Signs Michael Shiakallis & Chloe Brown Will Break Up


  • Michael and Chloe’s contrasting fashion choices highlight their differences in personal expression in Married At First Sight.
  • Chloe’s perfectionist tendencies and concerns about being Michael’s second choice may pose challenges to their marriage.
  • Both Michael and Chloe have a love for animals, but their large number of pets could create stress in their relationship.

After being left at the altar, Michael Shiakallis of Married At First Sight season 17 was matched with a new bride, Chloe Brown, but there are already signs the couple will break up. Married At First Sight season 17 featured a runaway bride for the first time in the history of the series. Tech worker Michael was waiting at the altar for his bride, wearing the crown and sword she gifted him before the ceremony. The woman, whose face was never shown, made her way down the aisle only to say that she didn’t think she could marry a stranger before running away.

A few episodes later, during the mid-season trailer for Married At First Sight season 17, the experts and producers offered Michael another bride and a second shot at finding love with a stranger. Later in the season, Michael meets and marries Chloe, the second woman chosen for Michael by the experts. The couple initially hit it off and got married at a lively wedding in front of their friends and family, but there are multiple signs that the experts got it wrong in matching up Michael and Chloe.


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Michael’s Style and Fashion Are Too Much For Chloe

Chloe and Michael from Married at First Sight season 17 in wedding attire with experts in the backgroound

Married At First Sight season 17 star Michael fearlessly embraces individuality, boasting a distinctive and edgy sense of personal style. Michael wears whatever he wants, making a fashion statement that’s uniquely his own. Covered in tattoos, Michael wears his body art like a canvas, each piece telling a story of his identity. He wears his hair in a wild, curly mohawk, a daring choice that adds an extra layer of personality to his overall look. His unconventional style serves as a testament to his willingness to break away from convention and embrace his true self. Half Filipino and half Greek, Michael is his own person and stands out in any crowd.

In contrast to Michael’s bold and edgy aesthetic, Chloe exudes a sense of timeless elegance through her clean-cut and conservative fashion choices. Her wardrobe reflects a preference for classic pieces, emphasizing simplicity and sophistication. Unlike Michael, Chloe opts for a more understated approach, favoring clean lines and traditional silhouettes over avant-garde designs. Her fashion choices reflect a preppy and understated style, embodying the current trend of quiet luxury. This style stands in stark contrast to Michael’s eclectic choices, showcasing their differences in their respective approaches to personal expression. It’s unclear why the Married At First Sight experts overlooked this major difference between Chloe and Michael.

Chloe Is A “Recovering Perfectionist”

Chloe Brown Married at First Sight Season 17 in red velvet top for interview

During her wedding episode, Married At First Sight season 17 star Chloe refers to herself as a “recovering perfectionist,” and this doesn’t bode well for any relationship. She claims to have become more relaxed in recent years, but if the rigidity reappears, that could pose a threat to her marriage. The fact that Chloe was Michael’s second choice may also present an issue. Expressing her concerns at her wedding reception, she said, “Considering what happened with Michael the first time, I’m a bit uneasy. I’m questioning why the experts didn’t see me as the right fit initially.”

As Michael and Chloe embark on their honeymoon, their opportunity to truly understand each other begins. However, when it comes to integrating her life with her new husband, Chloe may get cold feet. During a recent episode of Married At First Sight, she talks to Michael about the fact that she’s having second thoughts. “Tomorrow, reality sets in. And it’s absolutely terrifying,” she confides in Michael. “I’m unsure if I can go through with this,” she added. The relationship can never live up to the expectations that a perfectionist like Chloe would bring to the marriage.


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Michael & Chloe Will Have Too Many Animals

Chloe and Michael from Married at First Sight season 17 in wedding attire with experts in the backgroound

When it comes to pets, Michael and Chloe may end up learning they can have too much of a good thing. Though it’s hard to count how many animals Chloe has talked about having adopted, it’s quite a few. Most recently, she adopted a blind elderly poodle.

For his part, Michael is also the proud parent of three shelter pets. Although it’s beautiful that Michael and Chloe both want to help animals, living with a pack of dogs would be a struggle for any couple, especially a new couple who’s still getting to know each other. Throw in a few pets with special needs in the mix, and the situation could become very stressful, albeit adorable.

Can Michael & Chloe Overcome Their Incompatibilities?

Relationships are hard under the best of circumstances, but it becomes nearly impossible when the marriage is between two strangers. Without a shared history or community, there isn’t enough to hold the couple together during hard times. Having just met, it would feel too easy for Chloe and Michael to walk away at the first sign of trouble rather than stay and do the work. Considering all of their differences, Michael and Chloe are sure to have more than their share of problems.

With the season finale of Married At First Sight season 17 airing soon, the time has come for all married couples to decide whether to stay married or get divorced. The season included five couples in total, but two of the couples had already broken up. Orion and Lauren didn’t even make it out of their honeymoon, while Cameron and Clare split up soon after that. The remaining three couples are Austin and Becca, Brennan and Emily, and the aforementioned Michael and Chloe. During the season finale, each of the couples will get to reflect on their journey and decide whether this fascinating social experiment worked for them.

Married At First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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