Wing” project to her. This suggests the two may have been working together to stop Langston.


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That leaves the big question mark of Swan’s involvement. Swan is part of New Age and has gone missing, but the rest of the team – Reacher aside – think he has gone rogue and is working with Langston. If Swan isn’t involved, it’s almost certain that Langston had him killed too, but if he’s part of the “Little Wing” sale, he’s the 110th biggest threat. Considering Reacher himself recruited Swan to the team and he doesn’t want to believe he could be involved, there’s still hope Swan hasn’t turned against his old unit. Being part of New Age on any level isn’t a great look, however, nor is his disappearance.

What Makes Reacher’s Little Wing So Dangerous

“Little Wing” missiles can’t be stopped

Swan in the New Age company photo in Reacher season 2

Boyd’s “Little Wing” pitch makes it sound like a doomsday weapon, even if he doesn’t believe it is. As Boyd explains, these “Little Wing” equipped missiles not only hit their target each time, but the software inside can defeat all known countermeasures. Reacher and O’Donnell soon point out that “Little Wing” could easily be used to shoot commercial aircraft out of the sky too, but Boyd claims that since they “own” the tech, that’s not a possibility. Expect, of course, that once Langston completes the sale with AM, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Neagley later states the weapon has the potential to cause another 9/11, and since there is no defense against these missiles and they can be fired from a shoulder-mounted launcher, they hold immense destructive potential. If terrorist groups managed to get hold of “Little Wing” equipped missiles, the loss of life would be staggering. Now the 110th knows what the threat is they can take steps to prevent the sale, but their little murder mystery has blossomed into a much graver mission.

How Reacher & The Special Investigators Can Stop Little Wing

Can the Special Investigators stop the sale in time?

Reacher surrounded by the new season 2 cast looking at some documents on the hood of a car

Towards the end of “A Night at the Symphony,” Reacher and the others formulate a plan. Neagley and Dixon will go to Denver where the “Little Wing” missile hardware is manufactured; if they can keep the missiles out of AM’s hands, then the “Little Wing” software is useless on its own. Meanwhile, Reacher and O’Donnell are heading down to Washington for a meeting with Homeland Security to find out more about AM and his methods that could help them.

Since Reacher’s late brother Joe worked with Homeland, they at least have an in. Since they’re going to Washington, they might also pay a visit to the aforementioned senator Malcolm Lavoy, who championed and helped push “Little Wing” through Congress – apparently in exchange for some “fat envelopes” for his assistance. Once they have conclusive proof of what’s happening, the Special Investigators could report New Age to the authorities, though Reacher and company will want to gain justice on their own terms. The episode ends with Reacher promising to throw Langston out of a helicopter – and Reacher is a man who always keeps his promises.

Reacher season 2 drops new episodes every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.


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